Exercise: Why You Need Adequate Hydration

Playing a sport at Salisbury Super Sports, or doing any kind of exercise is a great way to become fit and have fun, but it is important to ensure that you are looking after yourself in the process. This includes wearing appropriate footwear, resting when you need to, and most importantly ensuring adequate hydration for your body. If you are not getting enough fluids into your body during exercise it can lead to dehydration, which can cause lasting damage, and in extreme cases – death.


Dehydration occurs when there is more water moving out of the cells than the amount that is going into them through drinking fluids such as water and sports drinks. Throughout our normal day to day activities we lose water from our bodies in the form of water vapour that we exhale, sweating and going to the toilet. During the secretion of water from the body, small amounts of salts are lost too, which can be damaging to the body over time, if they are not replaced.

Increased Heart Rate

One of the effects of dehydration is a loss of body weight, which can affect many bodily functions including compromising cardiovascular and muscle function, impairing the body’s ability to regulate temperature, and can also lead to a decrease in its overall power. For every 1% of body weight that is lost, the heart rate rises 4-5 beats per minute, which means the body loses power as the heart struggles to compensate. As the body loses fluid it reduces the overall body weight, which puts a strain on the heart and can lead to other illnesses in the body.

Optimal Hydration Guidelines

At Salisbury Super Sports we encourage our players to stay hydrated throughout their time here, as well as before they arrive, and when they leave after the game. Before you exercise it is helpful to drink at least 500ml of water or an electrolyte sports drink, and during the course of your exercise you need to be drinking at least 200ml every 15 minutes to maintain optimum hydration. Following the game you are advised to ensure that you are getting adequate hydration including a drink that replenishes sodium in the body, such as an electrolyte drink.