Having Fun with Indoor Soccer

Indoor sport allows you to get fit while also having fun all year round. One of the fun indoor sports you can join is indoor soccer, a variation of football, or soccer, and is played inside on floors made of wood or artificial material. A well-known sport around the world, indoor soccer is fast paced and is perfect for people aiming to boost their fitness level, co-ordination, balance and agility.

Rules of Indoor Soccer

The game of soccer has been modified and re-invented so that it can be played on one indoor court. A team comprises four players, including the goalkeeper, with up to three substitutes that may be used in any one game. One game comprises 4 x 10 minute quarters. Other rules include no slide tackles and no tackling from behind, as well as no out-of-bounds.

Finding an Indoor Court

You can find many indoor soccer venues in your area. An example is Salisbury Super Sports, which offers an indoor court for soccer games. Games are held during Wednesday and Thursday nights. It has multiple men’s grades and a good men-women competition.

You can play soccer all-year round at Salisbury Super Sports. The most obvious benefit of indoor playing courts is climate control. Teams can hold matches, have fun and socialise after the game whether it is raining, cold, windy or hot outside.

Aside from the courts, indoor sports facilities also provide all the equipment needed for the game, including balls, goalposts and digital scoreboards as well as an umpire, if needed. After the game, the players and their friends can socialise over drinks at the air conditioned bar area.

Be Healthy, Have Fun

Playing indoor soccer once or twice a week will significantly improve your cardiovascular health. Indoor soccer is a very physical game, requiring players to run and move their bodies. The pace of indoor soccer is much faster than the outdoor version, allowing for less frequent stoppages. The ball is continually in action, so players get the benefit of being in motion constantly and burning calories as a result. It also improves foot and eye co-ordination.

Playing indoor soccer, or any other sport, provides an opportunity to improve one’s social skills. Playing with others helps to develop extrovert characteristics because it is an environment where persons are interacting under both high pressure (during the game) and low pressure (after the game). You also get to meet people at indoor soccer games. Player of all genders and ages can enjoy each other’s company in conditions that encourage socialisation. Indoor soccer is a good way to stay physically fit, have fun and engage in a bit of competitiveness all at the same time. For more details about indoor soccer, visit http://www.supersports.com.au/.

Indoor Sport for your Party Celebration

Party celebrations sometimes can be boring and run of the mill. But if you strive to be creative enough, you can come up with many ideas that can be incorporated in a party celebration to make it more enjoyable. One of these inspired ideas is adding sports to the celebration’s schedule of activities.

Indoors Sports and Party Celebrations

Having an indoor sport as part of your party allows you and your friends to sweat and have fun at the same time. You and your guests can indulge in ice cream and cakes without guilt because you will surely burn off the calories while playing.

A party celebration with a sports activity will leave a memorable and positive experience to all attendees as they get to hang out with old friends and meet new ones. Sports, like indoor cricket, should be made light hearted. After all it is still a party celebration, and not a serious sporting event.

Remember to choose a sport that you are sure everyone knows how to play. This can be one of many popular sports such as soccer, netball, volleyball, cricket and handball. You want all of your guests to have a great time, and you can ensure this by choosing a sport that everybody will like.

Booking the Venue for your Party Celebration

The ideal venue for a party celebration that includes an indoor sport is a sports facility that can host a game and the celebration afterwards.

A sports facility has courts for hire to hold various sports competitions. In addition to the courts, the facility will provide all the proper sports equipment including bats, balls, gloves, goalposts and more. Even if the game is supposed to be just for fun, a digital scoreboard to keep track of team scores will make the game more exciting. What’s a game without an umpire? The sports facility can arrange to have umpires officiate at the game. The various kinds of sports equipment are included in the court hire fee. However, an umpire will normally require a separate fee.

A typical sports facility will be open to hosting birthday parties, corporate competitions or team building exercises. It also has the capability to cater for almost any size event. This allows you to focus just on enjoying the game and the party.

