Exercise Should be Fun, not a Battle

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and keeping ourselves well, we all know that we need to eat properly and exercise. For some, exercise is a real pain – not everyone can be a gym bunny.

Doctors have, however, said that an active lifestyle can be just as effective as a formal exercise schedule. The ideal is to get about half an hour of moderate exercise about five times a week in order to keep you reasonably fit.

Alternative Exercise

Doctors and other wellness experts agree that making exercise fun is vital if you hope to keep it up on a regular basis. This often means looking at alternative ways of exercising that you actually enjoy.

The trick is to get your body moving and to have fun at the same time so that your brain doesn’t register that you are actually exercising.

Sport is a great way to do this – you get caught up in the excitement of the game and barely notice the time passing. Sport is ideal because you don’t get a chance to become bored. Sport is also very social – an active social life is something else that experts recommend to keep you at optimal health.

When do you Play?

This is going to depend on the amount of time you have available, who you can get to play with and when you can actually play. Playing sport over the weekend is usually not a big deal – most of us have time off over the weekend.

For those of us who work, it’s the other sessions that may pose problems. One solution is to play indoor sports. The great thing about indoor sports is that they can be played at night, are not weather dependent and, most of the time, you will be able to join an existing team and won’t need to scrounge around for people to play with.

What Sports are there Available?

There are several different indoor sports available. The most popular are indoor soccer, indoor cricket, netball, volleyball and handball.

You can generally find a team to join or simply get a bunch of mates and create your own team.

You will also generally find that there are various leagues in which you can get involved if you so desire, allowing you to really improve your game.

If you are more interested in a casual game, you will find that is also alright. Best of all, you will be able to improve your fitness levels without feeling as though it’s a hard slog.

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