Benefits Of Sports Activities For Physical Endurance And Mental Acuity

The human body is like any other machine; its needs tune ups in all ways, including mentally, spiritually and physically. When you play a team sport you use the whole body, including your brain as you problem solve while planning and preparing your next move on the court.

Through the experience of moving an object (such as a ball) around within the team environment you are practicing viewing the scene from your mind’s eye, which is a form of mindfulness practice. Mindfulness practices are known throughout the world as a way of improving mental acuity and performance, and are used by many of the world’s top CEOs.

Physical Endurance

Playing a sport is one way of improving physical endurance, because it is like oiling the parts of the machine and carrying out maintenance on it. If you have a machine that does not get regular maintenance, parts of it can become stiff and problems could arise, which cause it to not work as well as it could. It is the same with the human body.

Mental Acuity

In a world where we often spend a lot of time sitting at computers, or in front of screens of some sort, our brains can start to become tired and worn out from the monotony. Participating in team sports that require us to think outside of our regular box can assist our brain in getting the workout that it needs to keep it clear and focused when we really need it.

Release of Emotional Traumas

In life, there are some things that cause the human body and mind to go into a state of disease. One of these is emotional traumas that remain within the body without finding some outlet for release. This can affect both mental acuity and physical endurance due to the anxiety that is caused by holding on to emotional trauma. Exercise provides an outlet for releasing and clearing away any of the emotional debris that may build up over the course of the average day in the life of a human.

Salisbury Super Sports has a huge variety of different team sports to choose from, so you will be sure to find one that suits your personal tastes and ability levels. Stop by some time; have a chat to us about what interests you and help us to help you to keep your body and mind strong and healthy.

Why It’s Best To Stay Active – Even In Winter

When the weather starts to cool down, we often don’t feel like doing much except sit under a blanket and contemplate how lovely it is to feel warm. This can lead to comfort eating as we overindulge on the delicious winter foods that come in with the season, and before we know it our exercise routine has disappeared. Staying active all year round is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and during winter is no better time to get our bodies moving.

Keep Your System Warm

You know how there are some days, during winter, when you feel like the cold has got all the way into your bones? The only thing that seems to thaw you out is sitting in front of the heater, or fireplace until the warm glow permeates your whole being. But have you ever noticed how if you go for a walk, or do some sort of activity and movement during winter, you don’t feel so cold for the rest of the day? This is because your blood is pumping faster, you don’t feel as cold as you would if you hadn’t moved your body.

Burn More Calories

Yes, it is true, if you exercise when it’s cold, you burn more calories! This is because when you are exercising during winter your body works harder to keep itself warm, and so uses up those stores of what might have become your winter coat. Salisbury Super Sports recommends daily exercise even when it’s cold, but cautions you to wear extra lighter layers, so you can take some things off as you warm up.

Keep Off the Proverbial ‘Winter Coat’

Rather than letting all of your activities go to the dogs during winter and then fighting to lose the ‘winter coat’ when summer comes around, why not focus on maintaining your activities. You don’t have to be doing all the activities that you would usually do when it’s warm, but keeping your body moving during winter can keep the winter coat at bay.

Ward off the Winter Blues

When the weather turns grey, and the sunshine doesn’t seem to poke its head out very often, the dreary winter blues can sometimes appear and cause you to feel miserable. But getting your body moving and active is a sure-fire way to keep those winter blues at bay, so you can enjoy a buoyant mood throughout the colder months of the year.

Exercise with a Twist

We all know that we should exercise but sometimes hitting the gym is just too boring to handle. In today’s busy world, it can just seem like such an inefficient use of time and, let’s be honest, not many of us actually enjoy exercising. Why should exercise be such a drag though? As kids, exercise was pretty much effortless because it came about as a result of playing – when you’re engrossed in playing sport, you really don’t realise you’re exercising at all.

The problem with playing a sport, or any other outdoor activity is, however, that you really are ruled by the weather. And not just wet weather either – playing netball in the rain is no fun but playing in the heat of summer can be just as bad. And it’s not just the heat that is a problem – we are constantly being made aware of exactly how dangerous spending time in the sun can be.

Salisbury Super Sports offer the perfect alternative – indoor sports. The major advantage of indoor sports is that they can be played in all weather and day or night – with our busy lifestyles, we generally don’t have the time to play sports during the day. Salisbury Super Sports offers you the opportunity to set up regular matches – you can start your own league and so ensure that you get enough exercise.

