Aerobic Fitness Guaranteed

If you are looking for a fun way to get fit, lose some weight or to make some new friends, then you cannot go past the fast paced indoor soccer circuit here at Super Sports in Salisbury.

Indoor soccer is one of the most popular indoor sports in the world and for good reason.

At Super Sports you have the opportunity to play twice a week come rain, hail or shine and we offer a way more sociable atmosphere then a loan workout at the gym, so you will never be lonely.

Every Wednesday and Thursday Brisbane southsiders everywhere come together to play a fast, active game and enjoy a social drink (of water of course) afterwards.

Injury Prevention is Key TO ENSURE YOU HAVE A GREAT GAME!

We recommend a visit to your doctor to have a complete physical before making a commitment to any exercise, especially contact sport.

Once you are playing the game keeping yourself hydrated is an absolute must. Most people do not realise that they should consume one litre of water for every 22kgs of weight on any given day. When exercising, an extra litre of water per hour of exercise is recommended.

It should be a given but it is important to wear well-fitting shoes. This one little thing alone will save you a lot of pain and suffering.

Again, it should be obvious but if you have an injured muscle or tendon DO NOT overuse it as this can cause further damage.

Last but not least, it is important to stretch and warm up/down your muscles before and after a game.

We hope these tips have helped you and we look forward to seeing you at Super Sports soon. And, as a fun alternative, ask us about bubble soccer which we plan to have available soon



Don’t Sit Winter Out – Keep Active with Indoor Sports

Even as we draw closer to winter, our local parks, sports fields and bikeways are still filled with people walking, running, cycling and playing a range of outdoor sports, enjoying the fresh air and the exhilarating feeling that only being fit can bring. Fast forward a few weeks, however, and the numbers will have significantly thinned out as short winter days and cold nights keep all but the hardy indoors.

The major complaint that those who pursue fitness or enjoy competitive sport have about winter is the lethargic feeling that overcomes them when they cut back on their usual exercise regime. This is completely unnecessary, however, when they check out the activities we have available for them at Super Sports.

Hire Charges All Inclusive – Newly Refurbished Complex

Our complex is newly refurbished and with five indoor courts, there is no excuse for anyone to be physically inactive just because winter is here. When you hire one of our sports courts, all equipment such as gloves, bats, balls and goalposts are included in the price. For those who want to get really serious, we offer professionally graded competitions.

Netball, cricket, soccer and handball are all played indoors on our well-equipped courts, and after the game we offer air conditioned bar facilities to enhance the social benefits that go along with keeping fit. Indoor sports actively encourage full participation of all team members, making them the perfect vehicle to give everyone the opportunity to contribute equally.

Games are Fast, Furious and Competitive

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because these games are played indoors on smaller courts, they are an easier option. They are fast, competitive and absolutely heart racing indoor sports. Indoor cricket, for example, requires all players to bat and bowl the same number of overs as their team-mates, so everyone joins in the game.

We pioneered the development of team handball, also called Olympic or European handball, which is a cross between water polo and soccer. It is fast and furious and is the world’s second fastest moving game after ice hockey. There is nothing like it to keep up your fitness levels in preparation for summer.

Fast Scoring Soccer? – It is Possible

Indoor netball is just as popular with mixed teams as all-female ones, and although the game is fast, players of any standard can still participate. If you are bored with traditional soccer with its lack of scoring opportunities, then indoor soccer will change your mind. The game has been adjusted to suit an indoor environment and is frantic, a thrill a minute with regular scoring and an arena for show-offs with fancy footwork.

Shake off those winter blues, come along to our Salisbury complex and see for yourself what indoor sports offer.


Cricket at Its Finest

Lovers of cricket would know too well the frustrations that come with it. Things like weather can stop an exciting game and force players to stop play. That’s where playing indoor cricket comes in.

If you haven’t considered playing fun indoor cricket before, it’s time you changed your thinking. Before you assume that playing indoors is not as challenging or beneficial to your game, stop right there because at Salisbury Super Sports we have some information for you that may change your mind.

Improve your overall skills

Many professional cricketers have at some stage played indoor cricket or started out playing indoor cricket and attribute their honed skills to this. Not only is indoor cricket fun but it is fast paced and encourages players to develop their skills quickly.

Here are some of the skills that indoor cricket can help you improve. You can expect development in reflexes, fielding, bowling and batting as well as boosting your hand and eye co-ordination, fast.

Play with Us

If you’re free to play on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings then we’d love to see you at Salisbury Super Sports. We hold graded competitions and match the skill level of the teams as closely as possible.

There is no need to be concerned about not getting in on the action as the same number of overs is bowled and batted by each player. Each team will consist of 8 members and each inning will be run as 16×16 ball overs.

