How Sports Can Help To Overcome Physical Handicaps

A sudden physical handicap can come into a person’s life and essentially pull the rug out from under them, while being born with a physical handicap can drastically change the course of somebody’s life. Upon leaving the hospital, or being fitted with a prosthetic limb, often the physical limitations that accompany the handicap are made worse by the challenge of coming to terms with what they can and cannot do. This can lead to low self esteem and a lack of confidence in themselves and their ability to live the life of which they dream.

Playing a team sport can assist with overcoming the limitations presented by physical handicaps and contribute to the person living a fuller life with more opportunities. At Salisbury Super Sports, we place no limits on who can join our teams and benefit from playing a team sport.

Increase Blood Circulation

Often when there is a physical ailment in some area of the body, there are aspects of the body that are not used as they were previously. This can lead to the risk of additional physical issues because of the lack of blood circulation to the extremities of the body. Playing a team sport increases blood flow to all areas of the body allowing these parts to receive the much-needed oxygen that is carried in the blood, which decreases the likelihood of secondary illness and disease.

Help Maintain Muscle Strength and Co-ordination

When people have experienced a physical ailment that leads to a handicap, it often requires them to relearn core body requirements that have been lost in the process. Often their disability may cause them to lose muscle strength in some parts of the body, and their co-ordination may be affected. Playing a sport allows for their body to have the opportunity to gain back strength and skills that have been lost.

Raise Self Confidence

The experience of having a physical handicap can cause people to lose gradually a lot of their belief in themselves and their ability to live their lives as they would have hoped. A physical handicap can affect their social lives as well as how they experience their own life and the limitations that are now affecting them. Joining a team and participating in regular group sporting activities can greatly assist with self-confidence through increasing social opportunities, as well as bringing back a sense of their own ability.

Learn New Skills

For people who have found themselves newly required to adapt to a physical handicap, there may be worry about how they can still live their lives. Playing a sport can assist with learning how to use their bodies in a different way, which may contribute to their ability to be able to find new employment as well as meeting a network of others with whom they can share information and ideas.