Cricket at Its Finest

Lovers of cricket would know too well the frustrations that come with it. Things like weather can stop an exciting game and force players to stop play. That’s where playing indoor cricket comes in.

If you haven’t considered playing fun indoor cricket before, it’s time you changed your thinking. Before you assume that playing indoors is not as challenging or beneficial to your game, stop right there because at Salisbury Super Sports we have some information for you that may change your mind.

Improve your overall skills

Many professional cricketers have at some stage played indoor cricket or started out playing indoor cricket and attribute their honed skills to this. Not only is indoor cricket fun but it is fast paced and encourages players to develop their skills quickly.

Here are some of the skills that indoor cricket can help you improve. You can expect development in reflexes, fielding, bowling and batting as well as boosting your hand and eye co-ordination, fast.

Play with Us

If you’re free to play on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings then we’d love to see you at Salisbury Super Sports. We hold graded competitions and match the skill level of the teams as closely as possible.

There is no need to be concerned about not getting in on the action as the same number of overs is bowled and batted by each player. Each team will consist of 8 members and each inning will be run as 16×16 ball overs.

The team loses 5 runs from the score when a batsman is out but remains in bat, bonus ladder points can be earned by battling it out against other teams. Equipment can be borrowed or bought from us or bring your own.

You will be looking at playing for approximately an hour and ten minutes.


A match fee of $120 is required up front as a bond from the team, at the end of the season this will be refunded or rolled over, whichever you prefer. However, if you are removed by management or leave before end of the season the bond is forfeited.

After the bond is paid teams can pay per match or season. Each match costs $120 or paying by the season upfront will score you 7.5% off the total fee for the season.

Extra Benefits

On top of improving your game you get more out of playing indoor cricket than you may have been looking for. Exercise while you are having fun is by far the easiest and best exercise of all because you are not thinking about it or having to force yourself to do it.

Add to this the social activity and new friends you can make, with indoor cricket you’re onto a winner! Visit us online today at to learn about signing on.