Improve Your Golf Game

Now that we have your attention! We have a sure fire way of improving your golf game so read on.

Super Sports lives true to its name and offers the best in indoor sports to the Southside of Brisbane hands down. We have teams young and old, playing cricket including major league, netball also including major league, handball, and soccer.

Whilst it’s true we offer an exciting city indoor sports experience we also like to offer good solid impartial advice to our members.

The absolute number one piece of advice we can offer is to stretch those muscles.

Often, the cause of injury is because a full and proper warm up has not been completed followed by a good stretch before and after conducting any form of exercise.

What is so Good about Stretching?

There are so many advantages that it is hard to know where to start to explain.

The first advantage is that stretching really does decrease the odds of injury. If your muscles are warm and languid there is less opportunity of them being torn through sudden or jarring movements that come with most sporting activities.

If you possess a sedentary job such as sitting at a computer you may not even realise that your chest muscles become tight. This has a knock on effect of hunching and tightening of your shoulders.

When you have a good stretch you loosen up those tight muscles and have better posture.

Circulation is much improved also thus allowing the transport of vital nutrients and improving blood circulation.

We have heard many people say that after doing a yoga or Pilates class that they feel like they are taller. This is obviously due to the muscles not being so tight.

Members have also reported that since incorporating this style of exercise by way of attending just one hour of yoga a week that their golf swing has improved.

Flexibility is the key to playing not only golf or tennis but all forms of exercise. When your muscles are warm and ready to work out you turn, twist, run and jump better.

Did you know that stretching your muscles will also relax your mind, giving you more focus? It’s amazing the knock on effect that ensuring your body is well tuned can have.

We hope you have found this article informative and useful and we look forward to seeing you soon at Super Sports.