Team Sport: Why It’s Great For Children (And Parents)

As parents, it is our role to teach our young ones about life, and prepare them with the tools that they will need to go through life as healthy, happy adults. It’s a learning process for everyone, as we all learn how to work together towards a common goal, and so it is with team sports. Working as a team gives children the opportunity to learn about themselves through the eyes of the world outside of the family, and gain valuable skills in how to interact and problem solve with other people.

Physical Fitness

The benefits of physical activity have been well documented, and with the digital world encroaching even further into our lives, many children are lacking the inclination or opportunity to get active. Playing a team sport provides an incentive for children to spend time with their friends while engaging in a physical activity, which is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for growing bodies.

Mental Health

For some youngsters, the growing pains of life can cause damage to their self-confidence, and for some this can lead to over-eating as a means of numbing their feelings. Sadly, studies have revealed that 25% of children between the ages of 5 to 17 are overweight or obese, which causes them to suffer with the self-esteem issues associated with their physical condition. At Salisbury Super Sports getting young people involved in team sport not only gives them an opportunity to get active, but their emotional health improves remarkably as they learn new skills, and start to feel a part of a team.

Social Skills

The benefits of engaging in a team activity are many, and the opportunity to navigate through close interactions with their peers can provide social skills that are far reaching. Negotiating with the members of their team, delegating, sharing and accepting when things do not go their way are just some of the skills that children take away from a team sport.

Resilience and Commitment

The ability to dust oneself off, and get back on the proverbial horse after being knocked down is a really important experience for children to encounter – providing them with the tools that they can use later in life, when the stakes are higher. Teaching children how to be resilient in the face of their worries will help them to be the sort of adults who bounce back from their troubles in life. When children sign up for the season to play a team sport at Salisbury Super Sports they learn the value of commitment. They soon learn that as a member of a team, they are a valuable cog in the wheel, and are needed at every game and every practice.


Exercise For Personal Pleasure or Exercise For Personal Gain

Salisbury Super Sports have two main types of clientele. Those who wish to have a pleasurable social interaction with friends and or family and those who wish to gain something such as greater fitness or to lose weight.

For those of you who are in the latter category we would like to offer some tips and support to guide you through the challenge these goals attract.

Getting Your Head Around It

Losing weight and gaining fitness is a mental challenge more than a physical challenge.

Yes, you have to use your body to play an indoor sport such as those offered here but if you are mentally not in the game, then the game is already lost.

If you ignore your mind when the “too tired” excuse rears its ugly head your body will repay you tenfold.

The truth is that once you form a regular exercise regime your body will thrive. Your mind will become clearer and as your body becomes used to the exercise you will start to crave it.

Help yourself by tracking your results. Take before pictures and measurements and record your progress weekly.

The number one thing to consider is to reduce your weight. When you talk about losing weight your subconscious will naturally want to find it for you.

You Are What You Eat

Whilst the analogy ‘you are what you eat’ is true, there are some food rules that many of us are unaware of. We need to educate ourselves about them before we can begin to understand what it is our body needs.

The first thing to know is that eating carbohydrates will encourage and increase your sugar cravings and the 3pm energy slump so try to cut as many of these out of your diet as possible.

Ways you can do this are as follows:

• Eat a salad for lunch instead of a sandwich or pasta.

• Go to a juice bar for a nourishing juice instead of a coffee shop to avoid the temptation of having a cake with that coffee.

• Consider buying a juicer and juice at home. You can drink in a day what you might have had in a week and you will feel the vitality almost immediately.

Find a Support Buddy

Humans are not meant to be alone or completely self-sufficient. Our very souls demand and crave interaction with each other.

This is why it is a good idea to find a friend or join a local group of like-minded people who have the same or similar goals as you.

Salisbury Super Sports offers a supportive exercise environment for you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


Team Sports – Exercise, Companionship, Rivalry

Fun indoor cricket is all of these things. If you are interested in getting out and about and doing something that is physical to keep your wheels well-oiled then check out Super Sports Salisbury.

We offer a supportive environment and obviously encourage a team player attitude. Not only do you exercise amongst friends and team members but you also learn to work as a team in the fast paced game that is indoor cricket.

If you are not familiar with the rules and regulations of this game, it is pretty simple. Eight players a side is best but it can be played with as few as six players. Each player has a go at bowling two overs. That’s 16 overs per innings. An over consists of six balls.

Each batting pair will face four overs. A batsman’s runs are scored just the same as the outside game. That is to say, they run between each wicket for one run but also have the option to increase this up to six runs by hitting certain surrounding nets.

