Exercise – Good For Slaying That Mental Dragon

When we think about exercise we think of it as the answer to reducing our waist lines, firming up our floppy thighs, tummies and arms, or allowing us to squeeze back into our skinny jeans.

The happy side effect to being physically fit is that natural chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine are created and released when you exercise. Increased levels of these chemicals are responsible for elevated moods, higher levels of self-esteem and a good restful sleep.

The latter of these, restful sleep, can be a phantom for most people and they do not even realise that a good night’s sleep is within their grasp just by getting up and being in it as Aussie icon Norm would say.

The sense of achievement gained from regular exercise will have you smiling for hours after a good workout. As you gain strength and muscle tone you will not be able to stop admiring yourself and patting yourself on the back for a job well done.

We are not lying to you. It’s a proven fact that all these good things will come to you if you can just find the motivation to go find some form of physical movement that appeals to you.

Group Fitness – A Fun Way to Share

The good thing about participating in group fitness such as the sporting activities offered at Salisbury Super Sports, is that often, you discover that you have lost those inches around your waist, and have a lovely toned supple body, and you did it without even trying!

That is because when people congregate on a social level to be part of a soccer, cricket, netball or handball team they enjoy themselves so much that they do not realise they are actually “working out”.

True story.

Stick to that New Year’s Resolution

2015 is it! Don’t let another year of broken resolutions slip you by.

If you don’t have a group of friends who want to play any of these sports with you that is OK.

Just come visit with our friendly and qualified staff and they will slot you into a team and give you an opportunity to make some new friends.

The time is now to stop tossing and turning in bed and feeling terrible in the mornings. Exercise in a team environment will not only nurture your mind and body, but also your soul. Give it a go.