A New Twist on an Old Favourite: Indoor Cricket

Almost everyone in Brisbane is probably familiar with one of Australia’s favourite summer pastimes: cricket. However, many people may not realize that cricket is not only enjoyed outdoors but it is enjoyed indoors as well. Wildly popular today, indoor cricket was first played in the 1970’s in Perth, Australia. Indoor cricket is a sport that is readily enjoyed here in Australia and overseas. For example, the indoor cricket World Cup tournament boasts indoor cricket teams from around the world. While indoor cricket is somewhat similar to outdoor cricket, some major rules differences do exist.

Rules for Indoor Cricket

Unlike outdoor cricket, indoor cricket is played between two teams of 8 players each. If a team has less than 8 players, the team will still be allowed to take the court with a minimum of 6 players. This means that 2 players will need to be chosen to bat and bowl twice. The opposing team will be allowed to choose which players will replace the missing players. Every player on the fielding side will have to bowl at least 2 overs.

Each batting pair will face 4 overs. Indoor cricket requires the striker to fun the entire distance between wickets, the non striker is only required to run halfway down the crease, and batsmen are not required to run the entire distance to complete a run. Bonus runs can be gained by hitting certain nets. When a batsman is out he will remain at bat but will lose 5 runs from his score.

Indoor Cricket Equipment

The equipment needed to play indoor cricket is fairly simple. Players only need a bat, gloves, and protector. Artificial mat surfaces designed with a natural spring are used for indoor cricket. Indoor cricket balls are much softer than those used in outdoor cricket, and indoor cricket balls are yellow in colour.

Where to Find Indoor Cricket

Indoor sports such cricket can be played at a Brisbane Indoor Sports Centre. Individuals do not have to have the equipment needed to play these indoor sports Brisbane. Generally the sports centres provide this equipment as part of their game fees. When summer is past and cricket seems like only a distant, faded memory until the next summer season, beat the cricket blues by trying indoor cricket.