Insights Into Indoor Cricket

Everyone needs to perform some form of exercise in order to maintain healthy bodies. Exercising in a gym is one way to prevent our muscles from becoming flabby. However, playing a team sport is not only beneficial for a healthy lifestyle; it is a fun way to meet and interact with other team players who have the same sporting interests.

Outdoor cricket is a well-known sport in many countries. However, it is not really an all year round game and the harsh Australian sun can damage the skin if strict precautions aren’t taken to prevent sunburn. This is where indoor cricket has its advantages. It was promoted as an alternative to normal outdoor cricket as long ago as the late 1960s. And, of course it all began in Australia with many clubs forming in several cities.

Close to 100,000 adults participate in the game. Most players are males, but females are beginning to enjoy this exhilarating sport; According to statistics, approximately 17,000 women are enjoying the game and these numbers are continuing to increase.

Indoor cricket is a variation of cricket as we know it. It is played between two teams but each side only comprises eight players. Each match has two innings with sixteen overs in an inning. However, there are eight balls in each over. Although the game is played indoors, the courts are specially designed with synthetic grass-like surfaces that are surrounded by taut netting made from string.

Although indoor cricket is similar to its outdoor counterpart in some respects, it has a few variations. As in conventional cricket, the sport has two batsmen, fielders and a bowler. The batsmen obviously have to score runs and the side with the highest score wins the match. The cricket stumps are an interesting feature in that, as they can’t be wedged into the ground they are spring loaded and whenever they are struck they instantly spring back to their former positions. The cricket ball has a centre that is made of a softer material and it is yellow in order to make it easier to see.

Some of the batting and bowling techniques have been developed over the years. For instance, the batsmen attempt to strike the ball as late as possible so that it bounces sharply off the ground surface, which then drives it towards the top corner of the string net. This form of batting prevents the fielders from touching the ball. Bowling is obviously restricted in that a bowler is prevented from a long run up.

This game has many regulations and scoring rules that make this an exciting form of relaxation. Anyone interested in taking up this game can contact your Salisbury indoor sports Brisbane centre.

Not only will it provide great entertainment; indoor cricket takes its fans on a stimulating journey that can be enjoyed by all the family.