How Friendly Competition Strengths Camaraderie

Do you remember the school swimming or sports carnival where each student is allocated to a particular sports ‘house’ and everyone gets dressed up in the colour of their team? For many of us, even if we were not the athletic type, that feeling of being a part of something bigger made us feel good and we would enthusiastically become involved.

We would be caught up in the excitement of the day, cheering for our team and making new friends along the way. Playing a team sport such as those that are offered at Salisbury Super Sports, can assist us to experience this friendly competition in a non-threatening environment, which can enrich our lives in many different ways.

Making Lasting Friendships

Often some of the best friendships that we have come from experiences where we worked as a team to overcome something or achieve a shared result. Working as a team towards a common goal puts the focus on where you are heading together, and with many different minds working in unison to achieve a result, often we get better results. Working with others who are focused on the shared goal, often produces friendships because we tend to open up to our team members, get to know them and begin to form friendships.

Being a Part of Something

The competitive nature of life can sometimes get people down, especially if they feel isolated and that they do not fit in; when they feel like it is “me against the world”, this can lead to low self worth, and a sense of disconnection. Conversely, friendly competition in a team environment can do wonders for self-esteem, because people feel supported and that they are a part of something much bigger than they are.

More Fun

Have you ever watched a sports team on television when they are losing and it is obvious that they are starting not to enjoy playing the game as much as they would when they are winning? Often, the fun that we experienced is in direct proportion to how much anxiety we have about achieving a particular outcome.

Playing sports as a team that is focused on working together to have fun puts the intent in the right place, often leading to greater satisfaction and enjoyment as well as increased camaraderie than if the focus was simply to win against all odds. Friendly camaraderie comes from releasing anxiety about the outcome and doing it for the fun, which is so much easier when you are doing it with your friends and valued team mates.

How to Get Your Child Interested in Sports

Getting your children into a sport is one of the best things you can do to prepare them for the life ahead of them. Playing a sport will assist them to learn valuable skills for life including working as a team, learning how to lose, respecting authority, patience, controlling their emotions and building self-esteem.

As well as the valuable life skills that your child will learn, the physical benefits of playing a team sport are far reaching. Importantly, it will prepare your child for living a healthy life. At Salisbury Super Sports, our young team players are enthusiastic to come along every week to spend time with their friends, learn new skills and get fit!

Make it Fun!

Often, parents put too much pressure on their child to play a sport, and this can translate into the experience being one of stress, rather than fun. Many parents have an idea when their baby is born that they want to see them playing a particular sport and this dream can often be hard to let go of if their child has other ideas. Letting your children choose the sport that they want to play will help them to feel inspired to actually front up and go the distance with playing the sport. When things get challenging, as they sometimes do, your children will be more likely to keep at it if it is a dream that they have thought of themselves.

Get Them Kitted Out

We all know that having the right equipment is an important part of feeling good about ourselves. Fitting in with the team can make a big difference to how well your child enjoys the experience. Encourage your child to feel enthusiastic about playing their team sports by having the correct equipment. A shiny new uniform that they get to put on before the game will make them feel good about the experience and themselves.

Encourage Their Friends to Get Involved

For children, the opportunity to do something fun with their friends is a big factor in their receptivity to doing something. Encouraging their friends’ parents to get their own children involved will mean that your child has another reason to be enthusiastic about the idea of going to their game each week. When it comes to crunch time on those days when they just don’t feel like getting moving, the mention of the opportunity to be with friends can make all the difference to getting them up and into their uniform ready for the game. Additionally, the chance to practice techniques with their mates during their spare time can assist them in gaining new skills, and as we know, practice makes perfect.

Benefits Of Working Out With A Team Rather Than On Your Own

For some people the idea of working out on their own excites them, and they are motivated enough to stay the course and keep to the program. However, let’s face it; for most of us, working out on our own is not only boring, if we had to rely on motivating ourselves to do it, we probably wouldn’t bother. On the other hand, working out or exercising with other people can be all we need to motivate us to get out there and get our bodies moving.

