Getting Weight Off For The New Year

Only a few weeks ago people all over town were pledging their News Year’s resolutions in a bid to change different paths in their lives. One of the more popular resolutions to be made was getting fit and losing weight.

Sadly, many of these promises or resolutions fall by the wayside as we get busy with family and work commitments. But current health problems are enough proof to show that getting fit and being in a healthy weight range should also be a big commitment.

Part of the issue with starting off on a get fit adventure is finding something to keep you coming back for more. For those who haven’t regularly exercised before, it is not something they generally find enjoyable.

Slogging it out at the gym is not everyone’s idea of a good time and others may prefer something that is fun, fast paced and more social. This is when those wishing to get fit and to lose weight should look into exciting indoor sports.

Why indoor sports instead of gym?

The question is not to ask why indoor sports but in fact, why not? Going to the gym usually involves solitary work, unless you attend boxing classes that require some partner work. Usually though, you are standing in your own spot in a group fitness class or working out on the weights equipment.

With indoor sports at Salisbury Super Sports, it’s all about teamwork. Whether you are playing netball, soccer, cricket or handball, you are always working with at least one other person to score a goal or point.

The benefit here is that you are having so much fun enjoying a laugh with your teammates or seriously concentrating on winning that the fact you are sweating and burning calories becomes second nature.

Not only that, you are improving your wellbeing and mood by getting out and meeting new people or catching up with friends you already have. It’s a win-win all round, even if you lose the game.

Starting is easy

All you have to do is give us a call at Salisbury Super Sports or visit us online at When you visit our website you can select to ‘join a team’ or ‘nominate a team’ and then follow the instructions to pay your registration; it’s that easy!

It’s time to put that resolution in motion and get moving with Salisbury Super Sports today.