Getting Fit With Netball

Looking for the perfect sport to help get you fit? Why not try fun indoor netball? This fast-paced game is sure to get you the right aerobic workout your body needs to stay fit. Netball is one of Australia’s most famous indoor games and you can easily participate in this sport at our indoor court at Salisbury Super Sports.

Burn Those Calories

Indoor netball will be a great way for you to burn those calories and shed excess fat and weight. It is the style of play that makes netball an excellent way of keeping fit. Our indoor netball game eliminates the out-of-bounds rule and is played on a smaller court compared with the outdoor game. This makes the game even more active and exciting to play.

An average indoor netball game can help you burn approximately 450 calories. In addition, indoor netball will help you get toned legs, buttocks, arms and shoulders. As you play this sport, you get the best type of aerobic workout with all the running around the court.

Start with a Team

You can join an indoor netball tournament at Salisbury Super Sports by nominating your team, which can be composed of all-female members or a mixture of male and female members. Previously, netball was predominantly an all-female game, but eventually men started to join the game. You can play this sport with a team with a maximum of three males.

If you do not have a team to nominate for the games, you can still play this sport at our facility. Simply register your details with us and we will find a team that you can join.

Rules of the Game

Indoor netball is played with two teams of seven members each. Team members are assigned a position and they are limited to a designated zone. Teams get to score by shooting the ball into the ring. The team with the most number of goals wins the game.

Our indoor netball games consist of four 10-minute quarters. Substitutions can be made, but can only be done in between quarters. The game is a non-contact sport, with the defenders staying three feet away from the ball handler. Our indoor netball game becomes extra exciting as there are no out-of-bounds because the court is surrounded by netting. This makes the game more action packed and continuous as there are no delays caused by out-of-bound rules.

Netball is a fun game to enjoy with your family and friends. It is also an excellent way of staying fit while socialising at the same time.