And let’s be honest – most of us would rather mess around playing cricket than having to cycle to nowhere. Getting your blood pumping and heart rate up is a lot more fun if you are part of a social group than simply on your own in a gym or on the road. Doctors recommend at least half an hours exercise 3-5 times a week – it doesn’t have to be punishing and difficult but it does need to increase your heart rate.

Whether you and your mates want to just pitch up and play for fun or you want to get really serious, Salisbury Super Sport provide the ideal environment. If you haven’t got enough people to make up a full team, not to worry – the team at Salisbury Super Sport can help get you in touch with other teams that need team members. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

The best part of indoor sports is probably the social aspect – getting together after the game for a drink or two is part of the fun. You can even arrange to have a get-together with friends who are not playing themselves. You get to discuss the technical aspects of the game or just commiserate with each other – the choice really is yours.

Making exercise a part of your life is important but gym is not for everyone. If you are looking for exercise that’s fun, indoor sports are worth looking into.

Need Some Active Fun in Your Life?

Do you find the treadmill at the gym bores you to tears? You want some fun in your life, but you also want it to keep you fit and active as well as having time with your friends and meeting new ones along the way. Social Sports are the perfect way to do just that.

Indoor Cricket is a fast and furious paced game. Everyone gets a turn to bat, bowl and field and the whole game is done in under 2 hours, not days! Each team has 8 players and responsibilities are shared for all positions creating plenty of opportunity to develop your sporting skills from every angle! Here is what you can expect from a typical game.

Equipment for Indoor Cricket is lighter than outdoor. The ball is softer, the wickets are designed to collapse and the bat is not as heavy. Helmets, gloves leg pads and the usual protective gear is still a must on the condensed playing area. The pitch is the traditional 22 yards or 20 meters long. Players can use the heavier wooden bats if they prefer and bowlers will still enjoy great spin and swing from the ball on the indoor pitch.

When batting, players will try to score off every ball but unlike the outdoor game, they usually will only expect one or two runs before needing to protect the wicket again. Batters will help each other immensely with clear effective communication during play as will the fielders.

Bowlers must be accurate in their delivery and professional players will aim for just outside off stump. Bouncing the ball off the pitch so that it comes up around the batters’ thighs is good strategy. Being run out is the most popular form of dismissal.

Fielders aim to catch the ball before it hits surrounding nets or walls and will need to pay attention to the batters dominant hand of play and position themselves accordingly. This is crucial to the fielding teams’ advantage of run out dismissal. When picking the ball up, the best advantage is to throw at the wicket next to the bowler rather than the wicket keeper. This will significantly improve the chances of extra wickets to win the game.

Even spectators will find an extra thrilling element to the usual cricket experience so adding to the social opportunities. In contrast to outdoor cricket, the energy is high and exhilarating with plenty of nail biting tension and resulting noise!

Have Fun Exercising

When it comes to staying fit and having fun at the same time, nothing quite compares with playing sports. Sure you can slog it out for an hour a day at the gym but that is really boring. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the time to go out and spend the day playing sport.

Fun Indoor Sports

Salisbury Super Sports comes to the rescue with a fun solution for harried execs and busy school children alike. Indoor sports have the big advantage of being available no matter what the weather or lighting conditions outside are like.

Games and matches can be scheduled to fit in with your work or study schedule rather than the other way around. It’s a great way to meet new people and a great bonding experience – swoop indoor cricket war stories around the water cooler rather than rehashing the same old office gossip.

Choose a rival company to challenge to a ‘friendly’ match or enter your team into one of the professional competitions. There are so many choices available that team building never needs to be boring again.

Everyone Welcome

Salisbury Super Sports believe in putting the sports back into sport and encourages players of all levels to compete. Those that are just starting out or looking for some friendly fun will be able to enjoy themselves without the pressure of major competition.

Those who are at a more advanced level are also catered for with different grades of play as well as professionally organised competitions for the more serious, perfect for honing sport’s skills and also allowing you to blow off some serious steam.

If you already have your own team, you simply book a time to come in. If you don’t have enough people to make a team, you sign up and they will match you to a team of like ability in the sport of your choice.

You Don’t Need your Own Kit

It’s also great if you want to try out a sport without having to commit to the extensive financial outlay involved in buying the gear. You can simply use ours whenever you go to play – all included!

All your Favourite Sports

You will find all your favourite sports represented – so whether you fancy a game of soccer or a quick cricket match, you will be able to find the right fit for you. There is also handball and netball on offer.

If you are looking for a fun, safe environment to explore your sporty side, visit for full details.