Why Consider Indoor Sports For Company Team Building

They say that if there are problems within a team, such as staff leaving the job, or seeking more sick days off, the problematic link could often be the supervisor directly in charge of the team. This can be due to any number of issues, such as one of the staff members feeling under pressure and not feeling heard, or overworked and not able to meet their targets. One of the key reasons that teams encounter problems is due to communication issues between the team members.

Often companies will organise different activities for the staff in their company, to assist with team building activities. This not only lifts morale, but introduces valuable skills to assist people with working as a cohesive team player within their work environment and their staff team. It is believed that building a healthy team of staff ensures better outcomes for the members and therefore the business.

Enhances Communication

When it comes to effective team work, one of the most important ingredients is good communication. Often if staff feel that they can approach their supervisor or other team members with problems, they are more likely to feel that they are heard, while having problems solved. This allows the cogs to turn on the work that is being produced, without other members of the team getting caught up in issues that may have been easily solved. Playing indoor team sports requires people to actually work together to achieve the common goal during the play of the game, which translates into a cohesive unit, working together.

Relationship Skills

In a team work environment, or any team where more than one person is working towards a common goal, if there is one team member that is not happy it can end up affecting the whole team output. Often relationship problems within a team can bring things to a grinding halt, which will, if left unchecked, can put a strain on the productivity of the business.

Learning how to communicate and problem solve effectively as individuals assists us in all our relationships, whether they are personal, or business. Sport gives people the opportunity to be put into situations where they are faced with their own issues in relationships, and it is a great place to work them out, rather than during work hours. Salisbury Super Sports has a variety of different indoor sports that could be utilised as an opportunity for team building, so contact us today to discuss your ideas.

How Indoor Sports Can Improve Your Play Outdoors

Whether you are a dedicated sportsman or simply like to get some exercise into your life playing indoor sports can greatly improve your play outside. Playing indoor sports can assist you to gain valuable skills such as focus, integrity, personal resilience and team building skills that will translate into a better game for yourself and your teammates.

Directed Attention over Involuntary Attention

Through many of the activities in our lives, we require the use of directed attention to stay on task and achieve what we need to achieve, whether that is driving a car, studying for an exam or preparing a meal. When we get outside in the open air and are in the expanse of the outer world we employ the use of our involuntary attention, which means our focus is more expanded into the area where we are.

Playing indoor sports, especially if it is the same game that we are playing outdoors, allows us to use our directed attention, and practice the detail in the skills that we need specifically to play the game. This means that when we do get onto the court, field, or pitch, to play our game with our team in the outdoors, and our attention is not swayed so easily by the external factors such as the audience, sights and sounds of our natural surroundings.

As many of the people who play indoor sports at Salisbury Super Sports have found, an increase in the ability to focus is a valuable asset to doing their best in their team sports outside.

Integrity and Commitment

When it comes to playing a sport outside, sometimes we just don’t feel like playing, especially if it is a warm day, or there is something we think we would like to be doing instead. Having the commitment of playing our regular indoor sports activity teaches us to front up every time, and demonstrate our own personal integrity as a valuable part of the team.

As the team players at Salisbury Super Sports can attest, this commitment to their team translates not only into their play outside but also into every other area of their life. As the saying goes, “If you are not in it, you cannot win it”, so integrity and commitment are the building blocks of success.

Ways That Sports Can Build Confidence

If you are lacking in confidence and do not really know how you can go about getting your confidence up, one way is through taking up regular sports activity, such as joining a team, and participating in a team sport. At Salisbury Super Sports, we notice every day how people who participate in sports have increased confidence and have more fun in their relationships. Here are some of the ways that playing sports can build confidence for you.

Keep in Shape

One of the most important ways that playing a team sport can help you to feel better about yourself and lift your overall confidence is through keeping your body in shape. Not only will your muscles be more toned and your weight stay at an optimal level, but your body will feel fitter and there will be more oxygen circulating through your body. Sweating helps your body to release toxins so as long as you are keeping your fluids up, your skin will look fresh and clear after playing sports regularly.

Make New Connections

One area that people often feel they lack confidence is in meeting new people, but playing a sport takes the anxiety out of this by giving you the opportunity to make new connections. They say the more you do something the easier it gets, so through meeting new people while playing sports you will be in good practice and it will give you a confidence lift. Many the people who join a team at Salisbury Super Sports build connections that last them a lifetime.

Time Management

If you are always running late or have trouble with getting things done on time, this could affect your confidence in your ability to get things done. Playing a team sport means that you have training and games to attend, so you learn how to manage your time effectively, which can translate into all areas of your life. People who play sports are go-getters and have more confidence because they know they can get things done when they need to.

