The Perks Of Having A Sports Club Membership

We all want to get fit and to have good health. However, sometimes it is challenging to get out of our relaxed ways and to commit to actually doing the things that lead to this. One way to assist your transition into good fitness is by joining a sports club, which will help you to stay on track, and give you an actual reason to get fit. Sometimes the desire to get fit is not enough to keep you motivated but being a part of a club gives you a sense of belonging and a purpose to stay on track.

Keeps You Motivated

One of the key advantages of having a sports club membership is that it keeps you motivated to keep going back. We have all been in that situation where we really want to get fit, but after attending one class or working out a couple of times, we lose motivation. The gym space is not the best space for everyone, so it is important to find ways of getting fit that appeal to what works for you, personally.

Sports club membership usually comes with membership to a team, which helps to stay the course, and not lose focus with your fitness goals. Your team members are like a silent cheering squad that draws you back to participate, even when you don’t feel like going. As a member of a team you won’t want to let your team mates down so it will help you to go each week, and as we all know, once you get on to the court you’ll feel great!

Transitions You into Sports

If you are a beginner, joining a sports club such as Salisbury Super Sports is a great way to transition into regular sports activities. Having a membership takes the mystery out of where to go and what to do, so you don’t feel like such a newbie, and you will have a purpose for what you are doing. A membership will also help you to build up your fitness gradually, rather than going in heavy handed and expecting it all to happen at once.

Helps Your Social Life

If you have moved to a new area or struggle with meeting new people in your day to day life, joining a sports club can be hugely beneficial for making new friends. You will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people, and bond with them over your fitness goals, as well as planning outings to meet off the court.

Why Consider Indoor Sports For Company Team Building

They say that if there are problems within a team, such as staff leaving the job, or seeking more sick days off, the problematic link could often be the supervisor directly in charge of the team. This can be due to any number of issues, such as one of the staff members feeling under pressure and not feeling heard, or overworked and not able to meet their targets. One of the key reasons that teams encounter problems is due to communication issues between the team members.

Often companies will organise different activities for the staff in their company, to assist with team building activities. This not only lifts morale, but introduces valuable skills to assist people with working as a cohesive team player within their work environment and their staff team. It is believed that building a healthy team of staff ensures better outcomes for the members and therefore the business.

Enhances Communication

When it comes to effective team work, one of the most important ingredients is good communication. Often if staff feel that they can approach their supervisor or other team members with problems, they are more likely to feel that they are heard, while having problems solved. This allows the cogs to turn on the work that is being produced, without other members of the team getting caught up in issues that may have been easily solved. Playing indoor team sports requires people to actually work together to achieve the common goal during the play of the game, which translates into a cohesive unit, working together.

Relationship Skills

In a team work environment, or any team where more than one person is working towards a common goal, if there is one team member that is not happy it can end up affecting the whole team output. Often relationship problems within a team can bring things to a grinding halt, which will, if left unchecked, can put a strain on the productivity of the business.

Learning how to communicate and problem solve effectively as individuals assists us in all our relationships, whether they are personal, or business. Sport gives people the opportunity to be put into situations where they are faced with their own issues in relationships, and it is a great place to work them out, rather than during work hours. Salisbury Super Sports has a variety of different indoor sports that could be utilised as an opportunity for team building, so contact us today to discuss your ideas.

Why You Need The Right Equipment For Your Workout

The purpose of a good workout is to further you along on your chosen physical journey, to achieve your goals and gain whatever skills or attributes you are working towards. Using the right equipment and using it properly, is an important part of getting the most out of your workout, and your body. Using the wrong equipment could cause you injury and lead to damage that may cause ongoing issues for your body, and general well-being, so it is important to choose the right equipment for your workout.

Appropriate Shoes

As you might have seen, sports shoes are very intelligent these days, and there are many different types of shoes to suit any particular sport, or workout that you partake in. Wearing appropriate shoes for your workout is really important in ensuring that you do not do damage to your feet, knees, back or any other part of your body. Ill-fitting shoes or shoes that do not have enough ‘bounce’ will prevent you from getting the most out of your workout.

Protective Clothing

Wearing suitable clothing and protective equipment while working out could be your saving grace, especially if you happen to get a ball to the face. Depending on what sort of workout you are engaging in at the time, ensuring that you have the equipment you need, will keep you out of trouble.