The difference between indoor and outdoor in regard to batting is if a batsman is caught out, he does not leave the game. Instead, five runs are deducted from the team’s total score and the batsman completes the four overs.

You can get yourself a team together to play on a Tuesday or Wednesday night or just visit us at to register and we will get you into a team.

We have between three and five grades playing on each of these nights so don’t despair, we can slot you or your team into your appropriate grade once we have completed a pre-season assessment of your skills.

Affordable Team Sport

Not only do you get all the fun of exercising your body and mixing with friends but you can do it at an affordable level.

A weekly game will set you back $15 per member, which is way cheaper than what a personal fitness instructor will charge you!

To ensure you get the best out of your game, bring a good pair of shoes and gloves; a protector is also essential. A bat comes in handy too!

Obviously if you are playing in a team, you will need a team uniform. A uniform by nature means each member must wear an identical outfit. What you choose to wear is your choice. You can be serious or silly. Why not create your own team of Smurfs?

Promoting Sports in the Workplace

Adults spend a great deal of their time at work. Thus, the workplace can be an effective setting to integrate sports and other physical activities. Fitness programmes at work can help employees who normally cannot find the time after office hours to do even a simple physical activity such as walking. Business owners must encourage health and wellness programmes in the workplace because studies have shown that these kinds of programmes benefit both the employees and the employers.

Benefits of a Physically Active Workforce

Promoting physical activity in the workplace provides the following benefits to employees:

  • Better fitness and health;
  • Enhanced productivity and morale;
  • Improved team spirit and job satisfaction;
  • Lower stress;
  • Improved communication and inter-personal relationship among employees; and
  • Improved concentration and mental sharpness

A major component of an effective health and wellness programme is sports. Sports have been known to contribute to healthy bones, muscles and joints; lower stress and aid in relaxation; reduce body fat and tone muscles; decrease the risk of contracting diseases such as cancer and diabetes; and improve co-ordination and balance.

Promoting indoor sports will ensure that employees will continue to enjoy their favourite sports throughout the year. Salisbury Super Sports offers indoor courts for cricket, netball, soccer, volleyball and handball. The graded competitions held regularly at the sport facility are designed to be enjoyed by all participants, from elite athletes to neophyte players. These courts are available for hire, including an umpire and all the required equipment. Salisbury Super Sports also hire the sports courts for birthday parties, team-building exercise and other fun events for friends and family. Different sports can be introduced into the workplace through tournaments or friendly games. The games can generally be held over several nights or weeks. It is vital to plan these games ahead of time by designating a group of people who will oversee the whole event.

Benefits of a Physically Fit Workforce for Employers

Instituting a health and wellness programme in the workplace also pays off for the employer. The benefits of a healthy and fit workforce for employers include reduced absenteeism and employee turnover; lower stress among staff; enhanced productivity and efficiency in the company as a whole; an improved corporate image; and better relations between management and staff.

It is important to enlist the support of management for any health and wellness initiative to be successful. All employees including management have the duty to establish a healthy work environment and promote healthy lifestyles.

Give your Relationship a Sporting Chance

When it comes to gifts for Valentine’s Day, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what to buy. Sometimes, spending quality time together is the best gift possible. And time is a commodity that tends to be in short supply.

At the same time, the usual date nights and movies can get a bit overdone – they are nice but they can become mediocre.

A Fun Solution

When it comes to a fun date, indoor sports are a fun and novel approach. Indoor sports arenas allow mixed teams and so you and your significant other can indulge in a game of indoor netball, for example, to your heart’s content.

You can choose to play on the same team or opposite teams, depending on what you prefer.

Play on the same team and you get to have that feeling of the two of you going out and conquering the world. It is a great way to bond more as a couple and you can celebrate wins together or commiserate together if you lose.

Playing on opposite teams is great for the more competitive couples. When couples are more competitive, they need a safe outlet for that competitiveness. Indoor sports can provide that safe outlet. You can compete with one another and once the game is completed, the competition is over and you can go back to being a loving couple again.

A Great Way to Bond

Sports have long been used as a great team-building exercise and they work just as well when it comes to relationships. It is a fun sociable way to spend time together. There is a slight element of competition that makes the game more exciting. It is a lot more fun than going to a movie.

A Good Way to Exercise

Indoor sports are a great way to fit some exercise into your busy schedule. Exercise is important when it comes to managing stress and keeping you fit and healthy. The best part about indoor sports is that you will also get in some exercise without actually realising it.

It is a Social Event

You will also get to meet new people and make new friends. Socialising with other couples is an important part of building your own relationship and making it stronger. You get to socialise with other couples in a fun and low pressure environment – no one feels the need to put their best foot forward.