Build Inner Strength and Resilience

A lack of confidence in yourself can whittle away at your inner strength and you might start to feel like you don’t have the resilience to get back up after life has knocked you down. Having the opportunity to participate in a team sport allows you to see how it’s done, as your fellow players will demonstrate time and again how easy it is to brush yourself off and try once more. Over time, you will find that through playing a team sport, your reserves of inner strength and resilience are built back up and you will find it easier to face life’s challenges, both on and off the court.

Why Join a Sports Club If You Are a Sports Buff?

In Australia, sports is one of the national pastimes and many Australians enjoy the opportunity to watch sports, follow the progress of their favourite sports team and keep up to date with new developments in the sport that they love. Playing a sport yourself adds a whole new dimension to the activity and personalises the opportunities to learn while watching the game, thus providing new and interesting insights.

Get Active

Anyone can be a couch critic during a sports game, and many people relish the idea of talking about what the players are doing and why, but having a first-hand experience of playing the game can add a whole new scope for the experience. Getting active by actually playing the sport yourself will enrich your life by getting you off the couch and getting the blood flowing through your body, which leads to greater physical fitness and increased happiness for life. Salisbury Super Sports sees people from all walks of life getting active and increasing their well-being by joining a team sport at the centre.


While we may often have the opportunity to watch a sport with friends, much of the time we spend watching sports is done alone and does not bring us into contact with others, which can lead to a sense of isolation. In the world of today, much of our communication is done remotely through our phones and internet, so humans are becoming more socially isolated, sometimes going for days without actually really connecting with another person face to face. We may discuss the game over the water cooler at work, but the opportunity to play the sport with other like-minded people gives us the opportunity to meet new people and have meaningful interactions that enrich our lives.

Put Skills To Use

During the process of watching a game or following a sport, we inadvertently pick up information about how to play the game – what works and what doesn’t. These valuable skills and knowledge that we gain through talking about the game, watching its players and following their highs and lows, gives us an insight into ways of being a great team player, but if we don’t play ourselves we are not fully experiencing the game. Joining a team sport gives us the opportunity to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and put these valuable skills to use in real situations where we can improve and learn through the practice.

At Salisbury Super Sports, we often find that when sports buffs start playing a sport themselves with us, they learn that the practical application of theories is often a lot more challenging, but rewarding.

Don’t Let Bad Weather Ruin Sport Activities

Good weather is wonderful for outdoor sports. People get to enjoy the fresh air while playing their favourite sports. But it is not always sunny and bright. There will be times when the weather is gloomy or when the sun is scorching hot and it is not ideal to go outside.

Bad weather should not discourage people from enjoying sports and getting the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy. On every bad weather day, there is an indoor sport for people to continue to enjoy playing sports. Super Sports is a company that offers sport enthusiasts different indoor sports, including indoor netball fun, indoor cricket, soccer, volleyball and handball.

Advantages of Indoor Sports

There are advantages to outdoor sports and to indoor sports as well. Inclement weather is one example where indoor sport is much more preferred over outdoor sports. With a covered court and well equipped facility, people can enjoy playing their sport of choice without waiting for the weather to clear up.

Indoor sport facilities can also protect people from the harmful and extremely hot rays of the sun during the hottest summer days or months. Players can enjoy the ample shade and cover to shield them from the strong heat. Under the protection of the sport facility, people will also be able to avoid skin damage due to exposure to the sun. Too much exposure to midday sun is not healthy. People should only be playing outdoors during early morning or late afternoon. Otherwise, they can be subject to sun-caused diseases.

Another advantage of indoor sports is that people can choose the time of day to play their sport. It does not matter if it is midday or late night, as long as the facility is open. Because there is lighting available, players can do sports even at night.

No Groups? No Worries

Indoor sports help people to be more social. It is good to come in a group and rent the court. But not all friends are always into sports. At Super Sports, individuals can play group sports even if they do not come with a group of their own.

The facility provides for a social environment where people can join groups to play with. The sports court holds graded competitions to suit all types of players, from beginners, to casual players and even elite athletes. Individuals will get to join groups and games according to their level of play. To learn more about the different indoor sports available at the facility, visit Salisbury Super Sports.

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Indoor Sport – A Healthier Alternative for Office Celebrations

Typically, a company anniversary, a colleague’s birthday or achieving a sales milestone is celebrated by booking a restaurant or club where food and alcohol overflow all night. There is nothing wrong with occasionally indulging in sweets, fried foods and alcohol. However, unhealthy choices have become the norm rather than the exception during celebrations in the workplace.

There are other ways to celebrate with your office colleagues without suffering from an upset stomach or a hangover the next day. Playing sports is a healthy way to mark an office milestone. It may not have any alcohol, but any gathering can be fun and exciting if shared with friends, family and colleagues.

