Benefits of Playing in a Team

Many of us are aware of how challenging it can sometimes be to get motivated to exercise when we are exercising on our own. We can easily talk ourselves out of doing that morning run, or getting out of bed and doing our routine practices that we know are good for us, if we have nobody to answer to. However, joining a team has proven for many to be a very effective way of maintaining our ability to exercise regularly and gain the benefits that this brings to our life.

Team Skills

No matter where you are in the world, there will be other humans whom you need to negotiate communications with, organise meetings with and work through various different human activities. Sometimes these activities may require a level of communication and team work that does not come easily to us, especially if we are used to working on our own. Joining a team will not only assist with being motivated to exercise but will also put us in a position where we learn valuable skills that we can take into other areas of our lives.

Expand Network

For people who are new to an area, or are looking to expand their network of people in their lives, joining a team is an excellent way of meeting like-minded people. Through the regular activity of playing a team sport together, we form friendships that often extend off the court, or field, and into our lives. Many of the team players that play with Salisbury Super Sports form friendships with people that become a valuable part of their everyday lives, with mutual care and respect for each other.

Shared Knowledge

Like anything we do in life, we do not always have all the answers, and often finding them in a book is not the same as discussing, learning and growing with another human being. When it comes to sport, many of the tools we gain, are the gifts of experience. One person may have learnt a skill that they are able to share with their fellow team players to assist the whole team in improving their game, and becoming a more rounded player.

Motivation to Exercise

We all know the importance of getting regular exercise, but for some of us it is too easy to get caught up in our busy lives and we forget to get out there, and to get our blood circulating regularly. One of the most valuable parts of playing a team sport comes from the motivation to get regular exercise, as you meet for your regular games together. At Salisbury Super Sport our players are excited to come to play with their team, which makes exercise a fun experience for everyone, and keeps us in the best health possible, all year around.