Building Confidence and Character

There is no doubt that when it comes to children’s birthday parties, you know you are going to have a tribe of highly excited sugar loaded little people on your hands.

There is nothing more fun to a child at a party than to be able to run around either chasing or being chased with lots of obligatory squeals and giggles.

If you have a sporty child then some type of activity during a party is an absolute must. Even if you don’t have a sporty child, some type of activity is usually expected. If you have a shy child, then confidence building indoor sports could be the key to opening up their world to all sorts of possibilities.

The arena of sports is a great forum for opening up communication, especially amongst the males of our great species. Men find it extremely easy to start conversations simply by making comment on a particular sporting team’s performance.

These conversations are usually triggered by the simple fact of someone wearing a team shirt, cap or even just holding a stubby cooler that promotes their team of favour.

If you are looking for an icebreaker to get the party rolling then sport is a great topic that is usually safe from the more explosive topics of politics, religion and sex.

Indoor Sports Birthday Parties

Super Sports at Salisbury offer the best value party in town. With a minimum of 12 children and costing just $16.00 per head, you can set up your child for one of the best parties of his or her life.

All you need to supply is the birthday cake and we can organise the rest! We supply the venue, which means no cleaning up for you. We also supply the party food of hot dogs, soft drink, and treats.

The young ones get an opportunity to try out three indoor sports games. They can choose from:-

• Cricket
• Netball
• Soccer
• Handball
• Volleyball

You can see how letting us host your next child’s birthday party will not only take a load off your shoulders but at the end of it we will hand back a dozen very tired little monsters who will be ready for bed by the time they get home.

Who knows, we may even send you back a child who has discovered a new physical activity that they can really sink their teeth into!