Getting In Shape – The Fun Way

We all exercise for different reasons. There are many motives for it, and not all of them are so we can get in shape.

There is no doubt that getting in shape is a brilliant thing to do. You will reduce fat, and improve your muscle mass which is very important to maintain as we age. Especially for women. It certainly is true that strong women stay young.

Maintaining good cardio health is also important to your overall quality of life.

Just like a motor vehicle if your body is well tuned it will run much better and not only physically. Your mental attitude and capacity will also be greatly improved when you maintain physical wellbeing.

Salisbury Super Sports is not just a fun indoor cricket centre. We are a family. A community of souls all ready to fine tune our bodies whilst enjoying the social interaction that a centre such as ours provides.

Making Friends – a Beautiful Side Effect to Team Sports

Many friendships have been formed on our courts, even marriages! These have all been completely without our help or direction – we only offer guidance and training for the sport you nominate for – the rest is up to you.

We have been lucky enough to have and witness the generations of families that come through our doors. We love helping children and adults alike, build leadership skills, character, and confidence.

Watching our members’ blossom through their own achievements is a very special experience for us.

Many a drop of coffee has been enjoyed after a game in our relaxed and friendly Café.

You can get in shape playing indoor cricket, soccer, netball, and handball. These are all team sports and, as such, demand a certain level of companionship to evolve if you are going to achieve your goals in exercise.

It’s OK if you don’t have your own team. Visit with us in person or online at and make your nomination. We are more than happy to help you fit in and place with you a group that may be looking for an extra buddy – or two!

We can offer mixed and same sex teams so whatever you need and desire is we can help you achieve it.

Don’t worry if you’ve never played before. We can help with training and great tips to help get you into the swing of things.