Fun Indoor Sports for Winter

Playing outdoor sports all but stops during winter. However, there are many winter indoor sports to keep us fit and encourage us to go outside and not let the chilly weather keep us hostage inside our house. Many sports can be played in the comforts of gymnasiums and other indoor sports facilities.

Salisbury Super Sports offers professionally graded competitions in different indoor sports, including cricket, netball, soccer and handball. The weekly competitions are played on well-equipped sports courts, which can also be hired to hold various activities, including birthdays and team building events.

The newly refurbished complex features a new foyer, changing rooms, carpets and tiles throughout the complex, as well as an air conditioned bar area. The sports complex houses five indoor courts and two outdoor beach volleyball courts. The cost of hiring a sports court includes all equipment such as bats, balls, gloves and goalposts.

Indoor Cricket

Indoor cricket has become a popular sport for players of all ages. In indoor cricket, all players bat and bowl the same number of overs as their team-mates, allowing everyone to join in the game. You can nominate a team, or allow the sports facility management to enter you in a team.

Indoor Netball

Indoor netball has no out-of-bounds and is played in a smaller court than the standard outdoor game. Although the game can be fast and frenzied, all standard of players can still take part. Though traditionally recognised as a sport for women, indoor netball is now played by mixed teams.

Indoor Soccer

Soccer has been adjusted and re-invented so that it can be played on one indoor court. The tweaked version is thrilling and fast-faced, with more regular scoring and many chances for players to display their impressive footwork.

Indoor Handball

Team handball, also called European or Olympic handball, is a cross between water polo and soccer. Handball has been altered so that it can be played indoors. Team handball is ranked as the world’s second fastest moving sport following ice hockey.

Players can enjoy various sports in an indoor court by paying a team bond, and match fees paid either per match or per season. Just like in professional sports, all players are required to wear identical team uniforms. However, the uniform rule is applicable to the tops only. For more information on indoor sports, visit

Salisbury Super Sports offer a wholesome environment where our friends, relatives, co-workers and families can play sports and socialise while enjoying the benefits of indoor sports and the professional management of a well-run and well-equipped sports complex.