Hire a Sports Court

The most ideal place to play sports is in indoor sports facilities that offer courts for hire. An indoor sports facility is a tightly controlled environment where you do not have to worry about game cancellations if the weather is not co-operating. Games will continue whether it is sunny, snowing or raining outside.

Sports facilities have whatever you may need to play sports, including sports equipment, scoreboards, umpires, et cetera. It is very convenient in that all you and your colleagues need to do is show up at the venue, play and have fun. The courts are not just for playing on. They can also host large-sized events such as birthday parties, corporate competitions and team building exercises.

Choose a sports facility that also has an air-conditioned licensed bar and a well-stocked canteen. After the game, fun can still continue by sharing food and drinks with friends, family and fellow players.

Play Indoor Sports

There are many indoor sports from which to choose. All offer the chance to have fun and further strengthen interpersonal relationships among office colleagues.

The popularity of indoor cricket in Australia has grown immensely since it was developed in the late 1970s. The sport keeps all players involved in the game because each player bats and bowls the same number of overs as the other team members.

There are eight players for each team. Matches last about 1 hour and 10 minutes, which include 30-35 minutes/innings. Each innings comprises 16 x 6 ball overs, with each player bowling two overs and the batting pair facing four overs. Players only need a bat, gloves and protector, which will all be provided by the sports facility.

Indoor sports such as cricket give individuals good exercise and also build team spirit. Team spirit can be extended beyond the game and into the workplace to push employees to work harmoniously together, avoid absenteeism and improve productivity.

Indoor Sport for your Party Celebration

Party celebrations sometimes can be boring and run of the mill. But if you strive to be creative enough, you can come up with many ideas that can be incorporated in a party celebration to make it more enjoyable. One of these inspired ideas is adding sports to the celebration’s schedule of activities.

Indoors Sports and Party Celebrations

Having an indoor sport as part of your party allows you and your friends to sweat and have fun at the same time. You and your guests can indulge in ice cream and cakes without guilt because you will surely burn off the calories while playing.

A party celebration with a sports activity will leave a memorable and positive experience to all attendees as they get to hang out with old friends and meet new ones. Sports, like indoor cricket, should be made light hearted. After all it is still a party celebration, and not a serious sporting event.

Remember to choose a sport that you are sure everyone knows how to play. This can be one of many popular sports such as soccer, netball, volleyball, cricket and handball. You want all of your guests to have a great time, and you can ensure this by choosing a sport that everybody will like.

Booking the Venue for your Party Celebration

The ideal venue for a party celebration that includes an indoor sport is a sports facility that can host a game and the celebration afterwards.

A sports facility has courts for hire to hold various sports competitions. In addition to the courts, the facility will provide all the proper sports equipment including bats, balls, gloves, goalposts and more. Even if the game is supposed to be just for fun, a digital scoreboard to keep track of team scores will make the game more exciting. What’s a game without an umpire? The sports facility can arrange to have umpires officiate at the game. The various kinds of sports equipment are included in the court hire fee. However, an umpire will normally require a separate fee.

A typical sports facility will be open to hosting birthday parties, corporate competitions or team building exercises. It also has the capability to cater for almost any size event. This allows you to focus just on enjoying the game and the party.

The great thing about booking an indoor sport facility for your party celebration is that you do not have to worry about the weather. It is a controlled environment, so you will have peace of mind knowing your party celebration will take place whatever the weather conditions.

The Advantages of Playing Indoor Sports

Playing sports is a great way to exercise and keep your body fit and healthy. But oftentimes your regular sports dates with friends are interrupted by weather conditions. You are forced to cancel a weekend game due to rain, or you sometimes elect not to play because being exposed to the sun’s rays could cause skin damage. Playing indoor sports allows you to play regularly without worrying about the rain or the damaging effect of the sun on your health.

Indoor sports facilities such as Salisbury Super Sports offer venues where sports like cricket, netball, soccer, volleyball and handball can be played indoors. Most of the rules for playing indoor netball are the same as the regular outdoor version. However, the indoor version has no out-of-bounds and requires a smaller court. From traditionally known as a sport for women, indoor netball is now played by both men and women in Australia. At Salisbury Super Sports, the team numbers of mixed teams now equal the women’s teams.

Aside from courts for rent, the sports court can be hired for birthday parties, corporate competitions, team building and other large-group events. Group bookings include access to the facility’s air-conditioned licensed bar and well-stocked canteen.

Facilities include five indoor courts and two outdoor beach volleyball courts. Sports equipment includes bats, gloves, balls and goalposts.

For more details on indoor netball and indoor sports, visit http://supersports.com.au/.

Indoor sports solve all the problems and limitations inherent in outdoor sports. You do not have to skip games because of the weather and you can play in comfort in a controlled environment.

