Fun Ideas For A Sports Themed Children’s Birthday Party

Thinking up themes for a children’s birthday party can sometimes take a bit of research, especially if you want to do something unique. If your child is into sports, then having a sports theme birthday party for them and their sports buddies is an excellent choice that is guaranteed to please. Depending on the sports that they play, the party can be around that theme with décor and food to match the ball that is played for that particular sport.


Pin the Ball on the Court


This is a game that is a spin-off of the traditional ‘pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey’ game. Instead of having a poster with a donkey and a tail for the children to pin on, the sports version would have a poster of the court that is suited to the particular court. The children would then pin a ball somewhere on the court, with the object being to get a goal, and prizes awarded according to how close they can get the ball to the goal while blindfolded.


Sports Ball Themed Cakes


As we can see if we do an internet search for images of sports cakes, there is a huge variety of different ways that this can be done. For some people the option of having what looks like a life-size ball as the cake is what really inspires them, while for others, a whole court of the chosen sport can work really well, especially if there are many people who will be eating the cake.


Sign the Ball


For older children, having a fresh new ball on a signing table with a good quality signing pen will give the child’s friends an opportunity to write a personalised message to their friend. This is a nice way of remembering the day, and also gives the option for your child to use his or her personalised ball during their sports practice and games.


Sports Themed Party Bags


The days of just giving a bag of lollies are fast disappearing, especially as parents become more conscious about the food that they are giving to children. Some great ideas for sports themed party bags can include a water bottle, whistle, sweat band and sports themed toys, with minimal sugary items. Check out some of the ideas online for ways that other parents are providing interesting unique sports themed party bags. At Salisbury Super Sports, we encourage minimising sugary foods as much as possible, which is why we think lolly-free bags are a great idea!