Motivation and Inspiration

The number of people who pay for expensive gym memberships and then never bother to go more than once, is what keeps gyms in business. Having said that, there are definitely people who enjoy going to the gym, otherwise there would not be people in there, but for the majority of us, working out on our own is uninspiring. Working out with a partner or team can make all the difference to keep us inspired to keep going, which is why many find team sports such a beneficial way to get fit.

Keep Boredom At Bay

Everyone talks about wanting to get fit, but when it comes to actually doing the repetitive workouts, procrastination becomes a lot more interesting, and often we find a million things to do, other than doing the work to actually get fit. Unless we have a clear goal in mind, working out on our own can be one of the most boring things to do, but having someone to discuss our progress with can keep boredom at bay, and help us to stay the course.

Team Inspiration

Doing stuff with other humans is fun – which is why so many people opt for getting fit via playing a team sport. We get to socialise with other like-minded people who are also committed to their own fitness, and discuss our progress. Being the social beings that we are, we humans need the connection that we get from other humans to keep us in good spirits and working out is definitely better when we get to share the journey with someone else. If personal growth is your goal then look no further than Salisbury Super Sports team sports, where you will be inspired by your fellow team players.

How Playing Sports Makes a Woman Feel Sexy Inside and Out

Marketing and beauty companies will have you convinced that you need a particular type of makeup or a particular type of clothing to feel sexy, but this just isn’t the truth. The truth is that feeling sexy as a woman, is the same as happiness. It’s an inside job. Nobody else is going to make you feel good about yourself except for you, and you are your best friend when it comes to cultivating self-belief.

People get themselves feeling good through many different means and for a lot of people when they feel great physically, they exude a confidence and presence that is often thought of as sexy. For a woman to feel complete she needs to feel happy with her own appearance, live a healthy lifestyle and have confidence in herself. Playing a team sports such as those played at Salisbury Super Sports can get you there!

Toned and Terrific

If there is one thing that comes without trying when you are playing sports, it is getting fit and toned. While some may choose to slug it out at the gym, to try and shed those extra kilos or tone up, others find that this is too forced, and often the motivation just isn’t there to reach the goal. Playing a team sport allows you to have fun, while losing those extra kilos; and in no time at all, you will notice how toned and terrific your body is. As you review your new body in the mirror you will feel sexier than ever before.


Another attribute of a sexy woman is self-confidence. Sexy women exude an aura of knowing who they are, and what they want, and others are drawn to it. Playing a regular team sport gives you that extra edge of belief in yourself, which comes up from inside of you, and nothing in the world can take that away. Those seemingly small achievements with your team on the court translate into much larger benefits that happen inside, where your self-belief resides.

Healthy Lifestyle

Any man or woman will tell you that one of the sexiest things about a person is a healthy lifestyle. Being part of a sports team encourages you to make healthy choices for yourself and your life, and this is reflected outwardly in the presence of who you are. Living a healthy lifestyle has benefits for your whole self, inside and out, and is an important part of feeling like a sexy, complete woman, every day.

Netball: Benefits To Your Thighs And Upper Body

Playing a team sport such as netball is a great way to tone your thighs and upper body, and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process. Unlike the boredom of going to the gym, on the netball court there is always a lot happening and the inspiration of having a team to answer to helps with staying the course. Joining a netball team such at Salisbury Super Sports will be one of the best choices you make for your body, mind and spirit.

Get Moving

A netball game moves really fast, and you have to stay on the ball to keep up with what is happening, so you are burning a lot of calories while you play. Because you are moving around the court all the time, following the ball, your thighs, calves and buttocks get a great workout as you are burning off the calories. Our netball team players at Salisbury Super Sports love coming to their weekly game for their workout because they know they are doing something great for their bodies.

Body Toning

Have you ever played a sport or been active with friends and noticed afterward that you can feel muscles that you never knew were there? This is the best way to get fit, while you aren’t even thinking about getting fit. Netball involves a lot of chest passes, and throwing the ball to one another, which makes it a great way to tone your arms, shoulders, chest and back, giving you more upper body strength. The advantage of choosing netball over a gym workout is that while playing netball you don’t even notice that you are getting a workout.

