Why Join a Sports Club If You Are a Sports Buff?

In Australia, sports is one of the national pastimes and many Australians enjoy the opportunity to watch sports, follow the progress of their favourite sports team and keep up to date with new developments in the sport that they love. Playing a sport yourself adds a whole new dimension to the activity and personalises the opportunities to learn while watching the game, thus providing new and interesting insights.

Get Active

Anyone can be a couch critic during a sports game, and many people relish the idea of talking about what the players are doing and why, but having a first-hand experience of playing the game can add a whole new scope for the experience. Getting active by actually playing the sport yourself will enrich your life by getting you off the couch and getting the blood flowing through your body, which leads to greater physical fitness and increased happiness for life. Salisbury Super Sports sees people from all walks of life getting active and increasing their well-being by joining a team sport at the centre.


While we may often have the opportunity to watch a sport with friends, much of the time we spend watching sports is done alone and does not bring us into contact with others, which can lead to a sense of isolation. In the world of today, much of our communication is done remotely through our phones and internet, so humans are becoming more socially isolated, sometimes going for days without actually really connecting with another person face to face. We may discuss the game over the water cooler at work, but the opportunity to play the sport with other like-minded people gives us the opportunity to meet new people and have meaningful interactions that enrich our lives.

Put Skills To Use

During the process of watching a game or following a sport, we inadvertently pick up information about how to play the game – what works and what doesn’t. These valuable skills and knowledge that we gain through talking about the game, watching its players and following their highs and lows, gives us an insight into ways of being a great team player, but if we don’t play ourselves we are not fully experiencing the game. Joining a team sport gives us the opportunity to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and put these valuable skills to use in real situations where we can improve and learn through the practice.

At Salisbury Super Sports, we often find that when sports buffs start playing a sport themselves with us, they learn that the practical application of theories is often a lot more challenging, but rewarding.

Indoor Sport for your Party Celebration

Party celebrations sometimes can be boring and run of the mill. But if you strive to be creative enough, you can come up with many ideas that can be incorporated in a party celebration to make it more enjoyable. One of these inspired ideas is adding sports to the celebration’s schedule of activities.

Indoors Sports and Party Celebrations

Having an indoor sport as part of your party allows you and your friends to sweat and have fun at the same time. You and your guests can indulge in ice cream and cakes without guilt because you will surely burn off the calories while playing.

A party celebration with a sports activity will leave a memorable and positive experience to all attendees as they get to hang out with old friends and meet new ones. Sports, like indoor cricket, should be made light hearted. After all it is still a party celebration, and not a serious sporting event.

Remember to choose a sport that you are sure everyone knows how to play. This can be one of many popular sports such as soccer, netball, volleyball, cricket and handball. You want all of your guests to have a great time, and you can ensure this by choosing a sport that everybody will like.

Booking the Venue for your Party Celebration

The ideal venue for a party celebration that includes an indoor sport is a sports facility that can host a game and the celebration afterwards.

A sports facility has courts for hire to hold various sports competitions. In addition to the courts, the facility will provide all the proper sports equipment including bats, balls, gloves, goalposts and more. Even if the game is supposed to be just for fun, a digital scoreboard to keep track of team scores will make the game more exciting. What’s a game without an umpire? The sports facility can arrange to have umpires officiate at the game. The various kinds of sports equipment are included in the court hire fee. However, an umpire will normally require a separate fee.

A typical sports facility will be open to hosting birthday parties, corporate competitions or team building exercises. It also has the capability to cater for almost any size event. This allows you to focus just on enjoying the game and the party.

The great thing about booking an indoor sport facility for your party celebration is that you do not have to worry about the weather. It is a controlled environment, so you will have peace of mind knowing your party celebration will take place whatever the weather conditions.

Sports Are Not Just for Young Ones

It’s the usual scene – parents and grandparents bringing their children to sporting events, thinking that it is good for them. Certainly it is, but what about the older people? There should not be any reason for them to stay away from sports.

