Simple Warm Ups Before You Play

Getting your body warmed up is a really important part of any workout, whether you are going for a big run or getting out onto the court. Warming up your body is one of the best ways to avoid injury, but it can be easily overlooked, which can put a strain on your body. You don’t need to do a full-on program before your workout or game, but getting your body ready for what is ahead will get the most out of your efforts.


Often during our work and play, we pick up a lot of tension that we carry in our body in the form of energy that is stagnant. One excellent way to release this energy is to take a few deep breaths. This is a simple way of clearing and cleaning the tension from the body through penetrating breath intention. Start with breathing in, to the count of 3 and exhaling to the count of 3. Then on your next breath, do it to the count of 4 and continue breathing to the count of 4. Breathe in…. 1… 2… 3… Breathe out… 1… 2… 3… Breathe in… 1… 2… 3… 4… Breathe out… 1… 2… 3… 4… Repeat


Getting your heart pumping is a great way to warm up your whole system and can be done very easily with a few simple actions. Try starting with running on the spot, keeping your knees up (for a few minutes). Then do 10 star jumps. Repeat as needed.


Stretching your muscles and tendons is a gentle way to get your body warmed up before you play. This can be done by using a few yoga moves such as the sun salute, and then sitting on the ground and stretching the muscles throughout your body. Learning a few simple stretches that you can incorporate into your pre-game workout will assist your body in being prepared for the work that it is about to do during the game, or workout.

Practice Your Moves

An excellent way to prepare for the particular sport that you are about to play is to practice doing what you will need to do during the game. If it is basketball, then shoot a few hoops, or bounce the ball to a fellow team mate. Whatever sport you are doing will indicate the moves that you need to do during your warm up. At Salisbury Super Sports we encourage all of our players to do appropriate warm ups before they play to minimise injury and to help them get the most out of their game.

Warming Up for Summer

With summer around the corner we have seen many a determined face re-enter our domain after a long winter absence.

Certainly, the lure of the beach calls but not with the winter weight on!

Salisbury Super Sports encourage all our members to keep up their sporting activities throughout the year but there are those few who find the colder, shorter daylight hours a deterrent to enjoying a physical workout.

This is why we want to re-iterate what we have mentioned before about the importance of a warm up prior to playing any physical game or sport before you launch into your summer routine.

So what can you do to get your body ready for a decent game?

Why Warm Up?

Why do we stress the need to warm up so often?

If you have warmed up your body and most importantly your muscles before a game of indoor cricket, soccer, netball or handball at our centre, you are giving yourself the edge over your opponent but, most importantly, allowing your body the opportunity to be prepared to play the game completely injury free.

The most common injuries sustained whilst playing a fast paced game is muscle and ligament strains – if we had a dollar for every time we have heard someone say “I pulled a hammy”. Need we fill in the rest?

Have you noticed what football players of any code do when they are on the sidelines waiting their turn to go out into the field?

They are running, squatting, jumping, and getting a rub down. Whatever it takes to keep those muscles warm, joints loose, blood flowing to the limbs and ready for anything.

Whilst you may not be an A league player, your body will still require a warm up.

Warm Up Tips and Suggestions

A warm up should generally consist of 20 to 30 minutes of gentle exercise.

Start with a nice walk around the block. Once your limbs are used to the regular movement you can increase it to a slow jog.

Why not make plans for the whole team to meet half an hour earlier and go for a walk / jog together? It will give you an opportunity to catch up with each other’s news and to let you get rid of any “rubbish” you have collected as you travel through your day.

You don’t need to knock yourself out – you’ve got a game to play right? So just take it slowly and easy but keep it all moving.