The great thing about booking an indoor sport facility for your party celebration is that you do not have to worry about the weather. It is a controlled environment, so you will have peace of mind knowing your party celebration will take place whatever the weather conditions.

Fun Indoor Sports for Winter

Playing outdoor sports all but stops during winter. However, there are many winter indoor sports to keep us fit and encourage us to go outside and not let the chilly weather keep us hostage inside our house. Many sports can be played in the comforts of gymnasiums and other indoor sports facilities.

Salisbury Super Sports offers professionally graded competitions in different indoor sports, including cricket, netball, soccer and handball. The weekly competitions are played on well-equipped sports courts, which can also be hired to hold various activities, including birthdays and team building events.

The newly refurbished complex features a new foyer, changing rooms, carpets and tiles throughout the complex, as well as an air conditioned bar area. The sports complex houses five indoor courts and two outdoor beach volleyball courts. The cost of hiring a sports court includes all equipment such as bats, balls, gloves and goalposts.

Indoor Cricket

Indoor cricket has become a popular sport for players of all ages. In indoor cricket, all players bat and bowl the same number of overs as their team-mates, allowing everyone to join in the game. You can nominate a team, or allow the sports facility management to enter you in a team.

Indoor Netball

Indoor netball has no out-of-bounds and is played in a smaller court than the standard outdoor game. Although the game can be fast and frenzied, all standard of players can still take part. Though traditionally recognised as a sport for women, indoor netball is now played by mixed teams.

Indoor Soccer

Soccer has been adjusted and re-invented so that it can be played on one indoor court. The tweaked version is thrilling and fast-faced, with more regular scoring and many chances for players to display their impressive footwork.

Indoor Handball

Team handball, also called European or Olympic handball, is a cross between water polo and soccer. Handball has been altered so that it can be played indoors. Team handball is ranked as the world’s second fastest moving sport following ice hockey.

Players can enjoy various sports in an indoor court by paying a team bond, and match fees paid either per match or per season. Just like in professional sports, all players are required to wear identical team uniforms. However, the uniform rule is applicable to the tops only. For more information on indoor sports, visit http://supersports.com.au/.

Salisbury Super Sports offer a wholesome environment where our friends, relatives, co-workers and families can play sports and socialise while enjoying the benefits of indoor sports and the professional management of a well-run and well-equipped sports complex.

The Advantages of Playing Indoor Sports

Playing sports is a great way to exercise and keep your body fit and healthy. But oftentimes your regular sports dates with friends are interrupted by weather conditions. You are forced to cancel a weekend game due to rain, or you sometimes elect not to play because being exposed to the sun’s rays could cause skin damage. Playing indoor sports allows you to play regularly without worrying about the rain or the damaging effect of the sun on your health.

Indoor sports facilities such as Salisbury Super Sports offer venues where sports like cricket, netball, soccer, volleyball and handball can be played indoors. Most of the rules for playing indoor netball are the same as the regular outdoor version. However, the indoor version has no out-of-bounds and requires a smaller court. From traditionally known as a sport for women, indoor netball is now played by both men and women in Australia. At Salisbury Super Sports, the team numbers of mixed teams now equal the women’s teams.

Aside from courts for rent, the sports court can be hired for birthday parties, corporate competitions, team building and other large-group events. Group bookings include access to the facility’s air-conditioned licensed bar and well-stocked canteen.

Facilities include five indoor courts and two outdoor beach volleyball courts. Sports equipment includes bats, gloves, balls and goalposts.

For more details on indoor netball and indoor sports, visit http://supersports.com.au/.

Indoor sports solve all the problems and limitations inherent in outdoor sports. You do not have to skip games because of the weather and you can play in comfort in a controlled environment.

A Great Way to Spend your Leisure Time

Playing indoor sports is an excellent way to spend your leisure time. An indoor venue provides sufficient lighting, climate controlled environment and the required gear. You also prevent being overheated or getting drenched by sudden rain if you play indoor sports. This is because indoor sports facilities allow you to play in all types of weather.

