Simple Warm Ups Before You Play

Getting your body warmed up is a really important part of any workout, whether you are going for a big run or getting out onto the court. Warming up your body is one of the best ways to avoid injury, but it can be easily overlooked, which can put a strain on your body. You don’t need to do a full-on program before your workout or game, but getting your body ready for what is ahead will get the most out of your efforts.


Often during our work and play, we pick up a lot of tension that we carry in our body in the form of energy that is stagnant. One excellent way to release this energy is to take a few deep breaths. This is a simple way of clearing and cleaning the tension from the body through penetrating breath intention. Start with breathing in, to the count of 3 and exhaling to the count of 3. Then on your next breath, do it to the count of 4 and continue breathing to the count of 4. Breathe in…. 1… 2… 3… Breathe out… 1… 2… 3… Breathe in… 1… 2… 3… 4… Breathe out… 1… 2… 3… 4… Repeat


Getting your heart pumping is a great way to warm up your whole system and can be done very easily with a few simple actions. Try starting with running on the spot, keeping your knees up (for a few minutes). Then do 10 star jumps. Repeat as needed.


Stretching your muscles and tendons is a gentle way to get your body warmed up before you play. This can be done by using a few yoga moves such as the sun salute, and then sitting on the ground and stretching the muscles throughout your body. Learning a few simple stretches that you can incorporate into your pre-game workout will assist your body in being prepared for the work that it is about to do during the game, or workout.

Practice Your Moves

An excellent way to prepare for the particular sport that you are about to play is to practice doing what you will need to do during the game. If it is basketball, then shoot a few hoops, or bounce the ball to a fellow team mate. Whatever sport you are doing will indicate the moves that you need to do during your warm up. At Salisbury Super Sports we encourage all of our players to do appropriate warm ups before they play to minimise injury and to help them get the most out of their game.

How To Plan An Enjoyable (And Sustainable) Holiday Fitness Regime

Going on holiday doesn’t mean that your fitness regime needs to go on holiday too. In fact, while you are on holiday is a good time to try out different things that you may not have thought of before, while you have a little more time on your hands. You may even find that you like the additions so much that you might want to keep them as a part of your regular routine.

Stay active

During holiday time, it is very easy to just vegetate and not do anything at all, and really, that is the point of a holiday, is it not? Unfortunately, though, if you aren’t staying active you are more likely to eat more food than usual, and this may start to put on the pounds and undo any of the work that you have already achieved. The best way to stay on top of this is to keep moving, and make the most of exploring the holiday destination in which you have found yourself. Go for daily walks, explore the surrounding terrain, use the hotel fitness facilities and swim as much as possible.

Make a plan that you can stick to

Having a plan that you can use as a guide will help you to stay on track and maintain some sort of fitness routine, even while you are on holiday. Start the day with something, even if it is just light stretching, and add in a couple of other things that you normally enjoy doing throughout the day, to ensure that you stay fit despite the holiday cheer.

Drink plenty of water

It is often the case that when we are thirsty our body mistakes it for hunger and we may end up eating a lot more food than our body needs. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you are spending a lot of time in the sun, or are holidaying in a humid climate. If you know that your body is adequately hydrated you will know if you are genuinely hungry or it is just a lack of hydration that is making you feel that way. Salisbury Super Sports encourages adequate hydration even when you aren’t on holiday too, as water is the elixir of life, and without it, your body cannot perform all of its regular functions.

Be creative about using what you have got

If your regular exercise routine involves you going to the gym or somewhere that you won’t be able to go while you are on holiday, you need to think outside the box, rather than just throwing the fitness regime out the window. If you are going on holiday near a beach, or forest, or somewhere that you can utilise the space for doing your workout, incorporate that into your plan. Aim to get up every morning and jog along the beach, or set yourself the goal of having a morning swim in the surf.

Finding The Right Balance Between Diet and Exercise

There is not a doubt in the world that getting at least 30 minutes exercise per day is not only good for your body but good for your soul.

A body craves movement.

Yes your mind might tell you that sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching your favourite soap is so much more pleasurable then going for a walk in the park or participating in one of the great social team sports we offer here at Salisbury Super Sports.

The fact is, that is a lie. If you give yourself a fighting chance to actually go out and be part of an exercise regime you will feel better and actually start to look forward to your daily exercise bouts.

To complement your exercise regime you must eat and drink correctly. If you are expending more energy, the bottom line is that your body will need more fuel. No, you will not put on weight if you find that happy balance.

Fuel In Energy Out

There are a lot of fads out there designed to attract your attention and well-earned dollars so be wary of celebrity endorsed products that are “full of wholesome goodness”.

To give your body the best chance it has to process the environmental onslaught, you need to do a couple of things.

Drink Water

First thing in the morning give your liver a boost and drink a litre of water. If you add the juice of a lemon to it you will not only boost your liver but supercharge it.

A good rule of thumb for water consumption is to drink a litre of water for every 22 kg’s of weight and a litre of water for every hour of exercise.

Why not try this suggestion – Drink a big glass of water and then every time you go to the loo, have another.

Eat Fresh Food

It is really important to fuel your body with living foods and not dead food such as cooked or packaged food. The additives alone can cause a chemical nightmare in your system let alone the loss of any vital nutrients.

The confusion comes from being told you need X amount of calories a day to support your body. Calories and nutrients are two different things.

The sad truth is that whilst some foods will benefit you if they are cooked, such as tomatoes releasing lycopene, the majority of foods are best eaten in the state that they were provided.

Plenty of leafy green vegetables as well as the colours of the rainbow in other vegetables and fruit will soon have your skin glowing and your body revving.