The team loses 5 runs from the score when a batsman is out but remains in bat, bonus ladder points can be earned by battling it out against other teams. Equipment can be borrowed or bought from us or bring your own.

You will be looking at playing for approximately an hour and ten minutes.


A match fee of $120 is required up front as a bond from the team, at the end of the season this will be refunded or rolled over, whichever you prefer. However, if you are removed by management or leave before end of the season the bond is forfeited.

After the bond is paid teams can pay per match or season. Each match costs $120 or paying by the season upfront will score you 7.5% off the total fee for the season.

Extra Benefits

On top of improving your game you get more out of playing indoor cricket than you may have been looking for. Exercise while you are having fun is by far the easiest and best exercise of all because you are not thinking about it or having to force yourself to do it.

Add to this the social activity and new friends you can make, with indoor cricket you’re onto a winner! Visit us online today at to learn about signing on.


The Fast and Furious New Game in Town

Mention the term “handball” and most of us will immediately envision the game we played at school during lunch breaks. It was simple, it didn’t need any special equipment, and the rules were easy. It brings back fond memories, and is often the cause of sprains and strains in adults who try to relive their childhood after a few ales at a backyard barbeque.

Indoor Handball Growing Every Season

The fast paced handball scorching the courts at Salisbury Super Sports bears no resemblance to our childhood game. However it is gaining popularity at a rapid rate so there must be something about it that is drawing the participants. More commonly called European or Olympic handball it is no game for the slow or steady, being compared to ice hockey in terms of its speed of play.

Imagine for a moment a game that has elements of water polo (without the water) and soccer, put them together, adapt the rules for the indoor arena and you have Indoor Handball. Playing is fun and frantic, and the moves required to get from one end of the court to the other and to score, are spectacular. We are not at all modest when we say that we invented this form of the game to suit our indoor courts and after 8 years, it is ready to take on the world.

Competition Information

Our amateur competition runs over a 15 week season with a further 2 weeks available pre-season for new teams and teams not taking part in the finals to practice and be graded. We run two weeks of finals for teams who qualify, and a further grand final played on the Saturday immediately following the last of the preliminary finals.

If you would like to nominate a team you will need 5 players plus the goalkeeper and up to 3 subs per match. Because it is a mixed competition, a maximum of 3 males are permitted on the court at any one time. The ball is advanced by being quickly thrown and caught, and no more than 3 steps can be taken once a player has the ball. Some of the defensive rules are similar to basketball so players can grab or knock the ball loose, but not push them over or hold onto them.

A refundable team bond of $75 is paid at the beginning of each season, and match fees are $75 per team per game. Teams can pay per match but if they choose to pay for the whole season in advance, they get a 7.5% discount. Meet new people, get fit and have fun for a few dollars a week.

Improve Your Game

At Salisbury Super Sports, we offer a great range of indoor sports for those who are looking to get fit and to also have fun. Many enjoy fun indoor soccer games as a great way to make friends, let off some steam and improve fitness and many players also enjoy improving their competitive edge.

Indoor soccer is much faster paced compared with outdoor soccer; this is because the playing field is smaller and there are fewer players per side. If you’re really into the competitive side of indoor soccer then these few simple tips may serve you well for playing a better game.

Appropriate attire

The shoes and cleats worn for indoor soccer are different to those for outdoor soccer. Wearing the wrong cleats for instance can lead to injury.

The playing field for indoor soccer is different and so wearing the right clothing will not only prevent risk of injury, it won’t hurt your game.


Your team can easily gain the upper hand if you make use of the ‘no-offside’ rule. By keeping a striker next to the box, he or she won’t be caught offside.

Penalty shots and evasion

In indoor soccer, penalty kicks are taken in the form of a shootout. A move the goal keeper won’t expect is to shoot the ball at the wall next to goal then on the rebound, tap it into the goal.

Another way to use the wall in play is to evade an opponent by bouncing the ball off the wall and go around them. This move helps you get around defenders better and keep control of the ball.

Footwork and extra players

Soccer players who are good with their footwork do well at indoor soccer. With less space to run around it becomes more important to have better control over the ball.

Another tactic is to have a few extra soccer players on your team. Because of the fast pace of the game you can become easily tired. An extra person on the bench means players can have a break.

If you’re already part of a team, you will already be getting to know the strengths of the other players. If you’re looking to start a new team, you can contact Salisbury Super Sports about game times and even find out if there are other players looking for a team.

Give us a call or visit online at to view the sports we run and find out more about our facilities today.

Building Confidence and Character

There is no doubt that when it comes to children’s birthday parties, you know you are going to have a tribe of highly excited sugar loaded little people on your hands.

There is nothing more fun to a child at a party than to be able to run around either chasing or being chased with lots of obligatory squeals and giggles.

