Fruit Juices – Friend or Foe

Most of us want to be healthier but also want this to be a simple easy process that does not involve a lot of work. That, coupled with our extremely busy lifestyles may lead us to take nutritional short-cuts. One of the most common ones used is to have fruit juice instead of whole fruit. On the surface, it may seem that fruit juices are a much better alternative to colas and the like but they are, in fact, almost as bad for you. In terms of sugar content, fruit juices are almost at the same level as soft drinks.

People who partake in indoor sports Brisbane or elsewhere are generally looking for a healthier way of life and so you will often see them drinking fruit juices before or after the sport. The high sugar content of the juice is only the first problem when it comes to fruit juices. It is the actual make-up of fruit juices that causes health problems. Nature’s design makes fruits a very nutritious and healthy package ensuring that the sugar content in the fruit is actually offset by the fibre contained. If you eat a whole fruit, the effect on blood glucose levels is tempered by the fibre. Fibre basically slows the rate at which the body can convert sugars into energy thereby making it more difficult for the body to metabolise sugars. Fruit juice has no fibre and is often the calorific equivalent of eating two to three fruits. Dieters are thus better advised to eat whole fruit and avoid fruit juices altogether.

Another problem with fruit juices, especially citrus juices, is that they encourage the production of uric acid in the body and raise the acidity level throughout the body. This is really bad news for anyone that takes indoor sports Brisbane seriously as increased acidity levels in the body can lead to a range of health problems. People with too much acidity, suffer more easily from gout and joint pain making exercise painful and sometimes impossible. Our bodies require a more alkaline pH balance in order to function at optimum and so increased acidity can see you experience a lot more pain. To assist you to help keep the acidity in your body at a reasonable level, Salisbury Super Sports Brisbane stocks and sells Xooma sachets which are specifically designed for this purpose just, add it to your drinking water. Eating too much fruit can increase acidity in the body and this is why fruit juices are major culprits when it comes to this problem. It is a lot easier to drink a juice than to eat an orange. The juice is also the equivalent of at least two to three oranges or more.

As you can see, fruit juices are definitely not a healthy option at all. They are only very mildly better than soft drinks in that they offer some nutritional benefits but the concentration of sugars and acidity in them make them an option to be avoided.