How Indoor Cricket Can Be An Alternative Workout

If you are feeling bored with your gym or other workouts but still want to get some exercise and tone your body, joining an indoor cricket team could be a great alternative workout for you. Often being involved in a team sport can be a good way of getting a workout, while having a lot of fun in the process and meeting some great friends along the way. Why not call in to Salisbury Super Sports and talk to us today about joining one of our indoor cricket teams!

Work Your Muscles

Anyone who thinks that cricket is not a strenuous sport has obviously never played a full game of indoor cricket. While it might look like there is a lot of standing around, when the players are ‘on’ it means short bursts of hardcore action, which means that physical fitness is a big part of getting the most out of your game. One of the reasons our players keep coming back each week is because they are getting the workout that they desire, stretching their muscles and learning new skills.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Another area that indoor cricket certainly assists with your total physical well being is through providing a cardiovascular workout. When you think about it, if your team is bowling and you are the one who is up, you are not going to get many bowls in if you are short of breath and gasping for air. Most indoor cricket pre-game training involves some strenuous cardiovascular training, which assists both in the game, and outside in your daily life.

Have Fun

Who said working out couldn’t be fun? For some of us, doing a boring old workout in a gym is not our idea of a fun time, which is why indoor cricket is a great alternative. Where a gym workout usually only involves you, working towards your own personal fitness goals in isolation, indoor cricket is the opposite. Playing a team sport is always a great way to get a workout, because most of the time you are having fun while not even noticing that your body is having a workout. It provides the opportunity to meet new people, while learning new skills and improving your overall fitness.

If you are interested in getting into indoor cricket or any other indoor team sport, talk to us today.