Aerobic Fitness Guaranteed

If you are looking for a fun way to get fit, lose some weight or to make some new friends, then you cannot go past the fast paced indoor soccer circuit here at Super Sports in Salisbury.

Indoor soccer is one of the most popular indoor sports in the world and for good reason.

At Super Sports you have the opportunity to play twice a week come rain, hail or shine and we offer a way more sociable atmosphere then a loan workout at the gym, so you will never be lonely.

Every Wednesday and Thursday Brisbane southsiders everywhere come together to play a fast, active game and enjoy a social drink (of water of course) afterwards.

Injury Prevention is Key TO ENSURE YOU HAVE A GREAT GAME!

We recommend a visit to your doctor to have a complete physical before making a commitment to any exercise, especially contact sport.

Once you are playing the game keeping yourself hydrated is an absolute must. Most people do not realise that they should consume one litre of water for every 22kgs of weight on any given day. When exercising, an extra litre of water per hour of exercise is recommended.

It should be a given but it is important to wear well-fitting shoes. This one little thing alone will save you a lot of pain and suffering.

Again, it should be obvious but if you have an injured muscle or tendon DO NOT overuse it as this can cause further damage.

Last but not least, it is important to stretch and warm up/down your muscles before and after a game.

We hope these tips have helped you and we look forward to seeing you at Super Sports soon. And, as a fun alternative, ask us about bubble soccer which we plan to have available soon



Don’t Sit Winter Out – Keep Active with Indoor Sports

Even as we draw closer to winter, our local parks, sports fields and bikeways are still filled with people walking, running, cycling and playing a range of outdoor sports, enjoying the fresh air and the exhilarating feeling that only being fit can bring. Fast forward a few weeks, however, and the numbers will have significantly thinned out as short winter days and cold nights keep all but the hardy indoors.

The major complaint that those who pursue fitness or enjoy competitive sport have about winter is the lethargic feeling that overcomes them when they cut back on their usual exercise regime. This is completely unnecessary, however, when they check out the activities we have available for them at Super Sports.

Hire Charges All Inclusive – Newly Refurbished Complex

Our complex is newly refurbished and with five indoor courts, there is no excuse for anyone to be physically inactive just because winter is here. When you hire one of our sports courts, all equipment such as gloves, bats, balls and goalposts are included in the price. For those who want to get really serious, we offer professionally graded competitions.

Netball, cricket, soccer and handball are all played indoors on our well-equipped courts, and after the game we offer air conditioned bar facilities to enhance the social benefits that go along with keeping fit. Indoor sports actively encourage full participation of all team members, making them the perfect vehicle to give everyone the opportunity to contribute equally.

Games are Fast, Furious and Competitive

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because these games are played indoors on smaller courts, they are an easier option. They are fast, competitive and absolutely heart racing indoor sports. Indoor cricket, for example, requires all players to bat and bowl the same number of overs as their team-mates, so everyone joins in the game.

We pioneered the development of team handball, also called Olympic or European handball, which is a cross between water polo and soccer. It is fast and furious and is the world’s second fastest moving game after ice hockey. There is nothing like it to keep up your fitness levels in preparation for summer.

Fast Scoring Soccer? – It is Possible

Indoor netball is just as popular with mixed teams as all-female ones, and although the game is fast, players of any standard can still participate. If you are bored with traditional soccer with its lack of scoring opportunities, then indoor soccer will change your mind. The game has been adjusted to suit an indoor environment and is frantic, a thrill a minute with regular scoring and an arena for show-offs with fancy footwork.

Shake off those winter blues, come along to our Salisbury complex and see for yourself what indoor sports offer.


Having Fun with Indoor Soccer

Indoor sport allows you to get fit while also having fun all year round. One of the fun indoor sports you can join is indoor soccer, a variation of football, or soccer, and is played inside on floors made of wood or artificial material. A well-known sport around the world, indoor soccer is fast paced and is perfect for people aiming to boost their fitness level, co-ordination, balance and agility.

Rules of Indoor Soccer

The game of soccer has been modified and re-invented so that it can be played on one indoor court. A team comprises four players, including the goalkeeper, with up to three substitutes that may be used in any one game. One game comprises 4 x 10 minute quarters. Other rules include no slide tackles and no tackling from behind, as well as no out-of-bounds.

Finding an Indoor Court

You can find many indoor soccer venues in your area. An example is Salisbury Super Sports, which offers an indoor court for soccer games. Games are held during Wednesday and Thursday nights. It has multiple men’s grades and a good men-women competition.

You can play soccer all-year round at Salisbury Super Sports. The most obvious benefit of indoor playing courts is climate control. Teams can hold matches, have fun and socialise after the game whether it is raining, cold, windy or hot outside.

Aside from the courts, indoor sports facilities also provide all the equipment needed for the game, including balls, goalposts and digital scoreboards as well as an umpire, if needed. After the game, the players and their friends can socialise over drinks at the air conditioned bar area.

Be Healthy, Have Fun

Playing indoor soccer once or twice a week will significantly improve your cardiovascular health. Indoor soccer is a very physical game, requiring players to run and move their bodies. The pace of indoor soccer is much faster than the outdoor version, allowing for less frequent stoppages. The ball is continually in action, so players get the benefit of being in motion constantly and burning calories as a result. It also improves foot and eye co-ordination.

Playing indoor soccer, or any other sport, provides an opportunity to improve one’s social skills. Playing with others helps to develop extrovert characteristics because it is an environment where persons are interacting under both high pressure (during the game) and low pressure (after the game). You also get to meet people at indoor soccer games. Player of all genders and ages can enjoy each other’s company in conditions that encourage socialisation. Indoor soccer is a good way to stay physically fit, have fun and engage in a bit of competitiveness all at the same time. For more details about indoor soccer, visit