Enjoying Cricket Indoors

Cricket is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes. In fact, Australians rival the English when it comes to a love of the beautiful game. (And they have some serious cricket rivalry going on with the English too.)

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time needed to devote to even a limited overs match. That is where fun indoor cricket came to the rescue. Indoor cricket has been extremely popular since it was introduced in the seventies.

Why Indoor Cricket?

Games are shorter – 16 overs of 6 balls each that takes little more than an hour per match. This makes it easier for people to fit into their social and work schedules.

You also get to play irrespective of weather. Indoor cricket is never called off due to rain or bad weather – it’s a great way to enjoy sports without having to worry about applying sunscreen.

The big advantage is that you can play at night – making it very simple to maximise your time off. You can also use indoor cricket as an ideal team-building exercise without interfering with your actual workload.

Salisbury Supersport has competition evenings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – the ideal time to pit your wits against other players.

How Does it Work?

Teams consist of 6 to 8 players and everyone will get a chance at bat and bowl. The ideal is to have 8 players but, should you be short, you can make do with a minimum of 6 players. (Your opponent will get to choose which of your players will have to double up.)

Everyone will basically bowl 2 overs each, and each batting pair will each face 4 overs.

Runs are scored in a similar fashion to normal cricket – batsmen make runs or score points by hitting particular nets.

A batsman is not sent off when they are caught ‘out’ but the team loses 5 points.

What you Will Need

Equipment required is simple – gloves, a bat and protective gear – you can either bring your own or hire these from Salisbury Super Sports.

Aside from that, you just need a sense of fun and to bring your game face. You can choose a team that matches your own ability level and you can play as competitively or casually as you want.

If you can’t get a full team together, you need not worry – there is bound to be a team that you can join. In fact, it is a great way to meet new and interesting people.

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Australia Loves Cricket

It’s a fact! Cricket is a much loved and supported sport throughout Australia. Almost everyone who listens to music must recall 10cc’s 1978 rendering of Dreadlock Holiday with the well-remembered lines: “I say, I don’t like cricket, oh no, I love it”. It’s one of those classics that have become a favourite with young and old. The song’s appeal is also a fair indication of cricket’s popularity.

Although cricket is generally an outdoor sport, a huge number of cricket lovers now turn to indoor cricket, where they can play the game instead of only enjoying the sport as spectators. Many indoor sports clubs have sprung up in Australia. One of the most popular clubs is Salisbury Super Sports, which caters for Brisbane sports enthusiasts. Paul N, a visitor from London, says, “I couldn’t believe that I was able to play indoor cricket at Super Sports while visiting Brisbane. My wife Hayley also had a great time playing indoor games and meeting other members”.

Indoor cricket began towards the end of the 1970s. Over the years it has caught the imagination of cricket lovers, with numerous clubs taking part in tournaments. The game’s rules are easily learnt. For instance, indoor cricket rules differ from traditional cricket in that teams usually have six or eight players on each side. Also, each player has a turn at batting and bowling. This means that everyone has an equal chance to make a contribution to the game.

Each inning comprises sixteen overs of six balls per over. Each player bowls two overs and every batting pair bat for four overs. The batsmen run between the wickets to score runs. In addition, they receive bonus runs for hitting specified nets that border the playing area. The fun part is that when a batsman is out for any reason, five runs are deducted from the score, but he/she still remains to bat for the allotted four overs. Other rules are in place to make the game exciting for the players.

Players can bring along their own equipment, which includes a bat and gloves as well as a protector. However, these can be bought or, alternatively, they can be borrowed from the club.

Furthermore, Salisbury Super Sports provides indoor games to suit all tastes. Cricket, netball, soccer, handball and volleyball are all played at one venue, which makes life easier for families with children who have a leaning towards different sports. Yes, Super Sports http://www.supersports.com.au/ also caters for young players—a boon for parents.

Special events such as birthday parties are given particular attention. Parents can have a great afternoon chilling out with refreshments while the children are given the time of their lives with professionally trained staff to take care of the activities. The parents are only requested to provide a birthday cake. Even young sports stars can’t resist cutting their special cake on their birthdays.

In his research paper, Dr Daniel M. Landers of Arizona State University reports, “We now have evidence to support the claim that exercise is related to positive mental health …”. That is great news for indoor sports enthusiasts.

Aussies Just Love Their Cricket

When the first English settlers came to this country, they brought with them many of their old customs, one being the cherished tea time, and Christian traditions such as Easter and Christmas. Fox hunting was a practise that continued in the new country meaning foxes were introduced, and for some reason so were rabbits, both of which proved to be a big mistake in later years. Happily not all they brought to this country turned out this way, and one of the best and most popular traditions imported was cricket. This has turned out to be an all time Aussie favourite.

Cricket is learned at an early age, being one of the sports played at school during our education process. Many youngsters learn to love it by accompanying parents to matches resulting in their participation as they get older, joining teams and later becoming celebrities in their own right. Test matches are always well attended with fans wearing their favourite club colours, some of them becoming quite fanatical in their behaviour due to the excitement of the atmosphere around them. Cricket has also become increasingly popular because it is one of the indoor sports available that can be played in a stable atmosphere and games are not subject to cancellation because of inclement weather.