If you have a sporty child then some type of activity during a party is an absolute must. Even if you don’t have a sporty child, some type of activity is usually expected. If you have a shy child, then confidence building indoor sports could be the key to opening up their world to all sorts of possibilities.

The arena of sports is a great forum for opening up communication, especially amongst the males of our great species. Men find it extremely easy to start conversations simply by making comment on a particular sporting team’s performance.

These conversations are usually triggered by the simple fact of someone wearing a team shirt, cap or even just holding a stubby cooler that promotes their team of favour.

If you are looking for an icebreaker to get the party rolling then sport is a great topic that is usually safe from the more explosive topics of politics, religion and sex.

Indoor Sports Birthday Parties

Super Sports at Salisbury offer the best value party in town. With a minimum of 12 children and costing just $16.00 per head, you can set up your child for one of the best parties of his or her life.

All you need to supply is the birthday cake and we can organise the rest! We supply the venue, which means no cleaning up for you. We also supply the party food of hot dogs, soft drink, and treats.

The young ones get an opportunity to try out three indoor sports games. They can choose from:-

• Cricket
• Netball
• Soccer
• Handball
• Volleyball

You can see how letting us host your next child’s birthday party will not only take a load off your shoulders but at the end of it we will hand back a dozen very tired little monsters who will be ready for bed by the time they get home.

Who knows, we may even send you back a child who has discovered a new physical activity that they can really sink their teeth into!

Getting Ready for Summer

Winter is over. As the weather warms, our sluggish bodies are beginning to come to life. As we dress in less and less clothing it may become apparent to some of you that a few pounds crept in somewhere during the cooler months.

You’ve tried running, but on your own it’s a lonesome hobby and some of the neighbourhood dogs can be a bit scary, especially when they race up to the fence to tell you who is boss.

You’ve entertained the thought of going to the gym but that just seems like too much hard work.

Have you thought of playing a fun team sport—one that can get your heart racing and a big smile on your face at the same time?

Indoor Netball Just Down the Road in Salisbury

It’s really hard to believe just how energetic indoor netball can be. Did you know you can burn up to 450 calories in just one game? Not bad for 40 minutes of effort.

With a tight knit team of 7 of your best friends playing 4 sets at 10 minutes each, you will all be able to have that coffee afterwards and not feel guilty.

If you can’t make up a team of 7, joining a netball team is a great way to make new friends as well. Here at Super Sports we have seen many a new friendship grow and bloom all whilst enjoying a fast and furious workout on the court.

Not just a Calorie Burn

Whilst it is true that you can achieve great results in the calorie burning sector and give your heart a jumpstart into your future healthy self, you will also trim and tone your body as you play the game.

The short bursts of energy required to run up and down the court will have your calves, thighs and buttocks burning. You don’t even realise how many squats and jumps you do as you pass the ball back and forth.

This is also a great toner for your arms and chest—again, a workout you do not even realise you are getting as you and your team strive for supremacy.

At the end of this 15 week season you could be a new woman – or man. Yes, that’s right! We have mixed teams as well. More and more men are waking up to how much fun this fast and energetic game can be – and they need the workout as much as we do.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your team or call Super Sports today to help you find a new team at

Don’t Let Bad Weather Ruin Sport Activities

Good weather is wonderful for outdoor sports. People get to enjoy the fresh air while playing their favourite sports. But it is not always sunny and bright. There will be times when the weather is gloomy or when the sun is scorching hot and it is not ideal to go outside.

Bad weather should not discourage people from enjoying sports and getting the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy. On every bad weather day, there is an indoor sport for people to continue to enjoy playing sports. Super Sports is a company that offers sport enthusiasts different indoor sports, including indoor netball fun, indoor cricket, soccer, volleyball and handball.

Advantages of Indoor Sports

There are advantages to outdoor sports and to indoor sports as well. Inclement weather is one example where indoor sport is much more preferred over outdoor sports. With a covered court and well equipped facility, people can enjoy playing their sport of choice without waiting for the weather to clear up.

Indoor sport facilities can also protect people from the harmful and extremely hot rays of the sun during the hottest summer days or months. Players can enjoy the ample shade and cover to shield them from the strong heat. Under the protection of the sport facility, people will also be able to avoid skin damage due to exposure to the sun. Too much exposure to midday sun is not healthy. People should only be playing outdoors during early morning or late afternoon. Otherwise, they can be subject to sun-caused diseases.

Another advantage of indoor sports is that people can choose the time of day to play their sport. It does not matter if it is midday or late night, as long as the facility is open. Because there is lighting available, players can do sports even at night.