Exercise Should be Fun, not a Battle

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and keeping ourselves well, we all know that we need to eat properly and exercise. For some, exercise is a real pain – not everyone can be a gym bunny.

Doctors have, however, said that an active lifestyle can be just as effective as a formal exercise schedule. The ideal is to get about half an hour of moderate exercise about five times a week in order to keep you reasonably fit.

Alternative Exercise

Doctors and other wellness experts agree that making exercise fun is vital if you hope to keep it up on a regular basis. This often means looking at alternative ways of exercising that you actually enjoy.

The trick is to get your body moving and to have fun at the same time so that your brain doesn’t register that you are actually exercising.

Sport is a great way to do this – you get caught up in the excitement of the game and barely notice the time passing. Sport is ideal because you don’t get a chance to become bored. Sport is also very social – an active social life is something else that experts recommend to keep you at optimal health.

When do you Play?

This is going to depend on the amount of time you have available, who you can get to play with and when you can actually play. Playing sport over the weekend is usually not a big deal – most of us have time off over the weekend.

For those of us who work, it’s the other sessions that may pose problems. One solution is to play indoor sports. The great thing about indoor sports is that they can be played at night, are not weather dependent and, most of the time, you will be able to join an existing team and won’t need to scrounge around for people to play with.

What Sports are there Available?

There are several different indoor sports available. The most popular are indoor soccer, indoor cricket, netball, volleyball and handball.

You can generally find a team to join or simply get a bunch of mates and create your own team.

You will also generally find that there are various leagues in which you can get involved if you so desire, allowing you to really improve your game.

If you are more interested in a casual game, you will find that is also alright. Best of all, you will be able to improve your fitness levels without feeling as though it’s a hard slog.

For more info on indoor sports, click here.

Exercise Made Easy with Indoor Sports

As kids we used to spend hours playing sports – back then, all you needed to play a good game of cricket was some rocks, a rickety old bat, even a fence paling would do, and at a push, a tennis ball. Yes, back before we started playing organised sport at school it is amazing what fun we used to have with the minimum of equipment. It was also an easy way to keep fit and healthy. If you are a little nostalgic for your youth and looking for a more fun way to exercise than riding a bike or running around on a track that goes nowhere, you can play indoor sports might offer an alternate and a more enjoyable solution.

Indoor sports provide you with a lot more of a fun way to exercise and a great way to meet people. You can also get the guys at work involved for a spot of team building. Nothing is quite as satisfying as a game of action cricket as a way to unwind from a hard day’s work. What is just as great is that indoor sports can be made up of teams of various different age groups – you can take your kids with you and enjoy a fun-filled game of cricket, volleyball, netball, soccer or handball which are among the many indoor sports you can play together.

Of course, indoor sports also provide a great way for those of us that are too busy for full games of sports – even a limited overs cricket game can take all day – how many of us can spare the whole day to enjoy a game of cricket? Indoor cricket, however, is over in a few hours and can be played in a single evening.

The rules for indoor sports are usually slightly different to those for sports played out of doors. This is because the field of play is usually a good deal smaller. When it comes to indoor volleyball, netball and handball, the fields are usually about the same size but indoor soccer and cricket are played on fields that are much smaller. As a result, the rules are adjusted accordingly.

As a general rule, indoor sports can be played with teams of mixed ages and genders as well. Although the games can get pretty competitive, the emphasis is usually more on having fun than on winning the game unless you want to be in graded competitions. It is great for building a great team spirit and is also good to foster a great team ethic in kids.

That is not to say that the games don’t get heated – indoor sports can become pretty intense as well simply because they are played in such close quarters and over a shorter time frame. It is even possible to set up a competitive league if that is what you are looking for. In short, indoor sports can offer something for everyone – from the ultra-competitive to the sportsperson just looking for a friendly match.

Fitness and Health Go Hand in Hand

Life is fast paced in our modern world and it is hard enough to keep up with our daily schedule let alone keep up with an exercise regime we are doing on your own. The downside is that if we don’t make the effort to take part in exercise ensuring that we stay fit, we are probably going to suffer from health problems either now or down the track. There are a variety of choices for achieving fitness where we don’t have to do it on our own where we often give up out of boredom. With support from others we get encouragement to keep going to achieve our goal.

Regular exercise helps us to keep toned, build strong bones and muscles, improve our circulation which in turn helps us to have better deeper breathing and gain a healthier heart. Slack muscles lead to spinal problems as the vertebrae is not held correctly in place, and leg cramps are also more common in people who lead sedentary lives. Swimming and walking are good exercises for improving breathing and as walking is a weight bearing exercise, it is great for toning our muscles making for firmer bodies. Playing sport is great for getting up our fitness levels as we are using muscles and getting an aerobic workout at the same time. Sports like indoor netball Brisbane are just one of many available choices.

There are many options for building fitness, with outdoor sports or gym workouts as well as the indoor sports that are growing in popularity because of the comfortable environment it offers. You have the choice of indoor cricket, soccer, netball, volleyball, and basketball to name just a few. The best thing about making indoor sports your choice of exercising to gain fitness, is that you are not overheated, affected by glare or weather conditions, and you have a team of people with you to encourage and support you in your efforts. This alone makes the chances of your giving up much more unlikely, and you will soon be feeling the benefits of the effort you put into your fitness.

With all the available choices before you, don’t sit around like a couch potato and go to mush, get up and moving and become a fitter, healthier you. You will not only improve physically but mentally, as your mood levels improve, and you will make new friends as well. Your health is one of the most valuable assets you have and without it life can be miserable. Look after it and live a long and happy life.