Equipment that is Suited to the Workout

If you are a tiny person then you are not going to be attempting to bench press weights that are beyond your limits. Knowing your limits and only using the equipment that is suited to your height, build and ability is all part of using equipment safely. Using a baseball bat for playing indoor squash is of course a no-no, because you might break something, or yourself, in the process.

Well-Maintained Equipment

Using well-maintained equipment is another important part of having a good workout. If you suspect that some of the equipment might be faulty, or not serving its purpose, don’t risk your health and well-being. An ill-fitting mouth guard will not protect your mouth as well as one that has been especially prepared for your mouth specifically, and the same goes for any other protective equipment. At Salisbury Super Sports we maintain all our equipment regularly to ensure that there are no issues that may cause harm to any of our players.

Exercise: Why You Need Adequate Hydration

Playing a sport at Salisbury Super Sports, or doing any kind of exercise is a great way to become fit and have fun, but it is important to ensure that you are looking after yourself in the process. This includes wearing appropriate footwear, resting when you need to, and most importantly ensuring adequate hydration for your body. If you are not getting enough fluids into your body during exercise it can lead to dehydration, which can cause lasting damage, and in extreme cases – death.


Dehydration occurs when there is more water moving out of the cells than the amount that is going into them through drinking fluids such as water and sports drinks. Throughout our normal day to day activities we lose water from our bodies in the form of water vapour that we exhale, sweating and going to the toilet. During the secretion of water from the body, small amounts of salts are lost too, which can be damaging to the body over time, if they are not replaced.

Increased Heart Rate

One of the effects of dehydration is a loss of body weight, which can affect many bodily functions including compromising cardiovascular and muscle function, impairing the body’s ability to regulate temperature, and can also lead to a decrease in its overall power. For every 1% of body weight that is lost, the heart rate rises 4-5 beats per minute, which means the body loses power as the heart struggles to compensate. As the body loses fluid it reduces the overall body weight, which puts a strain on the heart and can lead to other illnesses in the body.

Optimal Hydration Guidelines

At Salisbury Super Sports we encourage our players to stay hydrated throughout their time here, as well as before they arrive, and when they leave after the game. Before you exercise it is helpful to drink at least 500ml of water or an electrolyte sports drink, and during the course of your exercise you need to be drinking at least 200ml every 15 minutes to maintain optimum hydration. Following the game you are advised to ensure that you are getting adequate hydration including a drink that replenishes sodium in the body, such as an electrolyte drink.



Get into Shape No Matter the Season

There is no ideal season to get into shape. Saying that you are waiting for the summer or when the weather is perfect to start playing a sport is just a pathetic excuse. You can easily find a sports facility in your area where you can play indoor sports with friends and colleagues. The benefits of indoor sports like soccer, netball and handball have encouraged many individuals to remain active throughout the year.

The Benefits of Sports Facilities

The weather is one of the major causes of game cancellations. But playing indoors eliminates the worry about the rain, snow and other unexpected weather conditions. Games will proceed regardless of the weather outside. There are also people who have qualms about playing sports because of worries about being exposed to too much sunlight. Worry about the health risks of UV rays is eliminated when you play sports indoors.

The courts at sports facilities are smaller than outdoor sports fields and are cleaner and flatter. Players do not have to be concerned about injuries that can be caused by bumps, uneven ground or objects lying around the field.

Playing indoors allows you more exercise because you are constantly on the move as the games are rarely stopped for any reason.

Check Out your Local Sports Facility

There are many motivating reasons why you should check out the sports facilities in your area now. At Salisbury Super Sports, there are various indoor sports that you can play. The strong team atmosphere and camaraderie encourage you to show up even for just a chance to have fun and hang out with fellow players afterwards.

Salisbury Super Sports offers courts for indoor sports like cricket, netball, handball and soccer. There are five indoor courts and two outdoor beach volleyball courts. Sports equipment such as bats, gloves, balls and goalposts are provided. The courts are not just good for indoor sports; they are also rented out for birthday parties, corporate competitions, team building and other large-group events.

The facility also has an air-conditioned licensed bar where players and their friends and families can get together and socialise after the game. Food and snacks are no problem because there is a well-stocked canteen to take care of hungry stomachs.

The courts are well maintained to prevent injuries. In addition, the excellent spectator facilities allow friends and family to cheer players from the comfort of the sidelines. The crowd is close to the action, further creating a fun atmosphere in all the games. For more information about indoor sports, go to