Improve Your Game

At Salisbury Super Sports, we offer a great range of indoor sports for those who are looking to get fit and to also have fun. Many enjoy fun indoor soccer games as a great way to make friends, let off some steam and improve fitness and many players also enjoy improving their competitive edge.

Indoor soccer is much faster paced compared with outdoor soccer; this is because the playing field is smaller and there are fewer players per side. If you’re really into the competitive side of indoor soccer then these few simple tips may serve you well for playing a better game.

Appropriate attire

The shoes and cleats worn for indoor soccer are different to those for outdoor soccer. Wearing the wrong cleats for instance can lead to injury.

The playing field for indoor soccer is different and so wearing the right clothing will not only prevent risk of injury, it won’t hurt your game.


Your team can easily gain the upper hand if you make use of the ‘no-offside’ rule. By keeping a striker next to the box, he or she won’t be caught offside.

Penalty shots and evasion

In indoor soccer, penalty kicks are taken in the form of a shootout. A move the goal keeper won’t expect is to shoot the ball at the wall next to goal then on the rebound, tap it into the goal.

Another way to use the wall in play is to evade an opponent by bouncing the ball off the wall and go around them. This move helps you get around defenders better and keep control of the ball.

Footwork and extra players

Soccer players who are good with their footwork do well at indoor soccer. With less space to run around it becomes more important to have better control over the ball.

Another tactic is to have a few extra soccer players on your team. Because of the fast pace of the game you can become easily tired. An extra person on the bench means players can have a break.

If you’re already part of a team, you will already be getting to know the strengths of the other players. If you’re looking to start a new team, you can contact Salisbury Super Sports about game times and even find out if there are other players looking for a team.

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