Need Some Active Fun in Your Life?

Do you find the treadmill at the gym bores you to tears? You want some fun in your life, but you also want it to keep you fit and active as well as having time with your friends and meeting new ones along the way. Social Sports are the perfect way to do just that.

Indoor Cricket is a fast and furious paced game. Everyone gets a turn to bat, bowl and field and the whole game is done in under 2 hours, not days! Each team has 8 players and responsibilities are shared for all positions creating plenty of opportunity to develop your sporting skills from every angle! Here is what you can expect from a typical game.

Equipment for Indoor Cricket is lighter than outdoor. The ball is softer, the wickets are designed to collapse and the bat is not as heavy. Helmets, gloves leg pads and the usual protective gear is still a must on the condensed playing area. The pitch is the traditional 22 yards or 20 meters long. Players can use the heavier wooden bats if they prefer and bowlers will still enjoy great spin and swing from the ball on the indoor pitch.

When batting, players will try to score off every ball but unlike the outdoor game, they usually will only expect one or two runs before needing to protect the wicket again. Batters will help each other immensely with clear effective communication during play as will the fielders.

Bowlers must be accurate in their delivery and professional players will aim for just outside off stump. Bouncing the ball off the pitch so that it comes up around the batters’ thighs is good strategy. Being run out is the most popular form of dismissal.

Fielders aim to catch the ball before it hits surrounding nets or walls and will need to pay attention to the batters dominant hand of play and position themselves accordingly. This is crucial to the fielding teams’ advantage of run out dismissal. When picking the ball up, the best advantage is to throw at the wicket next to the bowler rather than the wicket keeper. This will significantly improve the chances of extra wickets to win the game.

Even spectators will find an extra thrilling element to the usual cricket experience so adding to the social opportunities. In contrast to outdoor cricket, the energy is high and exhilarating with plenty of nail biting tension and resulting noise!