A Great Way to Spend your Leisure Time

Playing indoor sports is an excellent way to spend your leisure time. An indoor venue provides sufficient lighting, climate controlled environment and the required gear. You also prevent being overheated or getting drenched by sudden rain if you play indoor sports. This is because indoor sports facilities allow you to play in all types of weather.

A Comfortable Venue to Play Sports

The courts in indoor sports facilities are smooth and maintained, ensuring the safety of players. Spectator facilities are also excellent, allowing friends and family to watch you play from the comfort of the sidelines.

A Venue to Socialise

When the game is finished, you can join friends and family for some socialising over a cup of coffee in an environment of comfort and even temperature. Seeing how comfortable and safe it is to play indoors could perhaps encourage your family and friends to join an indoor sports club. They too, will experience the benefits of playing indoor sports.

Sports Are Not Just for Young Ones

It’s the usual scene – parents and grandparents bringing their children to sporting events, thinking that it is good for them. Certainly it is, but what about the older people? There should not be any reason for them to stay away from sports.

As people get older, they tend to become more and more lethargic. Lucky are those who managed to have the discipline to regularly exercise, but for most adults, no amount of exercise is hardly ever done. Most adults have sedentary jobs and when they have free time, they eat or drink their hearts out. If you are one of these inactive adults, do not fret. There is still hope for you to become healthier through sports.

Find a Suitable Sport

Children have better lifestyles because they play a lot more than adults. But adults need only to revive their past young spirit in order to become healthy and active again.

One good way of staying healthy is through sports. If you think you are not that ready for heavy activities or fast-paced games, you can pick a sport that will not break your back or put too much strain on your legs and muscles.

Once you get the hang of it, you can move to another sport that will require more effort from you. While soccer may be too much for a beginner, perhaps cricket can work well enough for you. It is also good to play with people with the same level of ability as you. That way, you will not strain yourself too much during the games.

Make It a Regular Event

Many people fail to keep fit mostly because of lack of discipline. It is important for you to make the sport activity a regular activity. Stick to the schedule and avoid excuses. Once you have made it a regular event, it will become a habit that you will be very happy to keep.

Competition Makes It Interesting

To make your sport activities more interesting, engage in a competitive event. This does not mean entering into competition with higher skilled opponents. However, making the sporting event competitive will help you develop your agility and skills better.

Salisbury Super Sports offers a venue for competitive sports such as competitive indoor netball, cricket, volleyball, handball and soccer. You will be grouped according to your level of skills and abilities, so you will be in your comfort zone.

Salisbury Super Sports allows you to form a team or if you do not have the number to form a team, you are given the option to join a team. This is also a great way for you to meet new people who are also trying to keep fit.

Sport is not for children and young people only. If you feel like you need to start getting fit again through sports, do not procrastinate and just act on it. To learn more about competitive indoor sports you can enjoy, visit http://supersports.com.au.

Take Sport Indoors

We all love the long summer days and fun in the sun. The downside to summer is that there are a lot less clothes to hide away behind – all the lumps and bumps are likely to show through. Going to the gym or pounding the pavement is not always the most fun way to spend time on a summer’s day, however.

An Alternative Way to Keep Fit

There are more fun ways to keep fit – take indoor sports, such as indoor soccer, for example – you are getting fit while playing so you don’t really feel as though you have had as much exercise. The big advantage of indoor sports is that they are not dependent on the weather – which can be capricious in summer.

Indoor Soccer 

Indoor soccer is played in much the same way as normal soccer – the field is just smaller. Games can be as casual or as serious as you like – many people who play indoor sports set up their own leagues.

And you need not worry if you are still a beginner – soccer is a game that is fun and easy to learn. You just need to find players who are around the same level as you. Once you get fitter, soccer can become more challenging and you will be able to get a really intense workout. Soccer is pretty good cardio for those who play the game.


If kicking the ball isn’t appealing, getting your heart going with volleyball may be a better option. Volleyball doesn’t involve as much running but it is still intense and a great cardio workout.


Indoor cricket is, again, not very different from normal cricket – the rules are amended slightly because of the space you are working with but, by and large, they are about the same. Cricket can also be great for cardio.


Many of us would have played netball at school and so we know what great exercise it can be – it’s an intense, fast-paced game and it can be very competitive.

You will be looking, in the longer term, to increasing your sport to one that is more fast-paced.

We should also remember that keeping fit is not just about looking good but also about being healthier in the long run. In terms of disease, the biggest killers are diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Doctors recommend at least half an hour of cardio exercise three to five times a week to keep our risk of  these diseases down.

They also agree that anything that encourages you to exercise is a good thing. If “formal” exercising is not really your scene, you should look at something such as indoor sports for a fun and informal alternative.