Mental Health – How Playing Sport Keeps You Feeling Good

If there is one thing that can lift your mood no matter what, its physical activity. Part of it is to do with the simple act of getting out of the house and changing your scene, but science demonstrates that sport releases chemicals into your body that naturally make you feel good. You don’t even have to be doing something extra strenuous; even doing yoga or tai chi can get you there, as long as it gets the oxygen moving through your body, and takes your mind off your worries. At Salisbury Super Sports we’ve got something for everyone, so if you don’t know what exercise you want to do, come on in and have a chat to us and check out what we have available.

Mood Lifting

Exercise stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain to produce endorphins (chemicals that act like opiates), which make you feel good, and can even provide a sense of euphoria. For people who are suffering from depression, even 20 minutes worth of exercise a day can have a positive effect, and it is often recommended to include exercise as a part of the treatment program.


One of the factors in many mental health issues is a feeling of powerlessness, and a lack of belief in the self. Many doctors will be only too happy to prescribe pharmaceuticals to ‘fix’ the problem, but often this does not get to the ‘root’ of the problem. This puts the point of power in the pill, which does not empower the person. However, using the pill in conjunction with lifestyle choices can have a positive effect on the treatment program. For people who choose to make changes to their lifestyle such as taking up a sport, the benefits are far reaching, and long lasting.

Relieves Stress

As far as stress relief goes, exercise is one of the most important factors in relieving the stress and anxiety that we take on during our day to day life, because it releases the tensions that we store in the body. One of the factors that cause a mental health crisis, is a build-up of tension over a period of time, but exercise helps to relieve the tension along the way. As the old adage says; “a healthy body makes a healthy mind”.

Make Friends

At Salisbury Super Sports we’ve heard countless stories from people about how great their game went, and how being a part of the team has relieved their social anxiety. A contributing factor to mental health issues is the feeling of isolation and separation from the rest of humanity. The opportunity to meet like-minded people, and the regular activity of playing sport together, can help you to feel less isolated, and bring a sense of belonging back into your life.