How Physical Activity Benefits Your Childs Growth and Development

Children are little balls of energy, and, like sponges, they are ready to absorb everything that they see, hear and do in life. Giving them the best start means providing a well-rounded experience of all that life has to offer, in order to equip them with the tools that they will need when they become adults. Physical activity, and especially playing a team sport, can help them in their growth and development in a number of different ways.


The benefits of being physically active, especially for children, have become an important topic of discussion during recent times. In a world that is now oversaturated with fast food and technology, life is not the same for our children as it was for us when we were growing up. Obesity has become a major concern for people of all colours and creeds, and getting children off their electronic devices and into physical activity is more challenging than it used to be. Joining a team sport is one way of ensuring that your young ones are getting the physical activity that they need for the healthy growth and development of their physical body.

Socially and Emotionally

As children, we learn how to communicate and problem solve with our peers, but technology such as computer games and the internet causes many children to live socially isolated lives. This can impact on their ability to have healthy relationships when they are adults. Playing a team sport gives children the opportunity to stretch themselves socially, and to learn what attitudes and communication techniques produce the best outcomes in life. This emotional intelligence is much needed, and often lacking in the adults of today, so it is definitely worth giving your young family a head start by getting them into a team sport.


Thinking outside the box and being able to problem solve creatively are important attributes for children’s healthy growth and development. When playing a team sport there are many different situations to negotiate, which provide children with the opportunity to stretch their imagination and grow intellectually. As young bodies are growing, they have a lot of physiological and hormonal changes that can impact on their ability to learn at school. Releasing some of their built up energy through a physical activity assists children in being able to focus when it is time to learn. At Salisbury Super Sports, we notice that many of our young players also see an improvement in their grades at school.