How Playing Sport And Exercising Contribute To A Happy Mood

Some may choose to argue differently, but we’d like to suggest the idea that your enjoyment of this physical world is all about perspective. It is the perspective that you choose to view your experiences that decides how your experiences show up, and whether you enjoy the journey.

Very often human beings can get caught up in the day to day existence of the obligations and requirements that they choose to create for themselves. This can cause us to stop enjoying the journey along the way, but getting active can help to ease the tension and maintain a happy perspective for ourselves. The ripple effects of this practice can change our whole life and the way that we live and love.

It’s Science Baby!

As you are likely already aware, the human body is a delicate balance of chemical reactions and responses to the stimuli that we present to it. If you haven’t heard already, playing a sport or exercising releases the ‘feel good’ hormones into the body, which contribute to making us feel good. The chemical Dopamine that makes us feel good when we are laughing or hugging is released into the blood stream while we are exercising, contributing to feelings of pleasure and happiness. At Salisbury Super Sports we notice that at the end of the game, people leave with a satisfied look on their faces.

Work Out the Stress

When we talk about the chemical responses that occur in the body, we may be aware that stress is one of the most damaging things for the body and mind. When we are stressed our body goes into flight or fight mode releasing chemicals such as adrenaline into the blood stream, the same as if we are fearful about something. This causes the body to work harder to clear away the surplus of these chemicals and makes the liver and kidneys work a lot harder. Exercising is another way that the body can work out these stressful emotions, preventing disease from setting into the physical body, so we get more out of life.

Sleep Easier

If you are having trouble sleeping, doing regular exercise or playing a sport is a painless way of overcoming the issue without needing to resort to pharmaceutical assistance. When you think in terms of how our bodies are made, let us think back to the way that we used to live. Traditionally, human bodies are designed for hunting and gathering, but most of us spend a lot of time in small work spaces or sitting at desks, so our bodies create a lot of physical energy that goes unused. If this energy is not expended in a constructive way it can stagnate and cause problems for the functions of the body.