A Comfortable Venue to Play Sports

The courts in indoor sports facilities are smooth and maintained, ensuring the safety of players. Spectator facilities are also excellent, allowing friends and family to watch you play from the comfort of the sidelines.

A Venue to Socialise

When the game is finished, you can join friends and family for some socialising over a cup of coffee in an environment of comfort and even temperature. Seeing how comfortable and safe it is to play indoors could perhaps encourage your family and friends to join an indoor sports club. They too, will experience the benefits of playing indoor sports.

Enjoying Cricket Indoors

Cricket is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes. In fact, Australians rival the English when it comes to a love of the beautiful game. (And they have some serious cricket rivalry going on with the English too.)

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time needed to devote to even a limited overs match. That is where fun indoor cricket came to the rescue. Indoor cricket has been extremely popular since it was introduced in the seventies.

Why Indoor Cricket?

Games are shorter – 16 overs of 6 balls each that takes little more than an hour per match. This makes it easier for people to fit into their social and work schedules.

You also get to play irrespective of weather. Indoor cricket is never called off due to rain or bad weather – it’s a great way to enjoy sports without having to worry about applying sunscreen.

The big advantage is that you can play at night – making it very simple to maximise your time off. You can also use indoor cricket as an ideal team-building exercise without interfering with your actual workload.

Salisbury Supersport has competition evenings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – the ideal time to pit your wits against other players.

How Does it Work?

Teams consist of 6 to 8 players and everyone will get a chance at bat and bowl. The ideal is to have 8 players but, should you be short, you can make do with a minimum of 6 players. (Your opponent will get to choose which of your players will have to double up.)

Everyone will basically bowl 2 overs each, and each batting pair will each face 4 overs.

Runs are scored in a similar fashion to normal cricket – batsmen make runs or score points by hitting particular nets.

A batsman is not sent off when they are caught ‘out’ but the team loses 5 points.

What you Will Need

Equipment required is simple – gloves, a bat and protective gear – you can either bring your own or hire these from Salisbury Super Sports.

Aside from that, you just need a sense of fun and to bring your game face. You can choose a team that matches your own ability level and you can play as competitively or casually as you want.

If you can’t get a full team together, you need not worry – there is bound to be a team that you can join. In fact, it is a great way to meet new and interesting people.

For more info go to http://www.supersports.com.au/brisbane-indoor-cricket/

Sports Are Not Just for Young Ones

It’s the usual scene – parents and grandparents bringing their children to sporting events, thinking that it is good for them. Certainly it is, but what about the older people? There should not be any reason for them to stay away from sports.

As people get older, they tend to become more and more lethargic. Lucky are those who managed to have the discipline to regularly exercise, but for most adults, no amount of exercise is hardly ever done. Most adults have sedentary jobs and when they have free time, they eat or drink their hearts out. If you are one of these inactive adults, do not fret. There is still hope for you to become healthier through sports.

Find a Suitable Sport

Children have better lifestyles because they play a lot more than adults. But adults need only to revive their past young spirit in order to become healthy and active again.

One good way of staying healthy is through sports. If you think you are not that ready for heavy activities or fast-paced games, you can pick a sport that will not break your back or put too much strain on your legs and muscles.

Once you get the hang of it, you can move to another sport that will require more effort from you. While soccer may be too much for a beginner, perhaps cricket can work well enough for you. It is also good to play with people with the same level of ability as you. That way, you will not strain yourself too much during the games.

Make It a Regular Event

Many people fail to keep fit mostly because of lack of discipline. It is important for you to make the sport activity a regular activity. Stick to the schedule and avoid excuses. Once you have made it a regular event, it will become a habit that you will be very happy to keep.

Competition Makes It Interesting

To make your sport activities more interesting, engage in a competitive event. This does not mean entering into competition with higher skilled opponents. However, making the sporting event competitive will help you develop your agility and skills better.

Salisbury Super Sports offers a venue for competitive sports such as competitive indoor netball, cricket, volleyball, handball and soccer. You will be grouped according to your level of skills and abilities, so you will be in your comfort zone.

