Give Your Child a Sporting Chance

By now all of us know the importance of keeping fit and healthy. It is especially important for us to keep our children healthy and fit as well. Everyone should aim to get at least half an hour of exercise four to five times a week.

Do Children Need Exercise?

Once children hit school-going age, they can become fairly sedentary because of sitting behind desks all day. We also know that good habits formed in our youth are a good basis to take forward to our adult lives.

For these reasons, it is important that children engage in some form of exercise.

What Type of Exercise?

You are unlikely to get a lot of children interested in going to the gym every day – it is simply too boring. Sports are a much easier way for them to get their required daily exercise.

Not only are sports fun, they provide a useful lesson in team-work, help to give the children goals to work towards, such as making the first team. They also allow an ideal bonding opportunity between youngsters and their parents; they can play with their parents or be supported by them at games.

Which Sports?

That will largely depend on your child’s interests. Teams are normally set up for various skill levels so there should be somewhere for your child to fit in, no matter what skill level.

Your child could try a more active, intense sport, such as soccer or volleyball or something a little more relaxed such as cricket. Most schools offer sports as an after-school activity.

When to Practice

The only problem with school practices is that they tend to be once or twice a week only – not really enough exercise to keep children healthy. Therefore, a good alternative to school sports are the best indoor sports at Salisbury Super Sports where children are allowed to practice their sports regardless of weather conditions and also at night. They also allow adults the chance to play sports with their youngsters on a regular basis, outside of working hours.

You can coach your children into improving their game or just let them have a relaxed session of play.

Salisbury Super Sports have several leagues of their own and this gives your children the perfect opportunity to perfect their game and have fun at the same time.

Overall, you will probably find that indoor sports are a viable and fun alternative to attending a gym. For more information go to