As people get older, they tend to become more and more lethargic. Lucky are those who managed to have the discipline to regularly exercise, but for most adults, no amount of exercise is hardly ever done. Most adults have sedentary jobs and when they have free time, they eat or drink their hearts out. If you are one of these inactive adults, do not fret. There is still hope for you to become healthier through sports.

Find a Suitable Sport

Children have better lifestyles because they play a lot more than adults. But adults need only to revive their past young spirit in order to become healthy and active again.

One good way of staying healthy is through sports. If you think you are not that ready for heavy activities or fast-paced games, you can pick a sport that will not break your back or put too much strain on your legs and muscles.

Once you get the hang of it, you can move to another sport that will require more effort from you. While soccer may be too much for a beginner, perhaps cricket can work well enough for you. It is also good to play with people with the same level of ability as you. That way, you will not strain yourself too much during the games.

Make It a Regular Event

Many people fail to keep fit mostly because of lack of discipline. It is important for you to make the sport activity a regular activity. Stick to the schedule and avoid excuses. Once you have made it a regular event, it will become a habit that you will be very happy to keep.

Competition Makes It Interesting

To make your sport activities more interesting, engage in a competitive event. This does not mean entering into competition with higher skilled opponents. However, making the sporting event competitive will help you develop your agility and skills better.

Salisbury Super Sports offers a venue for competitive sports such as competitive indoor netball, cricket, volleyball, handball and soccer. You will be grouped according to your level of skills and abilities, so you will be in your comfort zone.

Salisbury Super Sports allows you to form a team or if you do not have the number to form a team, you are given the option to join a team. This is also a great way for you to meet new people who are also trying to keep fit.

Sport is not for children and young people only. If you feel like you need to start getting fit again through sports, do not procrastinate and just act on it. To learn more about competitive indoor sports you can enjoy, visit http://supersports.com.au.

Staff Who Play Together, Stay Together

Relationships, we can’t avoid them. We are in relationship with our family, friends, partners, spouses, co-workers and even our pets. The quality of our relationships have a big impact on our personal well-being. The relationships we spend the most time engaged in are going to have the biggest influence on our well being, and sense of self. For most of us, work is where we spend most of every week day and so keeping good relationships with co-workers is not only good for the staff, but also good for the company. There have been many studies done on the benefits of team sports. They demonstrated that people felt much more cohesion as a group, building respect, and trust.

Playing a team sport such as indoor cricket is a great way for staff to get to know each other. People who share a common goal naturally tend to pull together, overcoming differences and building stronger bonds between those on the same team. Indoor cricket has none of the weather constraints and can be played all year round. Games are fast and thrilling and teams can be mixed sexes. Why not consider offering places in the company team as part of the benefits package received by the employees?! It is a relatively low cost effective morale booster. Uniforms that proudly display company logos, team names or perhaps nick names for the players are another great way to bring a team’s spirits up as well as great advertising.

If regular weekly games are not what you are after as your company has too many employees then consider organising multiple teams that play each other in tournaments over a weekend on a quarterly or half yearly basis. Be flexible, that’s another one of the benefits your staff and management will learn as they play together and get to know each other and their strengths.

People reported better relationships with management and supervisors after playing with them in team sport, getting to know each other on a friendly personal level helped them to be more aware of their similarities rather than feeling like they were unapproachable. On an individual level, staff who take part in team sports reap the fruits of greater health and fitness which in turn lowers stress levels and makes them better employees. In short, it helps people feel happy, healthy and connected with others. Could your company do with its own indoor cricket team? Why not give it a try, form your staff team today and see for yourself.

Get Together and Play Together

Indoor sports are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Not only are they enjoyed by sportsmen but they are also growing into a family orientated form of exercise. There are now several indoor sports clubs throughout Australia.