Salisbury Super Sports allows you to form a team or if you do not have the number to form a team, you are given the option to join a team. This is also a great way for you to meet new people who are also trying to keep fit.

Sport is not for children and young people only. If you feel like you need to start getting fit again through sports, do not procrastinate and just act on it. To learn more about competitive indoor sports you can enjoy, visit http://supersports.com.au.

Take Sport Indoors

We all love the long summer days and fun in the sun. The downside to summer is that there are a lot less clothes to hide away behind – all the lumps and bumps are likely to show through. Going to the gym or pounding the pavement is not always the most fun way to spend time on a summer’s day, however.

An Alternative Way to Keep Fit

There are more fun ways to keep fit – take indoor sports, such as indoor soccer, for example – you are getting fit while playing so you don’t really feel as though you have had as much exercise. The big advantage of indoor sports is that they are not dependent on the weather – which can be capricious in summer.

Indoor Soccer 

Indoor soccer is played in much the same way as normal soccer – the field is just smaller. Games can be as casual or as serious as you like – many people who play indoor sports set up their own leagues.

And you need not worry if you are still a beginner – soccer is a game that is fun and easy to learn. You just need to find players who are around the same level as you. Once you get fitter, soccer can become more challenging and you will be able to get a really intense workout. Soccer is pretty good cardio for those who play the game.


If kicking the ball isn’t appealing, getting your heart going with volleyball may be a better option. Volleyball doesn’t involve as much running but it is still intense and a great cardio workout.


Indoor cricket is, again, not very different from normal cricket – the rules are amended slightly because of the space you are working with but, by and large, they are about the same. Cricket can also be great for cardio.


Many of us would have played netball at school and so we know what great exercise it can be – it’s an intense, fast-paced game and it can be very competitive.

You will be looking, in the longer term, to increasing your sport to one that is more fast-paced.

We should also remember that keeping fit is not just about looking good but also about being healthier in the long run. In terms of disease, the biggest killers are diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Doctors recommend at least half an hour of cardio exercise three to five times a week to keep our risk of  these diseases down.

They also agree that anything that encourages you to exercise is a good thing. If “formal” exercising is not really your scene, you should look at something such as indoor sports for a fun and informal alternative.

Australia Loves Cricket

It’s a fact! Cricket is a much loved and supported sport throughout Australia. Almost everyone who listens to music must recall 10cc’s 1978 rendering of Dreadlock Holiday with the well-remembered lines: “I say, I don’t like cricket, oh no, I love it”. It’s one of those classics that have become a favourite with young and old. The song’s appeal is also a fair indication of cricket’s popularity.

Although cricket is generally an outdoor sport, a huge number of cricket lovers now turn to indoor cricket, where they can play the game instead of only enjoying the sport as spectators. Many indoor sports clubs have sprung up in Australia. One of the most popular clubs is Salisbury Super Sports, which caters for Brisbane sports enthusiasts. Paul N, a visitor from London, says, “I couldn’t believe that I was able to play indoor cricket at Super Sports while visiting Brisbane. My wife Hayley also had a great time playing indoor games and meeting other members”.

Indoor cricket began towards the end of the 1970s. Over the years it has caught the imagination of cricket lovers, with numerous clubs taking part in tournaments. The game’s rules are easily learnt. For instance, indoor cricket rules differ from traditional cricket in that teams usually have six or eight players on each side. Also, each player has a turn at batting and bowling. This means that everyone has an equal chance to make a contribution to the game.

Each inning comprises sixteen overs of six balls per over. Each player bowls two overs and every batting pair bat for four overs. The batsmen run between the wickets to score runs. In addition, they receive bonus runs for hitting specified nets that border the playing area. The fun part is that when a batsman is out for any reason, five runs are deducted from the score, but he/she still remains to bat for the allotted four overs. Other rules are in place to make the game exciting for the players.

Players can bring along their own equipment, which includes a bat and gloves as well as a protector. However, these can be bought or, alternatively, they can be borrowed from the club.

