Aussies Just Love Their Cricket

When the first English settlers came to this country, they brought with them many of their old customs, one being the cherished tea time, and Christian traditions such as Easter and Christmas. Fox hunting was a practise that continued in the new country meaning foxes were introduced, and for some reason so were rabbits, both of which proved to be a big mistake in later years. Happily not all they brought to this country turned out this way, and one of the best and most popular traditions imported was cricket. This has turned out to be an all time Aussie favourite.

Cricket is learned at an early age, being one of the sports played at school during our education process. Many youngsters learn to love it by accompanying parents to matches resulting in their participation as they get older, joining teams and later becoming celebrities in their own right. Test matches are always well attended with fans wearing their favourite club colours, some of them becoming quite fanatical in their behaviour due to the excitement of the atmosphere around them. Cricket has also become increasingly popular because it is one of the indoor sports available that can be played in a stable atmosphere and games are not subject to cancellation because of inclement weather.

It is not a surprising thing to see a bunch of kids get together and have a game of cricket in the street outside their homes in country areas where traffic isn’t as much of a problem as suburbia. It is probably one of the first games they learn to play and they have a lot of fun. Local sports ovals frequently are the scene of many cricket games in action as youngsters strive to emulate their idols. This is the case in indoor sports clubs as well where all age groups take advantage of playing indoor cricket in air conditioned comfort, then get together later to have a chat over a cup of coffee or meet up in the licensed area to socialise. The licensed area and cafeteria are some of the benefits of indoor sports.

If you choose to play indoor cricket it isn’t necessary to bring your own gear along as it is supplied by the club. The environment is cool and comfortable and the atmosphere is relaxing, so join up, make new mates and enjoy it all.