Exercise with a Twist

We all know that we should exercise but sometimes hitting the gym is just too boring to handle. In today’s busy world, it can just seem like such an inefficient use of time and, let’s be honest, not many of us actually enjoy exercising. Why should exercise be such a drag though? As kids, exercise was pretty much effortless because it came about as a result of playing – when you’re engrossed in playing sport, you really don’t realise you’re exercising at all.

The problem with playing a sport, or any other outdoor activity is, however, that you really are ruled by the weather. And not just wet weather either – playing netball in the rain is no fun but playing in the heat of summer can be just as bad. And it’s not just the heat that is a problem – we are constantly being made aware of exactly how dangerous spending time in the sun can be.

Salisbury Super Sports offer the perfect alternative – indoor sports. The major advantage of indoor sports is that they can be played in all weather and day or night – with our busy lifestyles, we generally don’t have the time to play sports during the day. Salisbury Super Sports offers you the opportunity to set up regular matches – you can start your own league and so ensure that you get enough exercise.

And let’s be honest – most of us would rather mess around playing cricket than having to cycle to nowhere. Getting your blood pumping and heart rate up is a lot more fun if you are part of a social group than simply on your own in a gym or on the road. Doctors recommend at least half an hours exercise 3-5 times a week – it doesn’t have to be punishing and difficult but it does need to increase your heart rate.

Whether you and your mates want to just pitch up and play for fun or you want to get really serious, Salisbury Super Sport  http://www.supersports.com.au/can provide the ideal environment. If you haven’t got enough people to make up a full team, not to worry – the team at Salisbury Super Sport can help get you in touch with other teams that need team members. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

The best part of indoor sports is probably the social aspect – getting together after the game for a drink or two is part of the fun. You can even arrange to have a get-together with friends who are not playing themselves. You get to discuss the technical aspects of the game or just commiserate with each other – the choice really is yours.

Making exercise a part of your life is important but gym is not for everyone. If you are looking for exercise that’s fun, indoor sports are worth looking into.