Getting Ready for Summer

Winter is over. As the weather warms, our sluggish bodies are beginning to come to life. As we dress in less and less clothing it may become apparent to some of you that a few pounds crept in somewhere during the cooler months.

You’ve tried running, but on your own it’s a lonesome hobby and some of the neighbourhood dogs can be a bit scary, especially when they race up to the fence to tell you who is boss.

You’ve entertained the thought of going to the gym but that just seems like too much hard work.

Have you thought of playing a fun team sport—one that can get your heart racing and a big smile on your face at the same time?

Indoor Netball Just Down the Road in Salisbury

It’s really hard to believe just how energetic indoor netball can be. Did you know you can burn up to 450 calories in just one game? Not bad for 40 minutes of effort.

With a tight knit team of 7 of your best friends playing 4 sets at 10 minutes each, you will all be able to have that coffee afterwards and not feel guilty.

If you can’t make up a team of 7, joining a netball team is a great way to make new friends as well. Here at Super Sports we have seen many a new friendship grow and bloom all whilst enjoying a fast and furious workout on the court.

Not just a Calorie Burn

Whilst it is true that you can achieve great results in the calorie burning sector and give your heart a jumpstart into your future healthy self, you will also trim and tone your body as you play the game.

The short bursts of energy required to run up and down the court will have your calves, thighs and buttocks burning. You don’t even realise how many squats and jumps you do as you pass the ball back and forth.

This is also a great toner for your arms and chest—again, a workout you do not even realise you are getting as you and your team strive for supremacy.

At the end of this 15 week season you could be a new woman – or man. Yes, that’s right! We have mixed teams as well. More and more men are waking up to how much fun this fast and energetic game can be – and they need the workout as much as we do.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your team or call Super Sports today to help you find a new team at