Australia Loves Cricket

It’s a fact! Cricket is a much loved and supported sport throughout Australia. Almost everyone who listens to music must recall 10cc’s 1978 rendering of Dreadlock Holiday with the well-remembered lines: “I say, I don’t like cricket, oh no, I love it”. It’s one of those classics that have become a favourite with young and old. The song’s appeal is also a fair indication of cricket’s popularity.

Although cricket is generally an outdoor sport, a huge number of cricket lovers now turn to indoor cricket, where they can play the game instead of only enjoying the sport as spectators. Many indoor sports clubs have sprung up in Australia. One of the most popular clubs is Salisbury Super Sports, which caters for Brisbane sports enthusiasts. Paul N, a visitor from London, says, “I couldn’t believe that I was able to play indoor cricket at Super Sports while visiting Brisbane. My wife Hayley also had a great time playing indoor games and meeting other members”.

Indoor cricket began towards the end of the 1970s. Over the years it has caught the imagination of cricket lovers, with numerous clubs taking part in tournaments. The game’s rules are easily learnt. For instance, indoor cricket rules differ from traditional cricket in that teams usually have six or eight players on each side. Also, each player has a turn at batting and bowling. This means that everyone has an equal chance to make a contribution to the game.

Each inning comprises sixteen overs of six balls per over. Each player bowls two overs and every batting pair bat for four overs. The batsmen run between the wickets to score runs. In addition, they receive bonus runs for hitting specified nets that border the playing area. The fun part is that when a batsman is out for any reason, five runs are deducted from the score, but he/she still remains to bat for the allotted four overs. Other rules are in place to make the game exciting for the players.

Players can bring along their own equipment, which includes a bat and gloves as well as a protector. However, these can be bought or, alternatively, they can be borrowed from the club.

Furthermore, Salisbury Super Sports provides indoor games to suit all tastes. Cricket, netball, soccer, handball and volleyball are all played at one venue, which makes life easier for families with children who have a leaning towards different sports. Yes, Super Sports also caters for young players—a boon for parents.

Special events such as birthday parties are given particular attention. Parents can have a great afternoon chilling out with refreshments while the children are given the time of their lives with professionally trained staff to take care of the activities. The parents are only requested to provide a birthday cake. Even young sports stars can’t resist cutting their special cake on their birthdays.

In his research paper, Dr Daniel M. Landers of Arizona State University reports, “We now have evidence to support the claim that exercise is related to positive mental health …”. That is great news for indoor sports enthusiasts.