How Indoor Sports Can Improve Your Play Outdoors

Whether you are a dedicated sportsman or simply like to get some exercise into your life playing indoor sports can greatly improve your play outside. Playing indoor sports can assist you to gain valuable skills such as focus, integrity, personal resilience and team building skills that will translate into a better game for yourself and your teammates.

Directed Attention over Involuntary Attention

Through many of the activities in our lives, we require the use of directed attention to stay on task and achieve what we need to achieve, whether that is driving a car, studying for an exam or preparing a meal. When we get outside in the open air and are in the expanse of the outer world we employ the use of our involuntary attention, which means our focus is more expanded into the area where we are.

Playing indoor sports, especially if it is the same game that we are playing outdoors, allows us to use our directed attention, and practice the detail in the skills that we need specifically to play the game. This means that when we do get onto the court, field, or pitch, to play our game with our team in the outdoors, and our attention is not swayed so easily by the external factors such as the audience, sights and sounds of our natural surroundings.

As many of the people who play indoor sports at Salisbury Super Sports have found, an increase in the ability to focus is a valuable asset to doing their best in their team sports outside.

Integrity and Commitment

When it comes to playing a sport outside, sometimes we just don’t feel like playing, especially if it is a warm day, or there is something we think we would like to be doing instead. Having the commitment of playing our regular indoor sports activity teaches us to front up every time, and demonstrate our own personal integrity as a valuable part of the team.

As the team players at Salisbury Super Sports can attest, this commitment to their team translates not only into their play outside but also into every other area of their life. As the saying goes, “If you are not in it, you cannot win it”, so integrity and commitment are the building blocks of success.

Why Join a Sports Club If You Are a Sports Buff?

In Australia, sports is one of the national pastimes and many Australians enjoy the opportunity to watch sports, follow the progress of their favourite sports team and keep up to date with new developments in the sport that they love. Playing a sport yourself adds a whole new dimension to the activity and personalises the opportunities to learn while watching the game, thus providing new and interesting insights.

Get Active

Anyone can be a couch critic during a sports game, and many people relish the idea of talking about what the players are doing and why, but having a first-hand experience of playing the game can add a whole new scope for the experience. Getting active by actually playing the sport yourself will enrich your life by getting you off the couch and getting the blood flowing through your body, which leads to greater physical fitness and increased happiness for life. Salisbury Super Sports sees people from all walks of life getting active and increasing their well-being by joining a team sport at the centre.


While we may often have the opportunity to watch a sport with friends, much of the time we spend watching sports is done alone and does not bring us into contact with others, which can lead to a sense of isolation. In the world of today, much of our communication is done remotely through our phones and internet, so humans are becoming more socially isolated, sometimes going for days without actually really connecting with another person face to face. We may discuss the game over the water cooler at work, but the opportunity to play the sport with other like-minded people gives us the opportunity to meet new people and have meaningful interactions that enrich our lives.

Put Skills To Use

During the process of watching a game or following a sport, we inadvertently pick up information about how to play the game – what works and what doesn’t. These valuable skills and knowledge that we gain through talking about the game, watching its players and following their highs and lows, gives us an insight into ways of being a great team player, but if we don’t play ourselves we are not fully experiencing the game. Joining a team sport gives us the opportunity to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and put these valuable skills to use in real situations where we can improve and learn through the practice.

At Salisbury Super Sports, we often find that when sports buffs start playing a sport themselves with us, they learn that the practical application of theories is often a lot more challenging, but rewarding.

Improve Your Game

At Salisbury Super Sports, we offer a great range of indoor sports for those who are looking to get fit and to also have fun. Many enjoy fun indoor soccer games as a great way to make friends, let off some steam and improve fitness and many players also enjoy improving their competitive edge.

Indoor soccer is much faster paced compared with outdoor soccer; this is because the playing field is smaller and there are fewer players per side. If you’re really into the competitive side of indoor soccer then these few simple tips may serve you well for playing a better game.

Appropriate attire

The shoes and cleats worn for indoor soccer are different to those for outdoor soccer. Wearing the wrong cleats for instance can lead to injury.

The playing field for indoor soccer is different and so wearing the right clothing will not only prevent risk of injury, it won’t hurt your game.


Your team can easily gain the upper hand if you make use of the ‘no-offside’ rule. By keeping a striker next to the box, he or she won’t be caught offside.

Penalty shots and evasion

In indoor soccer, penalty kicks are taken in the form of a shootout. A move the goal keeper won’t expect is to shoot the ball at the wall next to goal then on the rebound, tap it into the goal.

Another way to use the wall in play is to evade an opponent by bouncing the ball off the wall and go around them. This move helps you get around defenders better and keep control of the ball.

Footwork and extra players

Soccer players who are good with their footwork do well at indoor soccer. With less space to run around it becomes more important to have better control over the ball.

Another tactic is to have a few extra soccer players on your team. Because of the fast pace of the game you can become easily tired. An extra person on the bench means players can have a break.

If you’re already part of a team, you will already be getting to know the strengths of the other players. If you’re looking to start a new team, you can contact Salisbury Super Sports about game times and even find out if there are other players looking for a team.

Give us a call or visit online at to view the sports we run and find out more about our facilities today.

Healthy Teams Play A Better Game

Health is a major concern to all people, even those who don’t seem to do much to sustain it. Government funding is used to advertise the need to stop smoking, drink less alcohol, and step up our exercise programs or get started on one. As many health related problems could be eliminated if we just took the time to care for our bodies correctly. More and more people are giving up smoking, taking a bit of pressure off the health system. While alcohol intake is still high there is a growing awareness of the stupidity and danger of driving while under its influence.

Exercise can be gained in many different ways, according to our age and abilities. For elderly people who wish to stay fit, but have limitations because of their age, Tai Chi is an excellent option. It is gentle and slow and done at one’s own pace. Swimming is a great way to exercise for many people who find sports games a little too energetic for their present capabilities. For those who are fit enough to take on the faster moving sports, there are a great many choices they can select from. Some of these include indoor sports such as indoor soccer. Whatever you choose for your own particular routine, exercise must be built around a healthy low fat diet full of vitamin and mineral rich foods. Unless this is done, you can damage your health by overworking a system that isn’t fit and healthy enough to handle the energy output.

Natural, unprocessed foods are by far the best diet we can have. Unfortunately in this day and age, many people find it easier to grab something on the run, not evaluating the health aspect of what they are consuming. Taking the time to prepare and eat healthy natural foods will build up our vitamin intake, and save us downtime through sickness caused by a lack of nutrition. Beautiful fresh salads alongside lean meat or chicken have eye appeal, taste great and are full of goodness. Also don’t forget fresh healthy fruit and deep coloured vegetables. By taking time to prepare food at home we improve our health and lower the chances of diet related health problems. For those who want extra insurance there are good multivitamins available, as long as directions are followed.

As you can see an exercise routine has great benefits for our bodies, but without a good diet to work on it won’t be as beneficial. Exercise tones and builds fitness, elevates our mood and makes us feel great. Exercising our body is like running a car engine. We need the right fuel to keep it going. For us, that fuel is a healthy eating regime.