How Sports Can Be Good For Your General Well-Being

In the world of today, the majority of people are engaged (for a good portion of their time), in activities that do not support a healthy body and mind. Whether we are sitting at a computer desk for hours on end, or rushing about in a labour intensive workplace, day in and day out, the modern way of life certainly takes a toll on our physical, mental and spiritual selves. It does not provide much food for our souls.

Repetitive, monotonous movements are not good for us for many different reasons, and often we may find ourselves feeling burnt out after only a short time of being immersed in the duties of earning a living. Playing a sport, however, allows the free flow of mind and body, in sync with each other and moving to the beat of a different drum, to the hum of the industrial machine.


The opportunity to work as a cohesive unit in the low stress environment of team sport is a relaxing balm for bodies and minds that are forced to adhere to high-stress situations for up to eight hours a day in the regular working life. Gaining the skills of problem solving, patience and tolerance of fellow team members on a sports team can enhance your personal performance in other areas of life, allowing you to expand your social interactions on all levels. Salisbury Super Sport has become a hub for new friendships and expanded experiences for our team players.


Whether you run your own business or are regularly engaged in earning a buck for somebody else, often you are required to grit your teeth and be nice to people whom you would rather not have anything to do with. This can cause a lot of emotional torment over time, but playing a team sport allows you to release these emotions before they build up to a breaking point, allowing a calmness and peace to permeate the mind. Buddhist principles teach us that it is not what happens to us that matters, but how we react to our experiences. Emotional trauma occurs at the point where we allow the energy of our emotions to stagnate, rather than being moved through and transformed.


Allowing the body the opportunity to expend energy is an important part of maintaining physical well-being. As you might already be aware, the human body is designed for hunting and gathering, and as such, it has a huge amount of energy at its disposal, which is often unused in our modern way of life. Playing a sport helps to release this energy and clear the informational highways that are within the human body. Chinese medicine recognises that blockages in the information pathways of the body are what cause dis-ease and deterioration.