Exercise Made Easy with Indoor Sports

As kids we used to spend hours playing sports – back then, all you needed to play a good game of cricket was some rocks, a rickety old bat, even a fence paling would do, and at a push, a tennis ball. Yes, back before we started playing organised sport at school it is amazing what fun we used to have with the minimum of equipment. It was also an easy way to keep fit and healthy. If you are a little nostalgic for your youth and looking for a more fun way to exercise than riding a bike or running around on a track that goes nowhere, you can play indoor sports might offer an alternate and a more enjoyable solution.

Indoor sports provide you with a lot more of a fun way to exercise and a great way to meet people. You can also get the guys at work involved for a spot of team building. Nothing is quite as satisfying as a game of action cricket as a way to unwind from a hard day’s work. What is just as great is that indoor sports can be made up of teams of various different age groups – you can take your kids with you and enjoy a fun-filled game of cricket, volleyball, netball, soccer or handball which are among the many indoor sports you can play together.

Of course, indoor sports also provide a great way for those of us that are too busy for full games of sports – even a limited overs cricket game can take all day – how many of us can spare the whole day to enjoy a game of cricket? Indoor cricket, however, is over in a few hours and can be played in a single evening.

The rules for indoor sports are usually slightly different to those for sports played out of doors. This is because the field of play is usually a good deal smaller. When it comes to indoor volleyball, netball and handball, the fields are usually about the same size but indoor soccer and cricket are played on fields that are much smaller. As a result, the rules are adjusted accordingly.

As a general rule, indoor sports can be played with teams of mixed ages and genders as well. Although the games can get pretty competitive, the emphasis is usually more on having fun than on winning the game unless you want to be in graded competitions. It is great for building a great team spirit and is also good to foster a great team ethic in kids.

That is not to say that the games don’t get heated – indoor sports can become pretty intense as well simply because they are played in such close quarters and over a shorter time frame. It is even possible to set up a competitive league if that is what you are looking for. In short, indoor sports can offer something for everyone – from the ultra-competitive to the sportsperson just looking for a friendly match.