No Groups? No Worries

Indoor sports help people to be more social. It is good to come in a group and rent the court. But not all friends are always into sports. At Super Sports, individuals can play group sports even if they do not come with a group of their own.

The facility provides for a social environment where people can join groups to play with. The sports court holds graded competitions to suit all types of players, from beginners, to casual players and even elite athletes. Individuals will get to join groups and games according to their level of play. To learn more about the different indoor sports available at the facility, visit Salisbury Super Sports.

The kind of services we offer are odd jobs like changing a lightbulb, cleaning out gutters and other maintenance, checking your smoke alarms, painting inside or out, trade jobs such as plumbing and carpentry, and any non-urgent jobs around the house.


Indoor Sport – A Healthier Alternative for Office Celebrations

Typically, a company anniversary, a colleague’s birthday or achieving a sales milestone is celebrated by booking a restaurant or club where food and alcohol overflow all night. There is nothing wrong with occasionally indulging in sweets, fried foods and alcohol. However, unhealthy choices have become the norm rather than the exception during celebrations in the workplace.

There are other ways to celebrate with your office colleagues without suffering from an upset stomach or a hangover the next day. Playing sports is a healthy way to mark an office milestone. It may not have any alcohol, but any gathering can be fun and exciting if shared with friends, family and colleagues.

Hire a Sports Court

The most ideal place to play sports is in indoor sports facilities that offer courts for hire. An indoor sports facility is a tightly controlled environment where you do not have to worry about game cancellations if the weather is not co-operating. Games will continue whether it is sunny, snowing or raining outside.

Sports facilities have whatever you may need to play sports, including sports equipment, scoreboards, umpires, et cetera. It is very convenient in that all you and your colleagues need to do is show up at the venue, play and have fun. The courts are not just for playing on. They can also host large-sized events such as birthday parties, corporate competitions and team building exercises.

Choose a sports facility that also has an air-conditioned licensed bar and a well-stocked canteen. After the game, fun can still continue by sharing food and drinks with friends, family and fellow players.

Play Indoor Sports

There are many indoor sports from which to choose. All offer the chance to have fun and further strengthen interpersonal relationships among office colleagues.

The popularity of indoor cricket in Australia has grown immensely since it was developed in the late 1970s. The sport keeps all players involved in the game because each player bats and bowls the same number of overs as the other team members.

There are eight players for each team. Matches last about 1 hour and 10 minutes, which include 30-35 minutes/innings. Each innings comprises 16 x 6 ball overs, with each player bowling two overs and the batting pair facing four overs. Players only need a bat, gloves and protector, which will all be provided by the sports facility.

Indoor sports such as cricket give individuals good exercise and also build team spirit. Team spirit can be extended beyond the game and into the workplace to push employees to work harmoniously together, avoid absenteeism and improve productivity.

Getting Physical through Indoor Netball

Netball has many similarities with basketball, as it was patterned from early versions of women’s basketball. This is why netball was once known as women’s basketball. The sport arrived from England to America in the early 1900s and it was first played by women on grass.

Netball has been modified and tweaked so that it can be played indoors. Indoor netball is now one of the most popular mixed team sports in Australia. The game of indoor netball is fast and intense as it has no out-of-bounds and it is played in a smaller court than its outdoor version.

Basic Rules of Indoor Netball

Most of the rules of indoor netball are the same as its outdoor counterpart. The basic rules of indoor netball are:

Each team comprises seven players, each with a specific position and zone on the court in which they are permitted to move.

For mixed teams, only three males are allowed on each team.

Extra players can enter the game, but substitutions are allowed only between quarters.

Each match is played at 4 x 10 minute quarters.

Netball allows no contact between players. Defenders are required to stay three feet away from the ball-carrier.

Unlike outdoor netball, there is no out-of-bounds because the court is fully enclosed by netting.

Winning each quarter or skin gives teams bonus points on the ladder.

Fitness Benefits of Netball

Indoor netball can be both a competitive and a social sport. The sport is fun, allows you to stay fit, and it offers an opportunity to socialise with family, colleagues and friends after the game. There are many indoor sports facilities that offer court-for-hire for indoor netball. Because it is played indoors, you can play regardless of the weather outside.

Indoor netball does not allow contact between players. Nevertheless, the pace of the game is fast, which is good for your body. The following are some of the fitness benefits of indoor netball:

Playing regularly allows you to burn calories and lower body fat.

Players use arms a lot, allowing them to improve their upper body strength.

With precision passing and shooting necessary to win a game, the players’ hand-eye co-ordination becomes better.

Players strengthens their leg muscles when they run around the court.

It strengthens players’ cardiovascular systems, as the heart and lungs become more capable of delivering oxygen to the muscles.

Players are required to make swift changes of direction and speed, thus allowing them to become more flexible and nimble.