Jim Cooper

jim cooper

DOB: 23rd April 1970

Playing History: Cricket career: 1993-1995 Volleyball career: 1996-2007 Netball debut: 2001 Soccer debut: 2003 Handball career: 2004-2005 FOOTi career: 2004-2005

Honours: SEQ Beach Series Representative 2004 Gold Member 2003 & 2005 Hall of Fame Inductee: 2005

After first visiting Salisbury in 1993 as a casual cricket player Jim nominated his first beach volleyball team “Coyotes” the year the beach courts opened. Coyotes became “Dipsomaniacs” soon after and remained one of Salisbury’s longest-serving beach teams, finally disbanding in 2001. An immensely popular member of the Salisbury ‘family’ and a renowned jack-of-all-trades, for ten years Jim played in and captained as many as five teams per season in every sport Salisbury has on offer.