As an example, let’s take a look at indoor soccer. For starters, it can be played throughout the year, with no fear of rain or gale winds interfering with the game. This exhilarating sport is the ideal exercise ‘fix’ for parents and their children. Over the years, the game has been modified in order to allow it to be enjoyed on a simply designed indoor court. The game is easy to play, but specific rules should be respected, especially if a team wants to play against other members.

Women and girls can also play indoor soccer, but if that is not their scene, there is always indoor netball to get them into an energetic mood. Some people are put off playing the game because they think that they have to be at a certain standard. This is not the case. This is especially true for parents and their children. Although it used to be identified as a woman’s sport, it has recently gained popularity as a mixed sport. Yes! Men do enjoy the game of netball too. Instead of cheering on their wives, sisters and girlfriends, the males are beginning to join their families and friends on the indoor netball courts.

If indoor netball sounds like an attractive idea, the rules are simple to follow. Each team is made up of seven players, although some clubs have six players a side. Furthermore, in order to keep strength levels on an even keel, a mixed team is only allowed to have up to three males. When a match takes place, the game is divided into four quarters, each consisting of ten minutes. Additional players are permitted to play as substitutes, but only at the end of each quarter. The game is especially enjoyed by those who enjoy non-contact sports as the players must not touch or get too close to the team member who is holding the ball during play.

Indoor handball is another game that attracts families and mixed players. Each team comprises five players plus three substitutes. Again, no more than three male players are permitted to play at a time. Indoor handball is sometimes mistakenly viewed as a fairly modern game. Surprisingly, the first world championship for indoor handball took place in 1938. To date, these championships have always been won by European countries, with Sweden having won the most gold, silver and bronze medals. An Australian team now also competes in the world championships, but they haven’t been too successful. Perhaps with more youngsters taking up the sport, the results will eventually improve.

There are other sports that can be played on indoor courts. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Instead of watching others enjoying indoor sports, join a team or, even better, encourage your family to take up an indoor activity at a sports club.

There might be some truth in that much used expression, ‘the family who plays together, stays together”.

Indoor Sport Is For Everyone

Soccer is growing in popularity and rapidly catching up to cricket as an Aussie favourite. Both sports are fun and great exercise, building fitness and helping to shed excess kilos while playing. Many parents are happy to see their children taking up this game rather than rugby and rules as they are non contact sports that rely on skill more than brawn. Injury through contact with other players is not an issue although lesser injuries can occur through hitting the ground at an odd angle to make head contact with the ball, or suddenly twisting the body to line up a goal.

It is great to see children of a young age being taught the game and joining teams to enjoy weekend matches with other youngsters. Sport builds character, teaching consideration for others, good sportmanship and also how to work as a team. Reliance on each other through the game bonds players and great friendships are often formed. It is not only radical fans that attend the World Cup, but fans of all ages and all cultures, cheering on their favourite teams by way of encouragement. Faces are painted in team colours adding a festive atmosphere to the venue, and everyone has a great time and feels the excitement. Soccer is also one of the games that are played as indoor sports at indoor sports club, another venue that has rocketed in popularity during recent years.

Indoor cricket has long been played as an indoor sport as well, with players taking advantage of the comfortable playing temperature and not have to worry about cancellations due to weather issues. Many players of different sports have become fans of indoor sports for the same reason and also the fact that it has a social element added with members able to enjoy catching up in the cafeteria while having a cuppa. Indoor soccer has the advantage of consistently good courts with no weather damage occurring to create an uneven footing. Glare while lining up that hoped for goal is also not an issue as well as not suffering heat stress.

If your child shows an interest in soccer and you have time to take him or her to games, check out an indoor sport club and all go as a family. Cheering on your child will make him feel good, as children love to have family support at games. And it isn’t just for boys either as more girls are signing up to play with or against the boys, even forming girl teams. Talk to the kids and get them started, and why not join a team yourself. You know what they say about the family that plays together staying together.