It is not a surprising thing to see a bunch of kids get together and have a game of cricket in the street outside their homes in country areas where traffic isn’t as much of a problem as suburbia. It is probably one of the first games they learn to play and they have a lot of fun. Local sports ovals frequently are the scene of many cricket games in action as youngsters strive to emulate their idols. This is the case in indoor sports clubs as well where all age groups take advantage of playing indoor cricket in air conditioned comfort, then get together later to have a chat over a cup of coffee or meet up in the licensed area to socialise. The licensed area and cafeteria are some of the benefits of indoor sports.

If you choose to play indoor cricket it isn’t necessary to bring your own gear along as it is supplied by the club. The environment is cool and comfortable and the atmosphere is relaxing, so join up, make new mates and enjoy it all.

A New Twist on an Old Favourite: Indoor Cricket

Almost everyone in Brisbane is probably familiar with one of Australia’s favourite summer pastimes: cricket. However, many people may not realize that cricket is not only enjoyed outdoors but it is enjoyed indoors as well. Wildly popular today, indoor cricket was first played in the 1970’s in Perth, Australia. Indoor cricket is a sport that is readily enjoyed here in Australia and overseas. For example, the indoor cricket World Cup tournament boasts indoor cricket teams from around the world. While indoor cricket is somewhat similar to outdoor cricket, some major rules differences do exist.

Rules for Indoor Cricket

Unlike outdoor cricket, indoor cricket is played between two teams of 8 players each. If a team has less than 8 players, the team will still be allowed to take the court with a minimum of 6 players. This means that 2 players will need to be chosen to bat and bowl twice. The opposing team will be allowed to choose which players will replace the missing players. Every player on the fielding side will have to bowl at least 2 overs.

Each batting pair will face 4 overs. Indoor cricket requires the striker to fun the entire distance between wickets, the non striker is only required to run halfway down the crease, and batsmen are not required to run the entire distance to complete a run. Bonus runs can be gained by hitting certain nets. When a batsman is out he will remain at bat but will lose 5 runs from his score.

Indoor Cricket Equipment

The equipment needed to play indoor cricket is fairly simple. Players only need a bat, gloves, and protector. Artificial mat surfaces designed with a natural spring are used for indoor cricket. Indoor cricket balls are much softer than those used in outdoor cricket, and indoor cricket balls are yellow in colour.

Where to Find Indoor Cricket

Indoor sports such cricket can be played at a Brisbane Indoor Sports Centre. Individuals do not have to have the equipment needed to play these indoor sports Brisbane. Generally the sports centres provide this equipment as part of their game fees. When summer is past and cricket seems like only a distant, faded memory until the next summer season, beat the cricket blues by trying indoor cricket.

Insights Into Indoor Cricket

Everyone needs to perform some form of exercise in order to maintain healthy bodies. Exercising in a gym is one way to prevent our muscles from becoming flabby. However, playing a team sport is not only beneficial for a healthy lifestyle; it is a fun way to meet and interact with other team players who have the same sporting interests.

Outdoor cricket is a well-known sport in many countries. However, it is not really an all year round game and the harsh Australian sun can damage the skin if strict precautions aren’t taken to prevent sunburn. This is where indoor cricket has its advantages. It was promoted as an alternative to normal outdoor cricket as long ago as the late 1960s. And, of course it all began in Australia with many clubs forming in several cities.

Close to 100,000 adults participate in the game. Most players are males, but females are beginning to enjoy this exhilarating sport; According to statistics, approximately 17,000 women are enjoying the game and these numbers are continuing to increase.

Indoor cricket is a variation of cricket as we know it. It is played between two teams but each side only comprises eight players. Each match has two innings with sixteen overs in an inning. However, there are eight balls in each over. Although the game is played indoors, the courts are specially designed with synthetic grass-like surfaces that are surrounded by taut netting made from string.

Although indoor cricket is similar to its outdoor counterpart in some respects, it has a few variations. As in conventional cricket, the sport has two batsmen, fielders and a bowler. The batsmen obviously have to score runs and the side with the highest score wins the match. The cricket stumps are an interesting feature in that, as they can’t be wedged into the ground they are spring loaded and whenever they are struck they instantly spring back to their former positions. The cricket ball has a centre that is made of a softer material and it is yellow in order to make it easier to see.

Some of the batting and bowling techniques have been developed over the years. For instance, the batsmen attempt to strike the ball as late as possible so that it bounces sharply off the ground surface, which then drives it towards the top corner of the string net. This form of batting prevents the fielders from touching the ball. Bowling is obviously restricted in that a bowler is prevented from a long run up.

This game has many regulations and scoring rules that make this an exciting form of relaxation. Anyone interested in taking up this game can contact your Salisbury indoor sports Brisbane centre.

Not only will it provide great entertainment; indoor cricket takes its fans on a stimulating journey that can be enjoyed by all the family.