David Walter

david walter

DOB: 28 Jan 1969

Playing History: Cricket Debut: 1992 (Indoor) Volleyball: 1995 – 1996

Honours: Superleague Cricket debut 1999 Masters Superleague Cricket debut 2004 Zone Masters representative 2008-2009 Queensland Masters (40s) team: 2009 Australian Masters (40s) honorary team: 2009 Inaugural Gold Member 2000 Inaugural Hall of Fame inductee 2003


Arriving in Brisbane already with an indoor cricket background, Dave started playing at Salisbury within weeks of moving from Northern NSW in 1992 and has never left. He captained a team almost without break throughout this time until ‘retiring’ from captaincy to join Salisbury’s longest-running team “Chalkies” in 2003. He continues to be a popular member of the cricket fraternity at Salisbury and has recently added zone and state representative honours to his long list of achievements.