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The Perks Of Having A Sports Club Membership

We all want to get fit and to have good health. However, sometimes it is challenging to get out of our relaxed ways and to commit to actually doing the things that lead to this. One way to assist your transition into good fitness is by joining a sports club, which will help you to […]

Salisbury Super Sports New Season Coming Soon

Hey, all you Christmas/New Year slacko’s! Get back into shape at Supersports Activity Centre by getting into our NEW season sports programs – social or serious? We have the games for you in CRICKET, SOCCER, GOLF and NETBALL. Come in and sign up to get rid of the holiday FLAB! And have some healthy fun […]

Air Conditioned Sports Lounge

We are getting close to finishing our new air conditioned sports lounge and officially open it up to all participants at Supersports and The Golf Spot for your relaxation and pleasure. Come and enjoy the cooler environment during these hotter days/evenings either before or after your game and play along with a great cold drink. […]

Fun Ideas For A Sports Themed Children’s Birthday Party

Thinking up themes for a children’s birthday party can sometimes take a bit of research, especially if you want to do something unique. If your child is into sports, then having a sports theme birthday party for them and their sports buddies is an excellent choice that is guaranteed to please. Depending on the sports […]

Can Playing a Team Sport Help You at Work?

At Salisbury Super Sports we are asked, from time to time, whether playing a team sport can help with one’s work, and our answer is, “Yes, most certainly”. Playing a team sport, as with any endeavour in life that involves you immersing yourself into situations where you need to communicate with other human beings is […]

Sport: Why Your Choice Of Clothing Matters

They say that in any endeavour that we embark upon, the likelihood of success relies a lot on whether we believe that we can achieve success in pursuing the experience. This means that a large part of our success happens before we even step out onto the court, or field, and it all starts with […]