Build Endurance and Core Stability

After playing netball with your team for a few weeks you will start to notice many positive changes in your body, mind and general wellbeing. Your arms, chest and thighs will become more toned and you will be breathing easier due to all the fresh air that you get into your lungs while running around the court. Because your focus during the game is on watching the ball and moving as a part of a team, you’ll notice your mental clarity has improved. Overall, you will notice that you are feeling better, and looking great, which makes netball a great choice for keeping active.

Introducing some of our Monday Night Umpires

Monday Night Umpires


Grant Bryson – Grant has been a member of staff with SSS for a number of years, officiating Handball, Cricket and Soccer at the venue.  Has been a member of our Major League Indoor Cricket A Grade Men’s team for some time and is an avid supporter of the game.

Sally-Ann Marsh – Sally is a member of staff with SSS, officiating its Netball competition. Sally also assist with covering our other night staff when needed and previously has been a valuable member of our Superleague netball teams.

Both umpires brings many years of experience to the roles and are here to officiate your sports, safely and in a fair manner so that all players and spectators will enjoy their time at Salisbury Super Sports.

So what are the roles and responsibilities of an umpire?

The definition of an umpire is one having authority to decide finally a controversy or question between parties: as

a :  one appointed to decide between arbitrators who have disagreed

b :  an impartial third party chosen to arbitrate disputes arising under the terms of a labor agreement. Another definition is an official in a sport who rules on plays.


Benefits Of Sports Activities For Physical Endurance And Mental Acuity

The human body is like any other machine; its needs tune ups in all ways, including mentally, spiritually and physically. When you play a team sport you use the whole body, including your brain as you problem solve while planning and preparing your next move on the court.

Through the experience of moving an object (such as a ball) around within the team environment you are practicing viewing the scene from your mind’s eye, which is a form of mindfulness practice. Mindfulness practices are known throughout the world as a way of improving mental acuity and performance, and are used by many of the world’s top CEOs.

Physical Endurance

Playing a sport is one way of improving physical endurance, because it is like oiling the parts of the machine and carrying out maintenance on it. If you have a machine that does not get regular maintenance, parts of it can become stiff and problems could arise, which cause it to not work as well as it could. It is the same with the human body.

Mental Acuity

In a world where we often spend a lot of time sitting at computers, or in front of screens of some sort, our brains can start to become tired and worn out from the monotony. Participating in team sports that require us to think outside of our regular box can assist our brain in getting the workout that it needs to keep it clear and focused when we really need it.

Release of Emotional Traumas

In life, there are some things that cause the human body and mind to go into a state of disease. One of these is emotional traumas that remain within the body without finding some outlet for release. This can affect both mental acuity and physical endurance due to the anxiety that is caused by holding on to emotional trauma. Exercise provides an outlet for releasing and clearing away any of the emotional debris that may build up over the course of the average day in the life of a human.

Salisbury Super Sports has a huge variety of different team sports to choose from, so you will be sure to find one that suits your personal tastes and ability levels. Stop by some time; have a chat to us about what interests you and help us to help you to keep your body and mind strong and healthy.

Benefits of Playing in a Team

Many of us are aware of how challenging it can sometimes be to get motivated to exercise when we are exercising on our own. We can easily talk ourselves out of doing that morning run, or getting out of bed and doing our routine practices that we know are good for us, if we have nobody to answer to. However, joining a team has proven for many to be a very effective way of maintaining our ability to exercise regularly and gain the benefits that this brings to our life.

Team Skills

No matter where you are in the world, there will be other humans whom you need to negotiate communications with, organise meetings with and work through various different human activities. Sometimes these activities may require a level of communication and team work that does not come easily to us, especially if we are used to working on our own. Joining a team will not only assist with being motivated to exercise but will also put us in a position where we learn valuable skills that we can take into other areas of our lives.

Expand Network

For people who are new to an area, or are looking to expand their network of people in their lives, joining a team is an excellent way of meeting like-minded people. Through the regular activity of playing a team sport together, we form friendships that often extend off the court, or field, and into our lives. Many of the team players that play with Salisbury Super Sports form friendships with people that become a valuable part of their everyday lives, with mutual care and respect for each other.

Shared Knowledge

Like anything we do in life, we do not always have all the answers, and often finding them in a book is not the same as discussing, learning and growing with another human being. When it comes to sport, many of the tools we gain, are the gifts of experience. One person may have learnt a skill that they are able to share with their fellow team players to assist the whole team in improving their game, and becoming a more rounded player.

