Health Risks Associated With A Sedentary Lifestyle

The human body, at its best, is a magnificent self-regulating machine with all parts working amongst themselves to produce the many different chemical reactions that are required to keep everything in optimal condition. Science and history tell us that being the hunter-gatherers that we are, by nature, our body is designed for an active lifestyle, where we are on the move throughout the day, and resting at night.

The modern way of life for most human beings though, is far from active, as we spend a majority of time sitting in air-conditioned cars, offices, or standing in the one position for hours at a time while at work. This can cause the machine of the human body to not run as smoothly as it could and over time a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to illness and disease in the body and mind.

Weakened Heart

As we all know, the human heart is designed to pump blood around the body, day and night. No matter what we do, our heart is constantly working at this, regulating the body’s systems by ensuring that the blood is running smoothly and that there is enough oxygen getting to all the different cells.

An issue with a sedentary lifestyle that causes a weakened heart is that when we are not using the body the heart gets used to the conditions of that lifestyle. It adapts according to how hard it has to work, and over time this can become its default setting. Unfortunately, when we do decide to get moving, and our heart is used to not working very hard, this can cause problems for it, as it needs to work a lot harder to do what it needs to do.

Weight Gain

For a magnificent piece of machinery such as the human body, that is designed for running, jumping, exploring and being active, a sedentary lifestyle is eventually going to cause weight gain, especially if you are not eating well. An active lifestyle keeps the body’s metabolism at its optimum by flushing out toxins and using up the energy that would become fat, before it settles in and makes itself at home around your hips, stomach and other areas.

Mental Health

As many of our healthy sports people from Salisbury Super Sports can attest to, your mental health can be greatly affected by a sedentary lifestyle. The more oxygen you have moving through your body and the more active you are, the better you will feel. Not only does activity produce endorphins, but getting out of the same four walls and inspiring the imagination is like a balm for tired souls and melancholy minds.