How Eating Natural Foods Can Improve Your Stamina While Playing Sports

Every day we are bombarded with advertising for drinks that say they will make us stronger, faster and have more energy. Some of them can assist with getting more energy – fast, but for longevity and stamina, choosing natural foods is a healthy alternative that is worth looking into. Eating natural foods assists your body in getting what it needs during the period of your game without the hidden ‘nasties’ that are often in processed quick fix energy foods.

Long Lasting Energy

Have you ever experienced eating fast food and then found yourself feeling hungry again a few hours later. Eating natural foods that have a Low Glycaemic Index, rich in protein including nuts, banana, eggs, fish and sweet potatoes will provide you with longer lasting energy to go the distance. Where some foods will leave you feeling hungry halfway through the game, choosing foods that it takes the body longer to digest, allows the energy to be used over a period of time, rather than in just one burst.

More Bang for Your Buck

The human body is like the engine of a car. It needs fuel to keep it going. In terms of the food and drink that we take into our body, this is the fuel that we are putting in to keep it going. The question is, how much of what we are putting into our bodies is actually being used as ‘fuel’ for the body, and how much of it is simply a waste product with no nutritional value? Natural foods that have undergone as little processing as possible are a nutritious fuel for your body because they still have all the ‘good stuff’ in them so you get more energy for longer.

Long Term Benefits

When we think about this well-oiled machine that is our body, and what it does for us, running up and down a court and helping our brain to focus when we need it to, we can appreciate the amazing work it does for us. Getting the most out of it means looking at the bigger picture and making healthy eating decisions based on a long term view. Going for the short term, instant gratification of grabbing foods that give you a quick energy burst is damaging to your body’s resilience in the long run. So, as we encourage at Salisbury Super Sports, always reach for the natural option where possible and get more out of your game!