Motivation to Exercise

We all know the importance of getting regular exercise, but for some of us it is too easy to get caught up in our busy lives and we forget to get out there, and to get our blood circulating regularly. One of the most valuable parts of playing a team sport comes from the motivation to get regular exercise, as you meet for your regular games together. At Salisbury Super Sport our players are excited to come to play with their team, which makes exercise a fun experience for everyone, and keeps us in the best health possible, all year around.

Indoor Sports: How It Can Boost Your Social Life

If you want to expand your friend network and bring some new people into your life, taking up an indoor sport can reap a lot of rewards. Often people complain that they don’t meet any new people, but if you don’t get out into the world, how are the new people going to meet you?

Meet New Friends

Getting involved in playing an indoor sport at Salisbury Super Sports gives you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends whom you might have never met before. Often when people join in on indoor sports the regular contact with new people can help with building friendships that can last a lifetime.


Playing a sport can help you reconnect with old friends and create a space where you can see each other regularly. At Salisbury Super Sports we often have people bringing their old friends along to join in on the fun, and take up friendships where they left off. During the course of playing a game you have the opportunity to share in the fun and excitement that comes with playing an indoor sport together.

Learn Valuable Social Skills

The art of maintaining a social life requires all parties to grow and learn. The opportunity to do this in the setting of playing an indoor sport provides valuable skills such as problem solving, tolerance of different personalities, compassion for the needs of others and team building. These skills can be translated into your life in other ways and enrich your experience of interacting with other humans.

Get Into Shape

If you have been feeling like you are out of shape then you might have inadvertently pulled away from social engagements due to not feeling that great about yourself. Regularly playing an indoor sport is great for fitness, and can get you back to feeling healthy and happier, which encourages you to get out into the world and meet new people.

Rain, Hail or Shine

The advantage of playing an indoor sport is that you can rely on always being able to play, regardless of whether it is raining outside. The regularity of having a routine of getting to your game and taking part in the fun gives you somewhere to be and allows you to connect with the new people in your life every week. If there is nothing else on your calendar you can be sure that you will be able to play with your new friends and maintain that social interaction that is such a crucial part of enjoying life.


Team Sport: Why It’s Great For Children (And Parents)

As parents, it is our role to teach our young ones about life, and prepare them with the tools that they will need to go through life as healthy, happy adults. It’s a learning process for everyone, as we all learn how to work together towards a common goal, and so it is with team sports. Working as a team gives children the opportunity to learn about themselves through the eyes of the world outside of the family, and gain valuable skills in how to interact and problem solve with other people.

Physical Fitness

The benefits of physical activity have been well documented, and with the digital world encroaching even further into our lives, many children are lacking the inclination or opportunity to get active. Playing a team sport provides an incentive for children to spend time with their friends while engaging in a physical activity, which is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for growing bodies.

Mental Health

For some youngsters, the growing pains of life can cause damage to their self-confidence, and for some this can lead to over-eating as a means of numbing their feelings. Sadly, studies have revealed that 25% of children between the ages of 5 to 17 are overweight or obese, which causes them to suffer with the self-esteem issues associated with their physical condition. At Salisbury Super Sports getting young people involved in team sport not only gives them an opportunity to get active, but their emotional health improves remarkably as they learn new skills, and start to feel a part of a team.

Social Skills

The benefits of engaging in a team activity are many, and the opportunity to navigate through close interactions with their peers can provide social skills that are far reaching. Negotiating with the members of their team, delegating, sharing and accepting when things do not go their way are just some of the skills that children take away from a team sport.

Resilience and Commitment

The ability to dust oneself off, and get back on the proverbial horse after being knocked down is a really important experience for children to encounter – providing them with the tools that they can use later in life, when the stakes are higher. Teaching children how to be resilient in the face of their worries will help them to be the sort of adults who bounce back from their troubles in life. When children sign up for the season to play a team sport at Salisbury Super Sports they learn the value of commitment. They soon learn that as a member of a team, they are a valuable cog in the wheel, and are needed at every game and every practice.