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Insights Into Indoor Cricket

Everyone needs to perform some form of exercise in order to maintain healthy bodies. Exercising in a gym is one way to prevent our muscles from becoming flabby. However, playing a team sport is not only beneficial for a healthy lifestyle; it is a fun way to meet and interact with other team players who […]

Indoor Sport Is For Everyone

Soccer is growing in popularity and rapidly catching up to cricket as an Aussie favourite. Both sports are fun and great exercise, building fitness and helping to shed excess kilos while playing. Many parents are happy to see their children taking up this game rather than rugby and rules as they are non contact sports […]

Take Time Out with Rebound Volleyball

Taking time out for yourself in this day and age is not always that easy but it is necessary to help lower stress levels and unwind after a hard days work. What better way to get unstressed then a good work out or playing a sport that you love. One such sport that is sure […]

Have Fun Exercising

When it comes to staying fit and having fun at the same time, nothing quite compares with playing sports. Sure you can slog it out for an hour a day at the gym but that is really boring. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the time to go out and spend the day playing sport. Fun […]

Stay Slim and Healthy on a Budget

Many overweight and unhealthy people have numerous excuses for not losing weight. At the top of the list we hear “I don’t have the time”. The second excuse is “It’s too expensive to eat healthily”. There is a misconception that in order to look great we have to buy ‘special’ food. Inexpensive, low calorie meals […]

You Are What You Eat

We’ve been told so many times, we are what we eat. It’s an old adage but it’s as true today as it was then. Simply put, eating healthy foods results in a healthy body, and, on the flipside, eating unhealthy meals results in a weak or sickly body. The more food you take in, the […]

Salisbury Super Sports Makes it Fantastic to be Fit

Indoor Sports is Child’s Play When visitors enter the Salisbury Super Sports club, they are amazed to see not only adults at play, but also that children of all ages are encouraged to become members of any of the indoor sports that are played in the club. Nowadays, we hear of children whose most energetic […]