Bubble Soccer Coming to Town Soon

Are you itching to try a totally outrageous and totally fun sport? Indoor sport enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the latest sports craze that will soon be in Salisbury. Salisbury Super Sports is set to introduce bubble soccer from the summer season, which is fast becoming a popular sport in Europe. Bubble soccer is an exciting and fun indoor sport that provides an interesting twist to soccer. So if you and your friends are up to some out-of-this-world game, then bubble soccer is the perfect game for you.

Rules of the Game

Bubble soccer works just like soccer, except that the players play the game while inside a bubble. This is an exciting and fun-filled sport that is sure to make you and your set of friends share laughter while staying competitive. There will be lots of bumping, rolling and turning upside down once you start playing the game inside the bubble.

No Injuries, All Fun

One good thing about this new craze is that is it completely safe, yet the fun is enormous. The bubble will cushion you from bumps and rolls. It will just be such a struggle if you get bumped and you end upside down after much rolling. The bubble balls are built with maximum durability to ensure the safety of the players.

Because of the extra effort in trying to hit a goal while inside a bubble, you can expect this sport to be extra tiring as well. It will be best to have enough substitutes so that everyone can get their turn to rest. It will also be good if there are 3 to 4 teams participating to give ample rest to players.

Perfect Sport for Special Occasions

Bubble soccer is definitely the perfect sport for special occasions. Your birthday will certainly be a blast if you choose to celebrate it at Salisbury Super Sports and playing this unique indoor sport. It is a sure way of enjoying indoor sports during family get-togethers, work functions, holidays or Christmas breaks. Bubble soccer can be played by adults and children alike.

Bubble soccer is yet another addition to our fun indoor sports centre. Currently, we offer fun and competitive indoors sports, including indoor soccer, indoor netball, handball, indoor cricket, Major League Cricket and Super League Netball. If you have a group, you can form a team and nominate it. If you do not belong to a group yet wish to enjoy any of our indoor sports, you can register your details and we will get you into a team.