How Playing Sports Makes a Woman Feel Sexy Inside and Out

Marketing and beauty companies will have you convinced that you need a particular type of makeup or a particular type of clothing to feel sexy, but this just isn’t the truth. The truth is that feeling sexy as a woman, is the same as happiness. It’s an inside job. Nobody else is going to make you feel good about yourself except for you, and you are your best friend when it comes to cultivating self-belief.

People get themselves feeling good through many different means and for a lot of people when they feel great physically, they exude a confidence and presence that is often thought of as sexy. For a woman to feel complete she needs to feel happy with her own appearance, live a healthy lifestyle and have confidence in herself. Playing a team sports such as those played at Salisbury Super Sports can get you there!

Toned and Terrific

If there is one thing that comes without trying when you are playing sports, it is getting fit and toned. While some may choose to slug it out at the gym, to try and shed those extra kilos or tone up, others find that this is too forced, and often the motivation just isn’t there to reach the goal. Playing a team sport allows you to have fun, while losing those extra kilos; and in no time at all, you will notice how toned and terrific your body is. As you review your new body in the mirror you will feel sexier than ever before.


Another attribute of a sexy woman is self-confidence. Sexy women exude an aura of knowing who they are, and what they want, and others are drawn to it. Playing a regular team sport gives you that extra edge of belief in yourself, which comes up from inside of you, and nothing in the world can take that away. Those seemingly small achievements with your team on the court translate into much larger benefits that happen inside, where your self-belief resides.

Healthy Lifestyle

Any man or woman will tell you that one of the sexiest things about a person is a healthy lifestyle. Being part of a sports team encourages you to make healthy choices for yourself and your life, and this is reflected outwardly in the presence of who you are. Living a healthy lifestyle has benefits for your whole self, inside and out, and is an important part of feeling like a sexy, complete woman, every day.

Health Risks Associated With A Sedentary Lifestyle

The human body, at its best, is a magnificent self-regulating machine with all parts working amongst themselves to produce the many different chemical reactions that are required to keep everything in optimal condition. Science and history tell us that being the hunter-gatherers that we are, by nature, our body is designed for an active lifestyle, where we are on the move throughout the day, and resting at night.

The modern way of life for most human beings though, is far from active, as we spend a majority of time sitting in air-conditioned cars, offices, or standing in the one position for hours at a time while at work. This can cause the machine of the human body to not run as smoothly as it could and over time a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to illness and disease in the body and mind.

Weakened Heart

As we all know, the human heart is designed to pump blood around the body, day and night. No matter what we do, our heart is constantly working at this, regulating the body’s systems by ensuring that the blood is running smoothly and that there is enough oxygen getting to all the different cells.

An issue with a sedentary lifestyle that causes a weakened heart is that when we are not using the body the heart gets used to the conditions of that lifestyle. It adapts according to how hard it has to work, and over time this can become its default setting. Unfortunately, when we do decide to get moving, and our heart is used to not working very hard, this can cause problems for it, as it needs to work a lot harder to do what it needs to do.

Weight Gain

For a magnificent piece of machinery such as the human body, that is designed for running, jumping, exploring and being active, a sedentary lifestyle is eventually going to cause weight gain, especially if you are not eating well. An active lifestyle keeps the body’s metabolism at its optimum by flushing out toxins and using up the energy that would become fat, before it settles in and makes itself at home around your hips, stomach and other areas.

Mental Health

As many of our healthy sports people from Salisbury Super Sports can attest to, your mental health can be greatly affected by a sedentary lifestyle. The more oxygen you have moving through your body and the more active you are, the better you will feel. Not only does activity produce endorphins, but getting out of the same four walls and inspiring the imagination is like a balm for tired souls and melancholy minds.

Want to Lose Weight? The Importance of Having the Right Mental Attitude

They say that with the right mental attitude you can achieve anything, and weight loss is no different. If you set out with the wrong intention, such as deciding to go on a crash diet, or starving yourself, then you have already lost half the battle before you have begun. The same goes with constantly weighing yourself every five minutes, and agonising over every kilo.

Going about weight loss the wrong way might deliver short-term gains, but without the right mental attitude, it is likely that you will fall back into the old habits that put the weight on in the first place. The best way to lose the weight and keep it off is to be realistic about what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it. Look honestly at your lifestyle choices and work out what areas you need to make changes, then make a long-term plan and stick to it. Following are some ways that having the right mental attitude will help you to do this.

Maintain Focus

To do anything properly, you need to start out as you would like to continue. Starting out with the right mental attitude will assist you in maintaining your focus as you go along, and enable you to reach the goals that you have set yourself with your weight loss. At Salisbury Super Sports you might sometimes hear a team member assisting another team member with a pep talk for the game. One of the common ones used in ‘sporting speak’ is ‘keep your eye on the ball”, also known as ‘keep your eye on the prize’. Having a clear focus about where you would like to be, and a set of actionable focuses for achieving that goal will assist you in getting there.

Stay Motivated

When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off you need to have the right motivation. Deciding on the spur of the moment to drop 20 kilos without first deciding how you are going to go about it, and working out a plan that involves exercise, healthy food choices and a positive focus will not work. Keeping motivation requires you to have an attitude that losing weight is a step by step process, involving many aspects, rather than just the desire to be 20 kilos lighter.

Stay On Top of Emotions

Emotional eating is a big one for a lot of us, and as such, having the right mental attitude will allow you to tackle the process with a holistic approach in mind. Putting yourself down, or making yourself feel bad about your size and where you are at now is not conducive to losing weight successfully. A good weight loss plan will include regular exercise as an aspect of the journey, and as many of the sportspeople at Salisbury Super Sports have found, staying motivated to exercise is easier when you are a part of a team.