Furthermore, Salisbury Super Sports provides indoor games to suit all tastes. Cricket, netball, soccer, handball and volleyball are all played at one venue, which makes life easier for families with children who have a leaning towards different sports. Yes, Super Sports http://www.supersports.com.au/ also caters for young players—a boon for parents.

Special events such as birthday parties are given particular attention. Parents can have a great afternoon chilling out with refreshments while the children are given the time of their lives with professionally trained staff to take care of the activities. The parents are only requested to provide a birthday cake. Even young sports stars can’t resist cutting their special cake on their birthdays.

In his research paper, Dr Daniel M. Landers of Arizona State University reports, “We now have evidence to support the claim that exercise is related to positive mental health …”. That is great news for indoor sports enthusiasts.

Staff Who Play Together, Stay Together

Relationships, we can’t avoid them. We are in relationship with our family, friends, partners, spouses, co-workers and even our pets. The quality of our relationships have a big impact on our personal well-being. The relationships we spend the most time engaged in are going to have the biggest influence on our well being, and sense of self. For most of us, work is where we spend most of every week day and so keeping good relationships with co-workers is not only good for the staff, but also good for the company. There have been many studies done on the benefits of team sports. They demonstrated that people felt much more cohesion as a group, building respect, and trust.

Playing a team sport such as indoor cricket is a great way for staff to get to know each other. People who share a common goal naturally tend to pull together, overcoming differences and building stronger bonds between those on the same team. Indoor cricket has none of the weather constraints and can be played all year round. Games are fast and thrilling and teams can be mixed sexes. Why not consider offering places in the company team as part of the benefits package received by the employees?! It is a relatively low cost effective morale booster. Uniforms that proudly display company logos, team names or perhaps nick names for the players are another great way to bring a team’s spirits up as well as great advertising.

If regular weekly games are not what you are after as your company has too many employees then consider organising multiple teams that play each other in tournaments over a weekend on a quarterly or half yearly basis. Be flexible, that’s another one of the benefits your staff and management will learn as they play together and get to know each other and their strengths.

People reported better relationships with management and supervisors after playing with them in team sport, getting to know each other on a friendly personal level helped them to be more aware of their similarities rather than feeling like they were unapproachable. On an individual level, staff who take part in team sports reap the fruits of greater health and fitness which in turn lowers stress levels and makes them better employees. In short, it helps people feel happy, healthy and connected with others. Could your company do with its own indoor cricket team? Why not give it a try, form your staff team today and see for yourself.

Bring Sports Indoors

When it comes to enjoying sports, there are a lot of us that love not only to watch sports on TV but to get stuck in and play them as well. Unfortunately for most adults, we generally don’t have the time today to play sports during the day. This is where the advantages of indoor games are really obvious. Indoor games can be played at any time of the day or night, regardless of the weather. The rules of indoor games are also adjusted and, generally speaking, the games are shorter than those that are held out of doors.

This is great for the stressed executive – you get to enjoy your favourite sport at a fraction of the time a normal game takes and you are not restricted to daylight hours to enjoy the game. A lot of companies encourage their employees to engage in indoor sports like cricket, hockey and indoor soccer as a way to keep them fit and healthy. It is a fun way to keep fit – a lot more fun than spending hours in the gym. It is also a fun way to approach team building – teams get to bond with each other and various departments within the company can challenge each other. Alternatively, your staff can challenge teams from other companies or take part in a league.

The games can be as friendly or as competitive as you like. Whilst a lot of people go just to have a good time, the competition can get pretty serious and several indoor leagues have formed. If you don’t have a team but would still like to play, you should still go along – it is a great way to meet people and you will no doubt be co-opted to play in next to no time at all.

This is not only a great activity for company teams but also for family teams as well. It is a fun way to make sure that your kids get out and get active and allows them to make new friends. Sports have long been a fantastic way to build up life-long friendships. It is also a great way to get your kids away from the PlayStation and will help them to set up a healthier way of living.

All in all, there are a lot of benefits to playing sports indoors – it’s a fun way to get fit with a bit of a competitive edge to it as well.